The Eschenbach SmartLux Digital Battery Magnifier

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eschenbach smartlux digital battery

The SmartLux Digital is a portable video magnifier with an HD camera for zoomed text and images on a five-inch screen. With a 50 fps refresh rate that ensures clear images without ghosting, its easy controls include photo button for freeze frame capture or image capturing as well as 14 contrast mode options as well as adjustable reading lines and blinds for adjustable reading lines/blinds – plus each unit comes complete with protective zippered case, charger, cleaning cloth and around-the-neck lanyard!

Product Description

The SmartLux Digital is a portable video magnifier that uses camera and screen technology to enlarge text and images. The 5-inch display is hard-coated to prevent damage and features anti-glare film to improve visibility in bright sunlight, plus still photos/video can be captured for later viewing. Small and lightweight enough to easily fit in a backpack or purse for use anywhere; its simple control panel with symbolically marked buttons offers three basic functions to learn: on/off, magnification setting and contrast mode.

New features of the F3 Pro include longer battery life and faster charging, a reset button, lanyard support, software fixes, electronic hardware improvements, and attractive packaging.

Battery Life

The SmartLux Digital is a portable video magnifier equipped with both a camera and screen to help those who are visually impaired read text and magnify images on-the-go. The device is small and lightweight, making it convenient to carry around in bags or backpacks to use in different environments. Features of note include being able to save display settings; freeze frame capture button; automatic shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity and locking power on/off button against accidental pressing; protective zippered case, cleaning cloth and lanyard also come standard; battery life lasts approximately 2 hours which can be recharged using power cord included with device in box.

Battery Charging Time

The SmartLux Digital is a portable video magnifier designed to serve various needs. Equipped with a 5-inch display and built-in camera for viewing text or magnified images, as well as convenient features like a new reset button and lanyard included with each box containing software fixes and electronic hardware upgrades, its battery lasts for two hours of continuous use before needing charging via its included power cable.

The SmartLux Digital features a high-resolution display with 50fps refresh rate to deliver clear images, color-coded tactile control buttons, ergonomic design, and can connect via HDMI for live streaming and has USB connection for image transfers to computers. Other features include LED lighting, freeze frame/image capturing modes, 14 contrast mode options and adjustable reading lines/blinds as well as blue light filter for reduced digital eye strain.


The SmartLux Digital provides multiple safety features to safeguard against digital eye strain. A blue light filter reduces digital eye strain while its 50 FPS refresh rate ensures a fluid image without ghosting or smear, and an HDMI output connects it with external screens and live stream images. Furthermore, its photo button enables freeze frame captures with photos stored internally (8GB). Finally, after 5 minutes or 8 hours of non-use it auto shuts off itself while an included zippered case, charger, cleaning cloth, around-the-neck lanyard complete this package – or upgrade for even further damage mitigation should if dropped!

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