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optelec catalog

What is the Optelec Catalog for Education?

Optelec offers more than high-end magnifiers; they also offer a selection of assistive technology solutions to make reading easier, such as scanning text and reading it aloud for people who find reading alone hard or tiring. Their products are easy to use with over 60 naturally sounding reading voices available in 30 languages – making reading an experience rather than a chore!

ClearReader+’s Magnification Feature Pack allows you to connect an SD-card directly to your magnifier and use it as a portable reader. Each SD-card can hold up to 12 books or documents that can be easily accessed anytime by tapping “Play>>” from within the application menu.

When in Photo Mode, you can start a slide show by pressing Play>>; to stop, press Pause>>. Additionally, you can switch between Text Mode and Photo Mode using swipes with the arrows on your touchscreen device.

What is the Optelec Catalog for Commercial?

OPTELEC values your right to live an independent and private life and assures that we will treat any information related to you in an appropriate manner (this document: Policy on Confidentiality >>). In the current Policy on Confidentiality we detail how OPTELEC will handle your data for protection based on legal basis and purpose for processing them.

Your professional identity data may also be shared with third parties with your consent or when necessary for OPTELEC operations, such as transfers, mergers, sales, reorganizationss, acquisitions and failures.

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