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Portable handheld electronic magnifiers provide low vision individuals with convenient magnification to help with everyday tasks such as reading bills, pill bottles, recipes, mail and maps.

These devices feature cameras which project magnified images onto LCD screen displays. Some even offer options like image capture/freeze/freezer settings/adjustable magnification settings/contract settings to further customize user experiences.


An illuminated magnifier can be an indispensable asset to many individuals living with macular degeneration. It enables you to continue doing activities that give them joy, such as stamp or coin collecting, wood working, electronics repair or hobbies that require fine detail work such as jewelry making or beading.

Lighted hand held magnifiers come in many different sizes and shapes, offering different magnification powers. Some models feature adjustable lenses to increase or decrease magnification levels as needed; the best lighted handheld magnifiers use LED lights that don’t burn out like older bulbs do; as macular degeneration progresses, you may need additional illumination for clarity. The size and amount of illumination may also play an important role.

Maintaining one of these handheld magnifiers in each room of the house can help ease frustration when reading or seeing something, especially if they need to be adjusted quickly when needed. Store them in your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to quickly access them when necessary.

Mighty Bright’s 5″ Round Magnifier offers LED lights that won’t burn out and is equipped with crystal-clear optical grade lenses that cover 2X magnification for easy reading. Furthermore, there’s an on/off switch and brightness control so you can get exactly the amount of illumination that’s needed – making this one of the more cost-effective handheld magnifiers that uses rechargeable batteries.

Video magnification is another effective way of increasing vision with handheld magnifiers. These handheld magnifiers feature small screens that display images or text for you to view either alone or with an attachment for use with your laptop or computer. Furthermore, you can record yourself using this device and access them later for review or listening pleasure.

Some new handheld video magnifiers, which use camera technology and display screen viewing technology, are portable. Though more costly than their counterparts, these portable magnifiers offer convenient use at any time and place without relying on other attachments or laptops to operate them.

Some handheld electronic magnifiers can fit easily into your pocket or purse. These handheld magnifiers are great for spot reading bills, price tags, menus or instructions and hobbies such as jewelry making or beading; as well as for hobbies such as removing splinters or trimming cat claws; inspecting fine print on medication bottles etc. They typically come equipped with rechargeable batteries and USB cord charging capabilities for convenience – it’s important to find out about retailers’ return policies before buying online – otherwise you risk being stuck with products that don’t suit you; some retailers even offer trials periods of up to 30 days allowing customers to test and decide if their products will meet their requirements before making an online purchase decision – don’t buy blindly from unknown retailers before making decisions based on no information!

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