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Handheld electronic magnifiers are lightweight and can fit easily in a purse or pocket, offering assistance to those with low vision. Their LCD high definition screen displays photos, documents and recipes clearly.

Read mail, prescription labels, and price tags more easily at home or on the move with an electronic reader. Some models also feature advanced features like self-view mirror imaging for grooming purposes.


Electronic magnifiers offer many users an essential benefit: portability. Being able to easily travel and use this device anywhere is especially helpful for individuals living with macular degeneration or other forms of low vision impairments; whether reading restaurant menus, bank letters, grocery store price tags, etc. is what keeps independence alive! An electronic magnifier will enable users to continue doing what they love while maintaining independence.

Handheld portable video magnifiers are lightweight, easily transported devices with adjustable magnification powers of up to 12x. Available screen sizes range from around 3.5″ to 6.5″, offering adjustable magnification. Some handheld electronic magnifiers also include image capture capabilities and computer connectivity features as well as custom color mode and contrast selection features – some even allow users to wear their device around their neck for easier grab and go use.

As opposed to handheld electronic magnifiers, desktop video magnifiers tend to be larger devices designed for use at a desk or table. They typically come equipped with either a laptop-style monitor or flat screen that connects directly to your computer for use as a flat screen monitor. Many desktop electronic magnifiers boast powerful advanced features as well as numerous viewing modes designed to facilitate various tasks including reading, distance-view, self-view (mirror imaging for grooming), etc.

University of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital conducted research that demonstrated how portable electronic vision enhancement systems (p-EVESs) proved significantly more effective than existing optical aids at improving near vision activities such as reading and writing. p-EVES devices were also easier to use than optical magnifiers alone, suggesting they can serve an essential role in complementing existing optical aids to help people with visual impairment complete near vision tasks more quickly and easily. They provide an economical alternative to expensive lenses. The study involved a two-arm cross-over randomised controlled trial involving 100 experienced users recruited from a local low vision clinic to assess the effects of p-EVES devices.

Easy to Use

Electronic magnifiers for low vision are straightforward devices designed for ease of use, offering multiple magnification levels. You can hold one comfortably in the palm of your hand and enjoy features such as built-in lighting, reading magnification adjustments, image capture capability and computer connectivity as well as adjustable color mode and contrast settings – some models even include full page text-to-speech capabilities!

The Compact 10 HD Speech handheld magnifier combines the benefits of desktop video magnifiers with an easy and convenient design to make it effortless to use and store. Unlike traditional handheld magnifiers that only provide viewing via a small screen, this magnifier uses a purposefully designed swing-out camera that captures documents or photographs of any size to display onscreen with just one tap, perfect for reading price tags, menus, newspaper articles and medication labels.

Surface magnifiers, also known as portable electronic magnifiers, can help with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping as well as reading maps, recipes, medication labels or prescription drug bottles. Some models come equipped with integrated distance viewing cameras so you can keep an eye on objects around the room while admiring scenery outside your window without straining your eyes.

Consider the Connect 12 as an adaptable low vision aid – it offers all of the advantages of portable digital magnifiers combined with tablet convenience, accessing over one million apps to provide freedom and flexibility when and wherever needed.

Portable handheld digital magnifiers for low vision are an ideal daily companion. Clarity’s LiteView Magnifier offers up to 23x magnification, making fine print details easier to see than ever. Lightweight yet rechargeable battery power gives up to three hours of usage on one charge; plus additional activities such as writing checks, labeling food and medications, viewing photos or studying are made simpler thanks to its many functions – ideal for writing checks, labeling food/medication labels, viewing photos/artwork etc.


Portable electronic magnifiers offer more versatility than their glass counterparts by being multi-function magnifiers that can aid with almost any task, including reading, shopping and running errands. Many models feature built-in LED lighting, auto focus capabilities and many other useful features that make these versatile magnifiers great additions for everyday tasks like reading. Furthermore, some models may offer distance viewing features, self-view mirror imaging for grooming or computer/media connectivity features for added functionality.

Handheld magnifiers are excellent tools for spot reading, whether at home, work or while out and about. Their LCD screens typically range in size from around 3.5″ to 6.5″. Some handheld units even include features like text-to-speech capabilities as well as connecting to laptop or desktop computers to access magnification software programs. Some handhelds can even be worn around your neck so you always have them close at hand when necessary.

Portable video magnifiers provide an effective and effortless solution to maintaining independence. These devices can help with numerous tasks, including magnifying newspaper text, maps, recipes and prescription medication labels as well as price tags at grocery stores or signing credit card slips. Plus, there’s plenty of variety with regard to screen sizes, contrast settings and magnification adjustment!

Enhanced Vision offers high quality and cost-effective portable HD video magnifiers designed for low vision that are both accessible and designed to meet user needs. Their handhelds and desktop systems feature HD resolution for clear images with vibrant colors; many even have built in Wi-Fi, HDMI or USB 3.0 connectivity allowing quick connection with laptop or computer and magnification software to maximize experience.

Experience is the key to finding out whether a portable electronic magnifier is suitable for you or someone close to you, and Enhanced Vision representatives can come directly to your home to demonstrate how these devices operate and answer any queries that arise.


Portable electronic magnifiers for low vision are an ideal way to maintain independence and stay active at home or on the go, from reading, writing and watching movies and videos on a computer to self-grooming activities, grooming mirrors or distance viewing devices. Many handheld video magnifiers offer advanced features to assist with everyday tasks such as reading, writing and watching movies or videos from your PC. Many handheld video magnifiers come equipped with various screen sizes, magnification strengths, contrast settings and built in LED lighting that illuminate brighter viewing. Many models also come equipped with additional functionalities such as self-viewing (serves as mirror for grooming activities), distance viewing capabilities as well as computer/media connectivity for ease.

The RUBY XL HD puts crystal-clear HD magnification in your hand. It snaps open to form an ergonomic grip for maximum reading comfort, sliding smoothly across documents as you read. Boasting five inches of screen real estate and up to 14 times magnification power for books, newspapers, photographs, maps, labels and labels; color-coded tactile buttons make customizing and adjusting magnification levels simple; additional functionalities include reading lines, masks and text to speech functionality for complete convenience while traveling or daily tasks!

The p-EVES study concluded that portable electronic vision enhancement systems, or PEVES for short, significantly alleviate activity restrictions caused by near vision loss. These affordable tools can be used anywhere to extend enjoyment of favorite hobbies, complete important paperwork, and stay active.

Enhanced Vision offers an assortment of handheld portable magnifiers. Our handheld magnifiers are small, lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse; perfect for spot reading price tags or menus, mail, magazines and newspaper articles, prescription bottles, bills and paperwork, viewing family photos or viewing family albums. Some models can even be worn around your neck!

Experience is the best way to understand how a handheld magnifier can benefit you or a loved one, so contact us and we’ll send a representative directly to your home who will demonstrate these products while answering any queries that arise.

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