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davinci pro hdocr desktop video magnifier

The Davinci Pro HD/OCR desktop video magnifier (CCTV) with full page text-to-speech is an advanced desktop magnifier with a Sony Full HD 3-in-1 camera that delivers vivid imagery, vibrant colors, and superior contrast levels for crystal clear images with vibrant hues and contrast.

This monitor offers 28 viewing modes to meet your viewing preferences and rotates for reading, distance viewing and self-viewing as well as magnifying up to 77x magnification.


The DaVinci Pro HD/OCR is an advanced desktop video magnifier (CCTV) equipped with a Full HD 3-in-1 camera and Full Page Text-to-Speech functionality. Enjoy vivid, crystal clear images on its HD LCD screen that offer large field of view for maximum viewing area; its OCR feature will read your article or book aloud using male or female premium voices from an array of languages!

The All-In-One desktop magnifier from Enhanced Vision is quick and simple to set up, offering phone and online support along with a two year warranty. Perfect for individuals needing hands-free computer use, presentations and whiteboard viewing or reading hard copy documents at their desk, this magnifier features an auto-focus 340 degree rotating HD camera, pivoting 24″ monitor with high resolution display capability as well as 28 different display modes.

Jordy is a battery-operated, full-color portable system that fits like a pair of glasses. When connected to an optional desktop 24″ monitor docking stand, it serves as a hands-free HD desktop video magnifier and lasts 8 hours per charge, making it an excellent solution for students or business travelers who require assistance accessing computers at work, school or home. Equipped with JAWS software that offers speech and Braille output of most programs on your computer so you can navigate the Internet, write emails or make presentations from anywhere.


Video magnifiers are powerful and flexible assistive technology tools designed to meet a wide variety of low vision needs. CCTV magnifiers are frequently employed by those living with conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy; CCTV magnifiers offer independence through magnification and technology by helping with tasks such as reading mail and writing checks or crossword puzzles while connecting to computers as well as many daily activities that cannot be completed with just one device.

Merlin mini is a full-featured portable HD electronic video magnifier designed to fold compactly for convenient transport and use in various locations. Offering either 15″ or 17″ screens with 3-in-1 rotating cameras that let you view text up close, at distance and even yourself; its LCD monitor features high resolution with multiple viewing modes that deliver optimal images; also featuring full page OCR technology so documents or books can be read aloud aloud by either male or female premium voices in various languages – perfect for reading text aloud.

PC-compatible versions of this system also come equipped with JAWS, an accessible screen reader program for computers that makes using applications on desktop or laptop computers much simpler. JAWS can especially assist those suffering macular degeneration or vision loss as it helps you navigate Windows programs not designed with accessibility in mind. Furthermore, there is an adaptive technology workstation outside the Research Center on the second floor loaded with ZoomText Fusion that is available for checkout with a valid MCLS Library card.


The davinci pro HD/OCR desktop video magnifier and computer monitor is equipped with a Sony Full HD auto-focus camera that rotates for reading, distance viewing and self-viewing. Documents can be magnified up to 77x while its monitor supports 28 different viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness for optimal contrast/brightness levels. JAWS (Java Access to Whiteboard Software for Windows), an efficient screen reader software program which provides speech and Braille output can benefit greatly from this device.

The Smart Reader features a premium voice that will read aloud any book or magazine at the press of a button, with maximum picture detail for large bold displays on its high resolution LCD screen. Switch easily between live image mode and full page OCR to have articles or books read aloud either with male or female voices and multiple languages supported.

This handheld portable electronic monocular is perfect for those who need to read price tags, menus, mail, newspapers, street signs and nature. Featuring a 7″ HD LCD screen with auto focus and one-push manual focus capabilities. Plus it weighs just 0.12kg making it convenient to bring with you in purse or bag for reading anywhere! Jordy comes in two colors with a two year warranty!


The davinci pro is equipped with an HD camera equipped with full-page OCR for text reading aloud – perfect for menus, price tags and street signs! Set-up is straightforward without requiring software installations – phone support and online support is provided as well as two year warranty from Enhanced Vision to ensure peace of mind.

JAWS for Windows is an advanced computer screen reader that makes computer applications accessible with speech and Braille output, making them particularly helpful to people with low vision or blindness, enabling them to access programs not designed with accessibility in mind. It is incredibly popular among individuals requiring magnification or text-to-speech for daily tasks like emailing, social media interaction or work related documents.

Jordy is an all-in-one desktop video magnifier equipped with both a 340 degree rotating HD Sony camera for reading, distance viewing, and self-viewing as well as a 24″ widescreen monitor with 28 viewing modes for self-viewing purposes and reading. The system allows you to monitor your surroundings, making it the ideal solution for those requiring CCTV functionality as well as computer monitor functionality. Powered by batteries for convenient portability or using its optional docking stand for desktop docking stand usage, Jordy provides you with everything needed.

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