The Schenbach Smartlux Digital Video Magnifier

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The smartlux digital portable video magnifier is ergonomically designed with four color-coded tactile buttons and 14 color contrast modes, offering an expansive field of view.

The device can be adjusted for reading or writing and used either hand-held or stand mode, and features HDMI output for connecting to an external screen and USB transfer for sending photos back onto a computer.

Easy to use

The Smartlux digital is an ergonomically designed portable video magnifier with an anti-reflection 5″ reflective-free display and large field of view, featuring personalized setting options like individually adjustable LEDs and 14 color contrast mode options. Furthermore, its hard coating has an additional anti-glare film layer for damage prevention; and its controls are easy to learn with symbol-marked tactile control buttons that provide intuitive operation.

This device features a 50 fps refresh rate and a photo button, allowing users to take quick snapshots or freeze frames. HDMI connectivity enables live streaming, and USB connection allows photos to be transferred onto computers. Furthermore, there’s 8GB internal storage with an auto-shut off feature activated after 5 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

The Eschenbach Smartlux Digital Handheld Magnifier is an affordable solution for individuals with low vision who require handheld magnification to help read text and enlarge images. Its compact size makes it easily portable and storeable – ideal for busy professionals in need of an affordable handheld magnifier that works regardless of environment.

Easy to store

The Eschenbach SmartLux Digital is a portable video magnifier equipped with camera and screen to magnify text and images. Conveniently stored and transported in any bag or purse for on-the-go use, its easy set-up makes it an excellent option for those needing to magnify objects at home or work.

Ergonomically designed portable video magnifier by AVAGO offers a 5 reflection-free display with large field of view and new customizable menu that offers 14 color contrast mode options, adjustable lines and blinds, as well as built-in handle with four color-coded tactile buttons and rechargeable battery power supply.

The electronic magnifier features 4 magnification levels (5X, 7X, 9X and 12X), offering the optimal reading experience. It includes an adjustable brightness display which can be set to 100%, 75% or 50% brightness levels, as well as a power cord and instruction manual. In addition, its rotatable base can be fully retracted or extended over documents for reading/writing with extended coverage areas of reading or writing documents for optimal use; its tiltable display can also be tilted for improved viewing angles. The new Eschenbach Smartlux Digital can also be used handheld, stand or table mode with its rotatable base fully retracting fully when used hand held while extended over documents for reading/writing as its display can tilted/adjusted for better viewing angles!

Easy to transport

The Eschenbach SmartLux Digital is an ergonomically-designed portable video magnifier equipped with a 5″ LCD TFT display for magnifying text, images, coins, stamps and more. Additionally, this device includes a handle and protective case for convenient transport as well as multiple viewing modes (live streaming option available) and blue light filter that reduces digital eye strain.

The SmartLux Digital comes equipped with a hard-coated case that offers additional protection, while its 5-inch anti-glare screen protects from sunlight damage. You can choose hand or stand mode, offering magnification of 5x, 7x, 9x or 12x magnification respectively. Furthermore, there’s an inbuilt speaker as well as battery charging capability – perfect for long road trips!

The SmartLux Digital is easy to use, featuring large buttons with clear indications for zoom and other functions like photo taking. Its ergonomically-designed shape and comfortable grip make it convenient to carry around; while its 50fps refresh rate provides live streaming capability. Furthermore, there’s an HDMI output for live streaming from external monitors; an 8GB internal storage and USB connectivity ensure photo sharing back onto computers; making this device the ideal companion for those suffering from low vision conditions like DMLA, Glaucome or other visual stress conditions.

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