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Read newspapers, letters or view photographs anywhere – at home, work or school – using the lightweight and portable PowerMag+ stand magnifier. It features big buttons with easy use as well as integrated lighting that has high contrast for comfortable reading.

ClearView GO provides all the comfort and functionality of desktop video magnifiers in an ultra-portable foldable device that’s perfect for taking with you on the go. Customizable features like dark or light themes, button position, and more help make this portable magnifier an essential tool in everyday life.


PowerMag+ features Qi wireless charging technology with a massive 10000mAh battery capacity, along with dual USB-c and Lightning input ports that give you the freedom to charge external devices quickly and at lightning speeds.

The spheric light-emitting magnifying lens is lightweight, unbreakable, and scratch-resistant, offering 4x magnification of objects at original size – great for reading small print, contracts, maps and charts, stamps/coins/telephone directories/stock listings etc. Furthermore, its lightweight aspheric lens ensures distortion-free field of view right out to its edge.

The PowerMag+ dynamic load system stands apart from similar dynamic load systems in that it operates without mechanical contacts, the primary source of wear. Instead, it utilizes a stationary coil protected against adverse atmospheric conditions with no brushes or slip rings to cause maintenance issues – ideal for technical education institutes, research & development laboratories, quality control in industry and defense organizations requiring rapid pass/fail testing with high accuracy and rapid pass/fail testing capabilities.


ClearView+ is a desktop video magnifier designed for reading, writing and close observation of objects up close. Fully adjustable to meet the height needs of its user, the monitor can be set at any desired height while its 3-in-1 rotatable camera enables close observation as well as far distance viewing of text or objects from various distances or angles – easily portable yet storing away when not in use.

Design to promote comfort and simplicity, the main controls are conveniently situated on the reading platform so you can rest your hands on them while reading. This makes enlarging materials to a suitable size or altering high contrast modes simple with just one button press; less frequently used controls may even be hidden using covers for added privacy.

ClearView+ Speech allows you to convert printed and handwritten text into speech with just one touch on the screen, using its natural-sounding voice and full page overview. Reading documents, letters and books has never been simpler! With ClearView+ you have an array of contrast colors available for optimal reading visibility: Black/Yellow, Black/Green, Blue/White Amber/Black and Red/Black for enhanced reading visibility. In addition you can select from an adjustable reading platform as well as ergonomic wrist pads to make reading documents, letters and books an easy process!

ClearView GO

ClearView GO provides all the comfort, ease of use and functionality of desktop video magnifiers in a smaller and more portable design. Equipped with a 3-in-1 camera which can be fully folded up for easy portability, it’s the ideal solution for those needing magnification in different locations.

Enjoy a crisp and clear full HD image on a 15.6″ monitor that’s easily adjustable in height to find your ideal reading position. Plus, its 3-in-1 rotatable camera lets you magnify text close up, at distance or even look in on yourself! Furthermore, HDMI connectivity enables even bigger displays if preferred.

Regain their independence and let your loved one do the things they enjoy – like reading newspapers or flipping through photos. A handheld magnifier makes menu reading quick and easy; smartphone apps provide access to emails or online documents; ImproVision PROSHIELD sunglasses will protect eyes from glare while improving contrast and blocking blue light rays.

The DaVinci Pro is an impressive desktop video magnifier equipped with a Full HD 1080p camera and text-to-speech features, such as its large field of view and text-to-speech technology. Featuring an HD display with magnification up to 77x magnification for newspapers, emails and books. Plus its full page OCR allows printed text to be read aloud in premium male and female voices for reading aloud! Plus its user interface is user friendly; touch screen makes navigation even simpler while additional features exist for recording audio/books or access to special colors!

Compact 6 HD

Optelec’s Optelec Compact 6 HD Speech video magnifier is an essential device for those with difficulty reading or who have mild cognitive disabilities, making reading aloud easy and accessible at any location – home, work, school or even during trips! Simply point the 14 mm device at text you wish to read aloud from over 25 languages available!

The Compact 6 HD contains two cameras; one designed to magnify hard copy text when reading hard copies, and an Overview camera to capture pages for OCR text-to-speech capabilities. Our client was easily able to navigate this device after training and setting customization, with its high contrast widescreen providing more field of view than traditional handheld magnifiers and its convenient stand enabling comfortable reading angles without needing to hunch over.

The Compact 6 HD has an estimated eight hour battery life for continuous use. It includes an external charger for quick recharging when not in use, memory card for saving images and OCR documents, settings that allow customization of contrast, screen tracking line, screen zoom, speech rate and sleep mode; plus connection options including HDMI for TV display as well as Miracast for smart TV display; it even connects via Miracast for smart TV use! HDMI allows it to display on any television screen; Miracast connects it directly with smart TV smart TVs while Miracast connects smart TVs while Miracast allows smart TV users to connect smart TVs using smart TV technology while Miracast also works when used connected smart TVs while most mobile apps provide magnification or text-to-speech functionality – plus accessories transform it into wearable magnifiers or hands-free reading machines when not being used! A rugged and sturdy case protects it when not being used!

Compact 10 HD

Compact 10 HD Speech features a widescreen HD 10″ touch screen for improved text and object magnification as well as customizable color combinations to achieve high contrast between texts and backgrounds. It incorporates three cameras; one can be removed for use on curved surfaces to view photographs or read texts more easily; two more cameras enable easy looking at photographs, magnifying text or viewing photographs; while three provide capabilities such as signing documents, writing signatures or solving crossword puzzles.

The main reading camera is located directly in the centre of the screen for intuitive use when browsing pages or documents, while a secondary camera swings up from the top of the unit and enables you to have selected sections read aloud from documents or books. Furthermore, the Compact 10 HD Speech comes equipped with microphone and speaker for voice synthesis for enhanced listening experiences of documents or books read aloud by this system.

Compact 10 HD Speech comes equipped with Miracast support, allowing wireless projection onto compatible monitors or TVs without needing cables. Furthermore, this device comes equipped with an internal battery and rechargeable power cord so you can continue using it while charging it up.

The Compact 10 HD Speech can be tailored to meet your exacting requirements for easy or advanced usage. In Easy Mode, only buttons used most frequently such as contrast, magnification and snapshot will appear, while Advanced mode gives you greater freedom over which functions to display or conceal. To switch modes simply long-press the Mode button; either mode can also be controlled from a smartphone as remote control!

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