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print magnifier

Print magnifiers can assist in reading, crafts and hobby activities such as stamp collecting and jewelry making. Some models feature built-in lights to reduce eye strain and improve visibility.

Magnifiers come equipped with either Fresnel or convex lenses and may include adjustable features like line markers and shadow mask knobs to increase clarity.

Product Description

Individuals with visual impairments can make fine text and images much easier to see with the help of print magnifiers. These versatile devices can be used for reading or craft projects; various magnification powers and lens qualities may be available depending on user needs; some models are handheld while others mountable for hands-free viewing and can even feature built-in lights that provide illumination during low light environments.

These print magnifiers offer high-quality magnification with distortion-free lenses for accurate examination of fingerprints, latent prints, or documents of all kinds. Some magnifiers feature fixed focus while others have an additional lens movable up or down for increased magnification – perfect for use in forensics work and as giveaway items at trade shows and business events alike!

Some of the most popular print magnifiers are foldable, making them easy to fit into purses or pockets and to quickly pop open for use. Handheld magnifiers like these can then be slid along documents for increased size or stored away easily; many come equipped with protective cases or pouches for easy transport.

These magnifiers come in an assortment of colors to meet individual preferences and needs. Additionally, many have bright yellow guiding lines to assist individuals in finding their place on the page. Many products from APH Transition Backpack (item 1-08211-00) make these magnifiers convenient options for school use.

Optic viewing equipment is essential to ensure accurate printing for UV processing. Artworks, film negatives and halftones all need magnification in order to be reviewed for quality prints. UV Process Supply offers a selection of magnifiers and microscopes tailored specifically towards printers, graphic artists and others committed to delivering quality prints.

This fixed-focus Fingerprint Magnifier features a folding metal stand equipped with two optically ground and polished glass lenses that have been precision ground for sharp image reproduction and brilliance of illumination. Additionally, Henry Disc classification can also be done easily through adaption to this lens system which provides a large flat field free from distortion while maintaining brilliance of illumination.

Product Specifications

Print magnifiers provide increased clarity, visibility and precision when reading, crafting or completing any task. With large lens size and various magnification powers that suit a range of tasks for reading or crafting projects; as well as hands-free options that enable users to work without moving their head for extended periods.

Certain print magnifiers also come equipped with features to aid the examination of fingerprints or evidence, including UV mode that reveals latent prints on crime scenes. These magnifiers make an ideal solution for law enforcement, crime labs, or any application requiring expert eyes – plus their features such as locking rings, large flat fields, freedom from distortion, and brilliant illumination make these magnifiers perfect.

These hand-held magnifiers fit conveniently into the APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00), or can be carried independently. They make life easier when engaging in everyday activities at school, work or home – such as reading books, prescription bottles labels, maps or homework assignments.

Portable electronic magnifiers can be handheld or placed on a desk or table and use screen attachment to display images and text for viewing. They typically weigh 3-4 lbs, are equipped with features like image capture, computer connectivity, custom color mode setting, contrast selection and more.

Rigid loupes and card magnifiers make an effective promotional marketing product at an economical cost, providing cost-effective giveaways at trade shows or mailings. Offering 3X optical magnification power for better reading of maps and user instructions of products or legal documents. They are great handheld magnifiers.

This pocket-sized hand-held magnifier offers 5X magnification and comes equipped with a Henry Disc for tenprint classification. Crafted of high quality glass optics and featuring a locking ring to hold it at its proper focal distance. Perfect for forensic evidence examinations as well as students with low vision who require any level of magnification magnification at once!

Product Options

Magnifying glasses are essential tools for anyone with difficulty reading small print. There is an assortment of magnifying glasses to suit every size and magnification power requirement; when selecting yours it’s essential that you consider factors like power magnification power lens quality illumination options etc.

Magnifiers equipped with built-in lights can help make work in low light easier, making reading small text easier. Some magnifying glasses also feature flexible arms so you can use it hands-free; this feature can come in handy for hobbies like crafting and stamp collecting, as well as daily activities such as cooking or cleaning.

Digital video magnifiers feature an inbuilt camera to record and display your work, saving up to 80 images that can be transferred via USB connection onto a computer. Perfect for students on the go, these digital video magnifiers easily fit into an APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00) or backpack from their school, serving double duty as personal grooming mirrors as well as application mirrors for makeup application.

Rigid loupe (20x-200x, $125)

This magnifier is most often utilized by Quality Assurance Managers in laboratory settings. With its higher magnification range and customizable lenses to meet specific shop needs, such as slurring or duplication issues. In addition, image analysis software may also be included to further facilitate analysis – an essential tool in any print/prepress shop!

Product Warranty

Magnifiers can be invaluable tools for anyone attempting to read small print, especially individuals with visual impairments. Magnifying lenses help improve clarity and visibility, making these magnifiers useful in many applications from reading to hobbies like stamp collecting or jewelry making to model building – with some models even featuring built-in lighting to facilitate viewing in low light conditions.

Handheld magnifiers offer convenience and portability; many can fit easily in a pocket or wallet for easy transport; these typically contain 2 AAA batteries (not included) powered light as well as compass for navigating unfamiliar locations and come equipped with built-in flashlights for low light situations.

Desktop magnifiers tend to be larger than handheld units and may feature an arm for hands-free work. They feature a double glass lens system mounted in a cast zinc frame for flat fields, distortion-free illumination with no fringe color or shading fringes, as well as adjustable focal distance controls to customize focus distance settings. Many also include an adjustable focusing mount which can be raised or lowered for convenient focusing distance adjustments.

Digital display magnifiers are another type of print magnifier designed to be used with computers or tablets, often featuring battery power, a camera, screen attachment and software to enhance viewing. Some models also come equipped with reading lines and masks that aid in the identification of printed text or images.

Print magnifiers offer cost-effective promotional advertising at trade shows, presentations and mailings. Linen testers, geology loupes and card magnifiers may be double sided imprinted for maximum marketing impact.

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