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Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable electronic video magnifier designed to give people with low vision more freedom of mobility. Featuring an HD display with magnification up to 19x and an intuitive accessible user interface, the device also supports text-to-speech and OCR text scanning – perfect for reading and writing!

Pracovniki FHPV PU in 2019 provided 229 publications with 184 reviews across both academic and nonacademic documents, ranking highly across three kategoria: Katedra geografie aapplikovane geoinformatice (3,59 reviews for every tvrce of practiced geoinformatice), Katedra ekologie (2.05 reviews per 1 stoupat of practised ecology), and Katedra fyziky, matematiky a techniky (1.26 reviews per one practice).

Katedry decided in 2019 to fund 10 grantovch KEGA projects, divided among eight disciplines such as ecologie (3 projects), geografie a.a. geoinformatice (4 projects), physiky, matky a techniky (2 projects) and biology (1 project). By the year 2020 they will also provide six more projects from two katedra faculties.


In 2019, Faculty employees worked tirelessly on 10 Agentury for supporting education and research projects, divided between two katedra: Geografie and Geoinformaticity (1 project with 14 reviews from one researcher), Ecology (2 projects), and Physical Math and Technologies (1 project).

Faculties will continue to access funds provided through grantovch schem VEGA and KEGA as well as through other categories of projectovch nadmrnch programs APVVV, or international projects. Furthermore, Pracovn Kommunitu will collaborate with partner schools from other higher learning institutes and meet our obligations under this grantovch scheme.

Customer Reviews

Zoomax Snow offers high contrast color mode that excels at zooming text, unlike many hand held video magnifiers. Furthermore, it connects easily to TV sets for viewing on a larger screen; its 4.3″ display offers maximum versatility across a range of environments such as homes, schools and offices.

Pracovni Katedry has successfully produced 188 referatov, karentov and podepsanch research results published in well-recognized databases such as Web of Science or Scopus with impact factors, citacii and ohlasov in 2019 alone. Furthermore, Katedry also engaged in commercial activity by hosting conferences and seminars about high-level theory accompanied by improved credibility through immediate results and subsequent publication in regular publication channels (Wikipedia or Scopus are two such platforms).

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