TOPAZ HD – A Desktop Video Magnifier That Folds Away Like a Laptop

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The TOPAZ HD offers all of the productivity of a desktop video magnifier in an easily transportable package. Equipped with HD camera, comfortable gliding reading table, six default and 27 customizable high contrast color modes as well as auto focus camera for auto focus viewing, auto-focus camera and intuitive controls, it enables users to remain independent at home or when traveling.

Easy to use

TOPAZ combines magnification and text-to-speech into a desktop video magnifier for use both at work and for everyday living tasks. By simply tapping the screen, TOPAZ displays documents before reading them aloud; allowing users to use lower magnification levels for reading and performing tasks, thereby decreasing eye strain while improving productivity.

Topaz stands out as an unconventional gemstone in terms of durability and brilliance; however, its pastel shades make it highly appealing to use in jewelry settings – particularly earrings and rings. Unfortunately, as its brilliance can sometimes go overlooked.

gemologists may make errors in identifying topaz due to this dispersion factor, and mistaking the gemstone for aquamarine, with one mistake often being mistaking topaz for aquamarine as its refractive index is approximately two units away from its prominent 1.60 line on any refractometer scale; topaz does not have the same dispersion properties as aquamarine either, thus compounding this error further.

Other errors arise because topaz shares the colors found in other gemstones. Its light violet and red colors often lead to misinterpretations as peridot or tourmaline; however, gemologists who make such errors typically lack adequate gem experience – typically enough, topaz’s higher refractive index than peridot is usually enough to prevent their mistakes from being repeated.

Another challenge facing topaz is its indistinct variety terminology. Many topazes are referred to by names that refer to other gem varieties or species, such as citrine quartz and hyacinth topaz; these terms do not communicate effectively within the trade and should no longer exist within modern naming conventions.

Topaz can easily be distinguished from its imitators due to being non-double refractive. Glass designed to resemble topaz displays no birefringence when tested using a polariscope; however, when heated quickly in order to simulate sherry topaz’s color it will become noticeably doubled under a polariscope, signifying that its imitation does not accurately resemble topaz.

Easy to store

The TOPAZ family of desktop video magnifiers is designed to combine magnification and text-to-speech features into one device. Their HD camera produces clear pictures that are easy to read at lower magnification levels; users also benefit from less movement required when reading, working on crafts or hobbies or viewing images – helping those with vision impairments remain independent while working productively at home, work, school and public places.

Topaz Detail 3 is an upgrade available free of charge from version 2, offering localised detail brushing so you can isolate a localized area for manipulation without touching other aspects of the image. This feature can help prevent artifacts such as diffraction artifacts, halos and colour shifts caused by changing micro detail.

Topaz makes your workflow more efficient by easily saving and restoring settings between sessions – saving both time and money in the long run! This feature will make Topaz even more valuable to photographers!

Topaz is designed to be easy both to store and transport, boasting lightweight construction that folds up like a laptop for convenient daily activities. Furthermore, Topaz comes equipped with an ergonomic reading table, plenty of workspace under its camera lens, LED lighting capabilities and features like an gliding reading table and LED illumination for enhanced user experiences.

Blue topaz is an immensely popular gemstone, known for its clarity, beauty and durability. Additionally, blue topaz has long been associated with healing properties that may help alleviate depression, heart conditions and memory impairments. Minas Gerais in Brazil is home to one of the primary sources for topaz; however it can be found around the globe and considered the symbol of love and affection – it often symbolizes romantic relationships as a romantic engagement ring!

Easy to transport

TOPAZ integrates magnification and text-to-speech features into one desktop video magnifying system, using HD cameras for optimal results. It delivers sharp images and text with reduced magnification table movements when reading, viewing pictures or crafting projects. Furthermore, TOPAZ includes an OCR camera to scan documents using voice recognition technology allowing users to scan documents using their own voices – creating an exceptional reading experience!

Topaz’s specific gravity falls between 3.50-3.57, making it higher than most crystals in its group such as quartz or feldspar due to the presence of fluoride ions within its crystal structure. Furthermore, topaz stands out for having an unusually low refractive index; typically refractive index increases with increasing specific gravity.

TOPAZ EZ HD is an economical video magnifier designed to be easy-of-use. This portable model folds like a laptop and provides access to various magnification levels; with simple controls making everyday tasks effortless. Furthermore, its large monitor offers lots of workspace while LED lighting brings ambient illumination; plus there are features such as Find and Freeze Frame to aid with finding small print easily. Suitable for home, work or school use alike as well as those who lack mobility are its perfect match! It makes an excellent gift idea!

Easy to customize

The TOPAZ series of desktop video magnifiers combine ease of use and powerful features to help people maintain independence in daily tasks and hobbies, such as reading, writing, viewing photos and crafts. Each magnifier includes a high definition camera and monitor that provide optimal views; they also boast a gliding reading table, LED lighting, Find and Freeze Frame features for an enhanced experience. They are an excellent solution for individuals who are blind or have low vision.

The TOAZ EZ HD desktop video magnifier is an economical, straightforward desktop magnifier designed for maximum comfort and productivity. Featuring a lightweight design that folds flat for storage convenience and either 15.6- or 17.3-inch screens for viewing images on, its wide magnification range and intuitive controls can meet any user need. In addition, six high-contrast color modes can be customized specifically to your preferences along with reading lines or masks being displayed for reading lines or masks.

Text to Speech functionality allows you to comfortably shift focus away from reading magnified documents yourself to listening to them instead. Simply place your document under the fixed OCR camera and touch screen; ONYX OCR will process, acquire and read back your document aloud without straining your eyes or straining your mind.

Topaz Adjust 4 is an efficient photo manipulation software that makes creating that distinctive grungy effect found in many landscape photos quick and effortless. Unlike Photoshop’s High-Pass filter, Topaz Adjust 4 expands highlights, deepens shadows, and adds just the right amount of grain to images with just one click.

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