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Reading can be one of the greatest obstacles faced by people with low vision, necessitating effort and focus to complete it successfully.

There are various devices that can assist with this, such as magnification machines and audio text readers, which can be particularly beneficial when travelling away from home.

Magnilink Vision

Magnilink Vision is an advanced video magnifier with many possibilities and an attractive price. This modular system enables individuals to select a camera, monitor and control panel that best suit their own specific needs and desires.

Fold-away arms allow the camera to be detached from its monitor for easier separation, and an ergonomic control panel with tactile knobs make operation simple – providing users with peace of mind that they are in charge of their work and reduce fatigue.

An important feature is the text to speech function, which can be used for reading texts and documents aloud. You can toggle it on or off at will and it synchronizes perfectly with magnified texts for easy followability. Furthermore, its voice can be easily adjusted according to personal preferences for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

This solution is perfect for people with limited vision who struggle with reading long passages of text and find themselves straining their eyes, or who find reading in low lighting difficult. Furthermore, it can also be used at home or when travelling.

Magnilink Vision’s 23″ monitor is tailored specifically to low vision users with outstanding brightness and contrast levels as well as matte surfaces to prevent reflections. Easy to use and with optional holders available (MLV-A116), Magnilink Vision offers easy storage and transport solutions.

High performance software includes OCR for scanning documents and the ability to save them as MP3 files, along with contrast enhancement that ensures clear pictures with smooth character edges regardless of magnification level. In addition, video magnifiers offer various other functions designed to make users’ experiences more pleasant; Dynamic Picture Control reduces lighting from the unit – especially useful for light sensitive users – and Magnilink Optical Zoom increases zoom without diminishing picture quality.

Magnilink Zip Premium

The Magnilink Zip Premium video magnifier is a portable video magnifier featuring a monitor, Full HD reading distance camera, and mirror mode – an ideal combination for users needing assistance with distance reading or who need to enlarge objects on desktop surfaces.

Use standard software to easily navigate and control the features. Also included is TTS technology for reading aloud documents or webpages to users while they work on computers – an additional way for increasing reading speed and endurance.

Magnilink Zip is an intuitive portable magnification device, easily controlled through gestures or Bluetooth keyboard. Equipped with a position sensor to detect when tilted forward or backward or for height changes has occurred, the Magnilink Zip connects directly to a USB or HDMI port for connecting and has up to 4.5 hours of battery power for continuous use.

The MagniLink Zip is a compact and lightweight portable video magnifier equipped with a 13.3-inch monitor featuring Full HD reading/distance camera technology and mirror mode, all-inclusive of all functions of desktop video magnifiers but designed for easy portability, making it an excellent solution for people who frequently travel between home, work and school/hospital locations.

The Magnilink Zip FHD features a 13.3-inch monitor adapted for low vision users and an HD reading/distance camera with mirror mode, offering all of the functionality of desktop video magnifiers while being easily transportable and folded up for transport. In addition, this model offers smooth X/Y reading tables with up to five hours of battery power for use, computer connectivity capabilities and TTS software for both PCs and Macs that enables OCR processing printed text before reading it out loud for OCR purposes.

Jupiter Portable Magnifier

The Jupiter Portable Magnifier provides low vision users of all ages a clear view of life in high definition. It conveniently folds to fit easily in an APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00), so it can be used anywhere – be it home, school, work or on the move! Reading: magnifies text and objects up close while distance-view works like an HD mirror to allow viewing presentations, guest speakers or instructors at the front of classroom or venue and distance view works like an HD mirror when used for distance view viewing presentations viewed through an HD mirror; Self View: used for grooming activities including grooming of various kind with its tripod and rechargeable battery system making this device easy and no training necessary!


Freedom Scientific SARA CE is an easy and accessible text reading machine, without requiring any prior computer experience to operate. Simply place a document or book under the camera, and it will instantly begin reading out loud in an Indian accent voice. In addition, this device magnifies text, objects, diagrams, pictures and more allowing users to read even small print.

SARA CE is equipped with motion sensor technology, enabling it to scan 20 pages per minute. When it detects a new page, it will take an automatic snapshot and save you time by taking care of every single one yourself. Furthermore, SARA CE stores images and JPEG files captured from each page on its internal storage for easier retrieval when searching for information that you require.

The SARA CE can also be connected to a monitor in order to access its customizable low vision features, including increasing text size, changing text/background colors, adding more space between letters, highlighting words spoken aloud as they occur, viewing image files and JPEG files, as well as viewing images/JPEG files. This makes for an invaluable reading aid!

Additionally, the SARA CE is equipped to read scanned documents in Braille for those who are Deaf-Blind or blind – perfect for helping them reread favorite books! Plus its lightweight design allows easy transportation.

The SARA CE is a premium-quality product with unrivaled value for its price, boasting an innovative design that allows it to be easily transported while its intuitive interface makes it user-friendly. Perfect for individuals needing help with daily tasks and living independently – such as reading, shopping, cooking and cleaning efficiently; also useful when navigating public spaces or socializing outside their own home.

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