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The zoomax luna 8 electronic video magnifier exudes style and confidence while increasing visual acuity. Featuring an attractive slim, matte surface and white buttons on black buttons.

This portable magnifier features a HD screen, letters can be magnified anywhere between 2.5x to 19x, and 10 different contrast color modalities are available to you – perfect for reading maps, bills, pill bottles, receipts, mail and magazines at any time or place!

Stylish and confident

Zoomax Luna 8 offers both simplicity and excellent image quality in its video magnifier device, perfect for those seeking simplicity with outstanding image quality. With easy-to-use big buttons, large HD screen, high contrast reading mode and battery life of 4.5 hours allowing extended reading sessions.

Luna 8 can help you see what’s important whether at home, school or work. With its slim and lightweight body and camera button for taking photos to view later on, this lightweight computer is quick to start up and shut down – perfect for every setting!

Luna 8 features a slim, matte textured finish with white on black buttons to blend seamlessly with other devices you use, like reading glasses and laptops. As with all Zoomax low vision aids, Luna 8 was designed for comfort in the hand and to fit seamlessly with lifestyle – reading books or doing homework will become more enjoyable when using its confident yet stylish appearance; not to mention that its appearance adds flair and personality to your house as well!

Long battery life

Luna 8 is ideal for transport anywhere due to its compact size and extraordinary 8 hour battery life, making it the ideal handheld video magnifier to fit in your pocket for reading menu boards in restaurants or viewing slides projected during meetings. Plus it comes equipped with an inbuilt writing stand allowing users to sign contracts or bills quickly with its large physical buttons making operation a snap without needing to remember complex advanced functions; its excellent picture quality means no blurring or distortion even when zoomed-in using high contrast color mode; plus its outstanding 8 hours extra long battery life ensures uninterrupted reading experience without concern about running out of power!

Easy to use

Zoomax luna 8 handheld electronic video magnifier is an invaluable aid to everyday tasks, from looking over restaurant menus and reading magazines on the couch, to studying for school exams. Its compact body, lightweight design and extended battery life make it convenient for transport.

Advanced image processor and autofocus camera combine to ensure the display remains sharp at all times, even in high contrast color modes or fast movement, words will appear larger and clearer. It is particularly helpful for dementia patients as it enables them to better comprehend text, thus improving communication.

Luna S is designed for ease of use with large intuitive buttons and an easily legible display, and has an 8 hour battery life to allow continuous use throughout your day. Perfect for maps, invoices, pill bottles receipts mails magazines!

The full HD 8″ screen allows you to clearly view texts and images. Magnification can be increased up to 19x while contrast can be tailored in 10 distinct modalities to meet all types of vision needs. Furthermore, using the photo button you can capture images for future reference and save them to memory card for easy storage.

Luna S is designed with a writing stand on its back so you can use it for journal writing or signing contracts, bills or other documents. When not in use, its foldable writing stand can be folded away when not needed and carried using its built-in handle – perfect for carrying anywhere you go without hassle! With its slim, sleek design and quiet operation features that reduce noise distractions – Luna S makes an excellent visual aid choice for people living with low vision.

Easy to carry

Zoomax low vision aids have designed Luna 8 as an attractive, compact body with matte, textured surfaces and white on black buttons that makes it stylishly portable. Perfect for everyone’s style and easily carried along wherever life may lead you; its slim profile and 8 hour battery life make Luna 8 suitable for use both at home, school and work environments.

This portable video magnifier is ideal for reading maps, invoices, pill bottles, receipts and mail, featuring magnification up to 19x. With its autofocus camera and large, intuitive buttons ensuring an easy experience and stress-free use. Furthermore, its range of contrast modes make this device simple to connect via HDMI cable with both TV and computer monitors.

Weighting only 330g, this handheld electronic video magnifier is small and light. With its compact design making it easy to carry around outdoors activities or reading menu boards in restaurants or projecting slides in conference rooms.

Its high-resolution LCD screen presents a crisp and clear image. With an autofocus camera ensuring text remains visible on screen no matter how quickly you move the device, and photo taking functionality for later storage. Additionally, you can capture pictures to save.

The zoomax portable electronic video magnifier is lightweight and can easily fit in a pocket or bag for convenient portability. Ideal for people living with dementia who wish to improve their daily output while decreasing stress and anxiety, as it will assist them with remembering things they previously forgot and feeling independent again. Also great as a gift idea that improves quality of life!

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