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maxivision whole body formula

Maxivision eye and body formula wafers provide effective relief from calcium deficiency and skeletal weakness, while helping prevent osteoporosis when taken with other medications. Calcium, Vitamin D and folic acid may interfere with certain laboratory tests (e.g. fecal occult blood test); therefore it is important that lab personnel and doctors know you are taking this medication.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, vital to maintaining normal vision. Additionally, it plays an integral part in cell growth and development and can be found naturally in foods like liver and eggs or taken as dietary supplements. Vitamin A could interfere with certain laboratory tests (e.g., the fecal occult blood test), possibly leading to false test results. Inform laboratory personnel and doctors of your use of this medication. Folic acid should not be given to patients with uncomplicated pernicious anemia or those known to be allergic to folic acid or vitamin B12. Iron supplements should not be administered to those suffering from iron deficiency or who are at a high risk for iron-deficiency anemia, including patients with thalassemia and sickle cell disease. Quinolones and tetracyclines may inhibit absorption, making iron less available for absorption by cells.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required for numerous biochemical processes and cell functions, including collagen production and iron absorption. Furthermore, vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels, decrease inflammation and protect against infections. Supplementation can help treat anemia and lower cardiovascular disease risk by decreasing elevated homocysteine levels. Furthermore, it may provide relief in cases of digestive conditions which cause constipation. Folic acid should be avoided by those with hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients or taking quinolones or tetracyclines as it could interfere with their absorption. Furthermore, Folic acid is contraindicated in people suffering from uncomplicated pernicious anemia as it could exacerbate symptoms associated with it.

Maxivision Eye & Body Formula Wafers may interfere with certain laboratory tests (e.g. fecal occult blood test), potentially producing false test results. Please notify all laboratory personnel and doctors you encounter that you use this medication, and be sure they know you take it. Take at least 2 hours apart from calcium supplements, bisphosphonates, or any medicines used to treat osteoporosis such as bisphosphonates and antiosteoporosis drugs such as Prolia(r) (nalcodoximia treatment).

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, essential for proper regulation of calcium and phosphate levels in the blood, bone growth and maintenance, immune system function and reduced risks associated with high blood pressure. Furthermore, research indicates it may help protect against cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and other disorders.

Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble nutrient involved in the synthesis of collagen, an essential structural protein found in skin and connective tissues. Furthermore, its powerful antioxidant properties help protect cells against damage. For optimal absorption and efficacy, vitamins K and folic acid should also be included with vitamin C supplements for maximum effectiveness.

Maxivision Eye & Body Formula can interact with other medications (see drug interactions). Before taking this supplement, please inform your healthcare provider or pharmacist of all other treatments being used, particularly those for diabetes, high potassium levels, high blood pressure, low platelets count, heart problems or immune system suppression.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant essential to maintaining good health. It can be found in small quantities in foods like nuts, seeds and vegetables as well as being used in medicine manufacturing processes. Unfortunately it can interact with certain medications like cholestyramine, colestipol and linezolid; additionally it could affect laboratory tests (eg fecal occult blood test); laboratory personnel should know you take this supplement if possible as it could interfere with these as well as interfere with some laboratory tests (eg fecal occult blood test). Additionally it could inhibit laboratory tests (eg fecal occult blood test). Finally it may decrease iron absorption when taken simultaneously with Eltrombopag or tetracycline antibiotic (eg minocycline); thus being contraindicated in cases of untreated pernicious anemia as well as patients having hypersensitivity towards this element of this vitamin.

This medication contains calcium carbonate and may lead to side effects like stomach upset. To minimize any chances of irritation, drink at least a full glass of water with each dose and follow any dosing instructions on the medicine label.

Vitamin K

Chemical found within the body that helps in blood clotting and bone formation/maintenance. Furthermore, it plays an essential role in immune regulation as well as controlling calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D blood levels in bloodstream.

Maxivision Eye & Body Formula wafers should not be taken with iron supplements or medications used to treat low blood platelets (eg, eltrombopag, clopidogrel). Concurrent use may reduce their absorption. Folic acid contained within this product may interfere with laboratory tests (eg fecal occult blood test). Furthermore, this medication should not be taken by people suffering from undiagnosed pernicious anemia as this may aggravate symptoms, or by those hypersensitive to its ingredients (ie folic acid or any of its ingredients).

This document does not list all possible drug interactions. Please keep a list of your medications with you, and share it with both your physician and pharmacist.


Calcium (a mineral found in food) can help prevent and treat many conditions, including skeletal weakness and osteoporosis. Additionally, calcium can aid with digestive disorders as well as reduce blood clots. Vitamins D, C and Folic acid all work to prevent osteoporosis by increasing calcium absorption and decreasing levels of homocysteine. Folic acid plays an especially vital role in protecting newborns against neural tube defects while contributing to cell metabolism as it plays an essential part in producing DNA, RNA, and proteins for cell division. Maxivision Eye & Body Formula Wafers contain folic acid and should not be taken by individuals with untreated, uncomplicated pernicious anemia or who are hypersensitive to it. As they may interfere with certain laboratory tests (eg fecal occult blood test), inform your healthcare provider or laboratory personnel of all medications you are currently taking (including any supplements such as supplements for eye health or anti-ageing products).


Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for numerous cellular processes, such as protein synthesis and energy production. Furthermore, magnesium helps regulate calcium levels within the body to promote bone strength and cardiovascular wellbeing. Magnesium can be found in foods such as avocados, legumes, nuts, whole grains and seafood. Supplements containing magnesium may help treat low magnesium levels or skeletal weakness but should only be taken under medical advice. Maxivision Eye & Body Formula may interact with certain medications (eg, anti-immune medicines, high potassium levels, iron supplements with low blood platelets count, bisphosphonates used to treat osteoporosis or thyroid problems). Please discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider prior to taking Maxivision Eye & Body Formula. Additionally, this product could interfere with certain laboratory tests (fecal occult blood test for instance) potentially producing false results.


Iron is a common metallic element found in many minerals and an essential component of hemoglobin, cytochrome and other respiratory enzyme systems. Iron plays an integral part in transporting oxygen to tissues via hemoglobin while also playing an integral role in oxidizing nutrients and other substances.

Calcium and vitamin D supplementation may aid in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, while folic acid and vitamin B6 supplements may reduce homocysteine levels to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Maxivision Eye & Body Formula Wafers may interfere with certain laboratory tests (fecal occult blood test), so make sure laboratory staff and all your doctors know you are taking these products.


Iron is an element found in many minerals and essential for all living organisms. It’s used in producing hemoglobin and cytochrome oxidases as well as oxygenating cells – with any deficiency leading to anemia; Maxivision Eye & Body Formula Wafers contain iron to help prevent anemia caused by a deficiency.

This medication could interfere with certain laboratory tests (e.g. fecal occult blood test). Be sure that both your physician and pharmacist know you take this product. Also try not to combine its use with milk or dairy products whenever possible.

This supplement may assist, in conjunction with diet, in treating calcium deficiency and skeletal weakness or osteoporosis. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals which have been shown to be helpful in the treatment of these conditions, and may also assist with nutritional deficiencies due to illness or poor nutrition.

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