The Comfort and Productivity of a Desktop Video Magnifier

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topaz xl hd desktop video magnifier

TOPAZ XL HD provides all of the comfort and productivity of a desktop video magnifier in a foldable, portable design. With autofocus capabilities and a HD camera that produces crisp images and text, as well as multiple viewing modes to meet everyday needs, the TOPAZ XL HD provides optimal comfort and productivity in an easily transportable design.

With just one touch, TOPAZ can switch from magnification to optical character recognition (OCR) and reading aloud with speech. GEM software transfers HD images directly to the computer monitor for processing before reading aloud aloud.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The TOPAZ XL HD with OCR combines magnification and text-to-speech capabilities into one convenient device, making more information visible while decreasing hand fatigue while reading, writing, working on crafts or hobbies, viewing pictures or performing other hard copy tasks. A touch of the screen switches from video magnification to scanning and reading aloud with speech by transmitting HD image data directly to Freedom Scientific’s GEM or OpenBook Scanning and Reading software which performs optical character recognition before reading document aloud aloud – making this product especially suitable for individuals with low vision needing both magnification and text-to-speech requirements.

Camera Only XL HD

TOPAZ desktop video magnifiers combine ease of use with powerful features to help people maintain independent lifestyles – reading, writing, viewing photographs and working on hobbies – independent lifestyles that many depend on for survival. Each model comes in multiple monitor sizes to meet users’ vision requirements; additionally these TOPAZ models can also be combined with GEM or OpenBook scanning and reading software in order to read aloud images displayed on screen in HD quality.

The XL H1 utilizes the same 20x HD video lens found in its predecessors; however it has been modified for use with NTSC DV and HDV at 720p 60f, 24f or 1080i50 instead of only supporting PAL HDV at 1080i25. With two XLR inputs plus the option to add two more via an adapter plugging into accessory shoe, its new lens design employing fluorite elements offers a zoom ratio between 5.4mm to 108mm from twelve optical elements located within ten groups – providing users with greater creative control of video content creation than before.

Other features of the XL-H1 include its standard genlock input/output and SMPTE timecode input/output functionality, making it compatible with existing HD production environments. HD-SDI output carries uncompressed video and sync data only (audio and timecode are accessible via other jacks on the camera).

The XL H1 can display text in multiple contrast modes to ensure it’s easy for most people to see and use. There are 15 standard color combinations to select, ranging from black on white, yellow on blue, green on black and more – providing users with enough choices to find what best fits their eyes. Featuring an adjustable magnification level and movable reading table, the XL H1 is the ideal way to read letters, bank statements, crafts or any hardcopy material with ease. Mount it onto a tripod for hands-free operation – its 300g weight makes it suitable for anywhere use; connect to a computer to easily download images to keep track of important information like phone numbers or serial numbers!


The RUBY 7 HD provides crystal-clear HD magnification right in your own hand. Weighing just 10.5 ounces and featuring a five-inch screen to show even the finest details clearly magnify books, photos, newspapers, medications, labels and more with color coded tactile buttons and high contrast modes that make reading easier on your eyes.

The swivel base’s unique snap open mechanism securely and comfortably positions your screen for reading documents at an optimal angle, effortlessly moving across documents as you read. Perfect for signing cheques, viewing restaurant menu cards and food packaging as well as airline boarding passes; taking notes in class while viewing lecturer’s blackboard presentations or Powerpoint presentations in seminar halls – or signing cheques!

GEM software enables you to connect a TOPAZ XL HD directly to your computer monitor and use it as an optical character recognition magnifier, reading aloud with just the press of a button. Freedom Scientific’s OpenBook scanning and reading software then performs OCR for you before reading back your content aloud.

RUBY HD is an HD camera device in a small, lightweight body. Equipped with a large, high-contrast display screen and built-in LEDs for clear magnified images that are distortion free, it’s simple and straightforward to use – easily fit in a purse or pocket and convenient enough for school, work, travel and anywhere else you may require magnification on the go! Plus it comes complete with protective case and rechargeable battery – plus the option for connecting it directly to PCs for even further access!


The RUBY XL HD brings crystal clear HD magnification right to your hands with its five-inch screen that brings out even the finest details, magnifying materials up to 14 times – books, photographs, newspapers, labels and more! Easy to use at just 10.5 ounces it weighs comfortably while its compact handle snaps into two positions for comfortable handling while color-coded tactile buttons let you control magnification, viewing modes and add reading lines or masks – giving continuous zoom of 2x-14x for your versatility needs!

TopAZ XL HD is an ideal desktop video magnifier for individuals who require visual assistance at multiple locations during daily routines or work tasks. This HD model offers superior optical character recognition (OCR), larger workspace below camera, customizable display settings to make the most of magnifying experience, USB connectivity so you can share images/documents easily, as well as superior OCR capabilities for more efficient reading experiences.

The XL HD is ideal for magnifying letters, newspaper articles and other hard-copy material at home or the office. Its comfortable size allows you to read or write comfortably in both hands as the LCD flat panel monitor can easily be placed on a desk or tabletop for optimal viewing – plus its portable design makes it convenient to bring with you wherever you go including cars and workplaces.

The Traveller HD offers all of the same great reading comfort and usability of our larger TOPAZ models, while being more compact, foldable, and portable. Featuring an adjustable 10-inch LCD flat panel monitor with built-in LED lighting to deliver optimal magnified images; with one press of a button you can freeze an image to transfer via USB for scanning or reading aloud; save up to 80 images, and take full advantage of top-class magnification of text or objects! Plus it includes an convenient tilt stand for hands-free viewing!

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