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The ClearView+ offers an effortless sliding reading platform with fully customizable controls to meet your reading needs. Quickly increase magnification or switch viewing modes using one master control, select preferred reading voices for text-to-speech and enjoy reading newspapers, books, letters or any other document comfortably with its 24″ HD monitor that delivers crisp images with smooth character edges.


ClearView+ was designed with reading comfort and simplicity in mind. Its easy-to-use controls are located on a smooth sliding reading table for effortless operation while reducing hand fatigue by keeping hands away from images. X and Y directional brakes allow independent control over images on screen; other less commonly used controls are hidden under covers for extra convenience.

ClearView C with Speech is an innovative desktop video magnifier designed to make life simpler, quickly converting printed text into speech for you to listen to. Simply select your preferred reading voice, point at a paragraph, column or word that interests you and press play! With its single master dial for magnification adjustments and high contrast viewing modes switching, ClearView C with Speech makes navigating easily – all at your own convenience!

The ClearView GO offers all of the same reading comfort and functionality of a full size video magnifier in a portable and foldable design that makes it convenient to bring along or store away when not in use.

ClearView C

The ClearView C with Speech offers an innovative new way of reading, instantly converting printed text into spoken language. Combining magnification, high contrast, text to speech technology and video magnification for easier reading experiences – just point at a text you wish read aloud then relax as it’s read aloud to you by the machine! In addition, video magnification is available to view photos, bills or shorter texts.

Use one master control button to easily increase or decrease magnification and switch reading modes with ClearView+’s advanced video processing technology, providing crisp characters, vivid images and vibrant colors for optimal reading comfort. Plus, enjoy smooth reading tables, ergonomic wrist pads and convenient control placement so your hands are freed while reading! The easy glide monitor can be moved up or down, forward or back, tilted as needed for optimal reading comfort, as well as hidden behind a cover to further minimize disruptions!

The ClearView GO is the ideal solution for people who require magnification in various settings, both portable and foldable designs make it convenient to bring along and store when not in use. Offering HD image quality, it makes an excellent partner for work, school or travel.

ClearView GO

The ClearView+ is a desktop video magnifier designed with comfort, simplicity and functionality in mind. The main controls are conveniently situated on the reading platform for ease of use; users can quickly orient themselves and remain focused on their documents with this design. In between uses, less frequently utilized controls can be concealed with a cover when not required.

The HD 10″ display was specifically created to display more text on screen for maximum overview, making reading clear and effortless even at higher magnification settings. An ergonomic wrist pad provides comfortable hand rest while reading; and its one-touch brake instantly and effortlessly freezes images so that your hand stays on the page without losing your place.

ClearView+ features cutting-edge video processing technology for smooth character edges and vibrant colors, plus height adjustability so that readers can find their optimal reading position.

Enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, completing hobbies such as crossword puzzles or writing checks at the touch of a button. With its built-in 3-in-1 rotatable camera, magnify objects close up or in the distance or even look directly at yourself for closer examination.

With ClearView+ with Speech, you can enlarge documents to a comfortable size and listen to them being read aloud in any voice of your choosing – making long texts much simpler to read so that you can focus on locating important information more quickly.

The Compact 10 HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier features an intuitive user interface that offers plenty of ways to tailor the user experience, from mode (Easy or Advanced), color themes, button placement, light & sound settings and Miracast to Miracast streaming capability. In addition, its spacious HD monitor can be adjusted in height and angle for optimal viewing comfort while its convenient slide-out arm gives users flexibility between reading mode and object viewing mode and the foldable base allows it to be set up multiple ways – making this unit perfect for home or office use alike while its sleek modern appearance complements any decor!

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