Clover 10 HD and Clover 6 HD Video Magnifiers

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Clover 10 HD offers a powerful handheld video magnifier designed with portability, ease-of-use, and superior image quality in mind. Use tactile buttons for zooming in or out; touch the screen to navigate images or change contrast mode settings; fold flat for comfortable desktop reading or use as traditional magnifier with stand.


Clover 10 HD offers the ideal combination of portability, ease of use and high image quality. Equipped with two 13 mega-pixel cameras and an HD screen for crystal clear images regardless of magnification level or viewing mode; tactile buttons and touch screen make zooming in or out easy, as well as taking snapshots, browsing saved images or changing contrast settings – simply open or close its reading stand for instant reading mode or close it for distance view!

Jupiter fits easily into an APH Transition Backpack (item 1-08211-00), for convenient on-the-go magnification, as well as being connected via HDMI to any TV or monitor for desktop use as a magnifier or video mirror. You can use its self-view camera to examine makeup application or grooming tasks; or take advantage of distance view and close-up viewing (reading/writing), with rotating capabilities so it can be set at your preferred angle.

This portable HD screen and folding handle camera makes it convenient to carry with you anywhere. With its portable HD screen and antiglare matte coating, this HD mirror camera provides clear images for homework assignments, prescription bottle label scanning and distance viewing tasks; classroom or work environments may use it to read guest speakers or instructors from the front of the room; for self-view use it as an HD mirror and examine makeup or grooming items.


Clover 10 provides the ideal combination of compact portability, user-friendly features and superior image quality. Equipped with dual 13 mega-pixel cameras and an HD screen, it delivers crystal clear images at any magnification level for viewing in any mode.

Clovers’ innovative dual camera system gives you more ways to experience life than ever before, from close-up views for reading medicine bottle labels or other close viewing tasks, distance views for easily following guest speakers or presentations in front of a room, self-view for personal grooming or makeup applications and self-view for personal grooming and makeup application. With simple tactile buttons and touch screen controls that let you zoom in or out quickly as well as take snapshots, browse saved images or change contrast modes; plus the folding handle can double as either traditional magnifying glass or transformed into reading stand for comfortable desktop use!

Clover’s large 10″ anti-glare screen makes the world clear and bright in high definition, fitting easily in the APH Transition Backpack (item 1-08211-00). Jupiter can easily be taken anywhere and used at school, work, home or any other environment with limited vision; plus it makes an excellent addition to other assistive technology products already in place. Plus it is intuitive for anyone of all ages allowing them to continue doing what brings them joy while discovering new experiences!


The Clover 6 HD handheld video magnifier offers the ideal combination of portability, ease of use, and excellent image quality. Equipped with dual 13 megapixel cameras and an HD screen, the Clover 6 HD produces crisp images at any magnification level and viewing mode.

With its large 10″ anti-glare matte display and multiple viewing modes, Clover 10 is designed for users who require a portable device offering close, distance, self view. Furthermore, full page Text-to-Speech technology enables you to capture documents, take snapshots, and listen as they’re read aloud!

Navigation is simplified through traditional tactile buttons and touchscreen capabilities, providing seamless control. Simply use the buttons to zoom in/out or take a snapshot; use the touch screen to browse saved images or modify contrast mode; switch easily between reading distance and self-view modes by opening or closing the handle – either to convert to reading mode or switch back into distance mode!

The Jupiter fits seamlessly in an APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00), and makes an ideal partner to any assistive technology product. Pair it with a Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board (1-00820-00) for instant raised line drawings to improve communication skills or a Braille Sense-It PlusTM (1-00821-00) to discover new ways of engaging with written materials. No matter where life takes you – school, work or home – Jupiter helps make life enjoyable while exploring opportunities for growth. Plus it folds away into a reading stand allowing comfortable desktop reading sessions! The handle can also double as standard magnifying glass use or fold into reading stand mode providing comfortable desktop reading sessions!


Clover 10 is the first portable large screen video magnifier to offer close, distance and self views all within a compact device. Boasting an anti-glare matte display and three viewing modes (close distance self view) this unique magnifier brings multiple viewing experiences together in a single device.

Dual 13 Megapixel cameras create stunning image quality. Simply use the tactile buttons and touchscreen interface to zoom and navigate around an image or browse and change contrast settings, or change contrast settings as needed. Plus, the handle can transform into a stand for convenient desktop reading!

Clover’s intelligent panning feature allows users to pan around a magnified image without first needing to freeze and capture it, making reading maps, books and other media easier and faster for those with limited hand movement.

Under the camera is plenty of room for users to use a pen for taking notes, crafting projects and hobbies easily. The convenient writing stand can easily adjust to suit a users desired position – folding in or out depending on reading mode chosen and an option to switch the lens back so it faces you instead of document.

Clover HD offers the ideal combination of portability, user friendliness and superior image quality with its two 13 Megapixel cameras and HD screen. Switching viewing modes easily by using tactile buttons or touchscreen gestures; magnification levels; or Color mode is just one click away!

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