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video magnifier for sale

The video magnifier for sale is an easily portable digital device designed to give instant visual access, ideal for reading maps, menus, recipes, pill bottle labels and mail. Easy to use and portable; freeze text continuously while zooming continuously capturing and recalling images! Perfectly portable allowing easy movement from room to room!

TruZoom HD 5

TruZoom HD 5 is a hand-held digital magnifier designed to put high definition magnification in the palm of your hand, enabling you to view materials up to 14X on its five-inch screen, such as books, photos, newspapers, medications and labels. Boasting multiple display modes that let you customize TruZoom HD 5 to fit your vision needs – such as freezing text or brightness controls as well as horizontal/vertical text highlighting! – TruZoom HD 5 makes high definition magnification accessible on-the-go and travel essential! Portable and compact making this digital magnifier an excellent companion when travelling abroad!

Corvid Ultra offers an integrated suite of high-performance I/O. It supports connecting to any number of workflows ranging from 4K resolution and any combination thereof to any resolution combination supported. SDI, HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 interfaces are all provided as part of its comprehensive offering.

AJA TruScaleTM technology delivers outstanding quality, while bayering RAW allows Canon C500 RAW files to be instantly reproduced. In this way, this system maintains image quality throughout transcription.

TruZoom HD 5 offers several configurations that have been certified. Options may include a Quad-Core processor, Gigabit Ethernet port and multiple PCIe slots; you may even add RAID storage. Plus, an optional HD audio mixer adds professional-sound quality to video productions while other accessories help maximize its use.

Dazzle 22HD

Compromising on technology to save money often results in opting for a laptop with an integrated DVD drive, but its disadvantage lies in being unable to add additional software that could make it more useful. However, this may become an issue if you plan to use the laptop for both business and entertainment purposes, such as watching movies or listening to music. Thankfully, software packages exist that enable a laptop user to convert his or her PC into a full multimedia center. These programs include video and audio editing, photo manipulation, video recording and playlist creation/management so that digital content is organized into an accessible platform and you can easily find what you need without opening multiple applications.

Xindak unveiled their E-30 Element Camera as an autonomous initel for companies providing private long-duration security camera footage, as well as production. This device allows viewers to simultaneously watch films while also recording video and still images for up to 6 hours continuous recording; its battery can last for 10 hours between charges.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer is an economical and feature-packed option. Boasting a 9.7-inch display and running Android 2.2 operating system, as well as 1GHz processing power and 1GB RAM memory capacity, this portable entertainment solution is perfect for watching movies, TV shows or playing games while on the move.

Toshiba officially introduced on the Russian market its Portege A600 laptop computer, featuring Intel Centrino 2 mobile platform technology and with potential to compete against Dell Latitude E6300 and HP EliteBook 8440p models.

Asus recently unveiled to Russian consumers their brand new line of Full HD plasma televisions: the TH-42PR10R, TH-42PH11RK and TH-42PH11RS. The latest model from this company is designed for office environments, homes and public areas; constructed of durable metal frames with stylish matte finishes, as well as boasting energy saving technologies to maximize service life and provide long service lives.


VisioBook is an intuitive video magnifier with numerous settings and features designed to accommodate students of all ages and adults with magnification needs, providing assistance during daily activities such as studying or travel. It’s the ideal device for individuals traveling abroad who require visual assistance while on the move.

This portable device contains a CCTV flatscreen and adjustable camera for magnification, distance viewing and mirror use. With just six buttons to learn, its operation is effortless. Plus it’s compact – folding down into laptop size so it’s easily transportable between classrooms or libraries and stored away easily at home or school!

This handheld, lightweight device features advanced imaging technology with its high-resolution auto-focus camera offering continuous zoom up to 14x and convenient flip-out handle and 5-inch widescreen LCD screen offering customizable viewing experience. Users can select from 20 high-contrast color modes as well as reading line and mask features to meet individual viewing preferences and needs. Furthermore, its USB connection facilitates charging and transfer. An ideal option for anyone requiring visual aid in reading, writing or crafting hobbies and crafts!

Video Mag HD

Video Mag HD, created through a partnership between APH and Freedom Scientific, features crystal-clear images on a 4.3-inch LCD screen and designed for versatility by offering users various placement options: users can place it on flat surfaces using its detachable stand to act as a dome magnifier; alternatively they can fold down its handle for portability on the go; its autofocus HD camera magnifies 2-to-13x magnification, perfect for reading labels, price tags and receipts among other objects.

Customizable features on Video Mag HD allow users to alter several features, including magnification factor, mouse tracking, and the position of magnified view on screen. Users may also enable crosshairs that will help them locate their place on screen more quickly. There are five default color modes and 15 contrasting color modes, plus support for up to 80 images stored locally – easily transferred via computer connection!

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