Zoomax Snow 12 Portable Desktop Video Magnifier

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Snow 12 portable desktop video magnifier offers individuals with low vision greater visual independence by making reading, writing and looking at objects easier as well as performing full page content scanning with OCR text-to-speech scanning technology. Six easy buttons make operation intuitively straightforward.

Product Description

Zoomax Luna S Handheld Video Magnifier Luna S is the successor to Snow video magnifier, offering crystal-clear images, high contrast color modes and magnification up to 19x. Big and easy accessible buttons make Luna S a reliable low vision companion wherever it goes; use it for reading maps, invoices, bills, pill bottles or mail. Plus it performs full page content scanning and speech recognition too!

Product Overview

Snow 12 brings high-definition magnification right into your hand with up to 14x magnification and a large, clear display, making it the ideal companion for reading maps, labels, mails, books, medication bottles and more. With intuitive buttons and high contrast color modes making use simple for all. Plus it makes full page scanning and text-to-speech easy and stylishly fits in pockets or bags; plus it doubles up as writing stand so you can use it while on the move! Imagine its potential. The possibilities are truly limitless!

Product Features

Snow 12 video magnifier provides low vision individuals with easier reading and writing experiences. Offering magnification up to 19x with an accessible user interface, reading has never been simpler! Plus it comes equipped with a built-in stand for elevated writing positions; plus its OCR text-to-speech feature recognizes 20 languages so far – more are coming!

Luna S is the perfect portable handheld magnifier to bring with you wherever you go and read maps, mails, bills, pill bottles, medications labels and more! Thanks to its advanced camera and auto-focus lens, its image remains crisp for clear reading experience. Plus with easy-use buttons and high contrast color modes – Luna makes a wonderful companion.

Product Specifications

Demo Unit Sold As Is | No Returns, Exchanges or Warranties Available. Luna S is a stylish yet compact portable video magnifier designed with large intuitive buttons for simple operation. Offering high contrast color modes with magnification from 2x to 19x magnification power for clear viewing of maps, mails, receipts, pill bottles labels etc.

This video magnifier offers visual independence to individuals with low vision. Read, write, look at objects and perform full-page content scanning using OCR text-to-speech with ease! The foldable stand elevates the camera off the table for convenient work under it – perfect for holding pill bottles and paper. Plus its user-friendly interface makes this device suitable for all circumstances; slimmer than notebook computers makes it comfortable to hold!

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