Maxivision Eye Drops

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maxivision eye drops

Topical ophthalmic products should be administered with care. Before and after administration, wash hands thoroughly; invert closed bottles to mix any gel-forming solutions before each use; remove contact lenses prior to administering; wait 15 minutes before reinserting when using products containing benzalkonium chloride products;

Improve visual acuity and eye health through its natural ingredients which increase blood circulation within the eye, thus helping prevent cataracts or any other eye diseases.

Side effects

These solutions are intended solely for topical ophthalmic use. Any contact with mucous membranes must be avoided. Wash hands before and after administration. Invert closed bottles and shake gel-forming solutions once before using. Before administering, remove contact lenses; wait 15 minutes after reinserting if using products containing benzalkonium chloride; instruct patients to close eyes for one minute immediately following administration and between uses in order to limit systemic absorption. Infantile Hemangiomas: May be prescribed alone or combined with another agent as part of an open-angle glaucoma treatment regime; to treat elevated intraocular pressure due to open angle glaucoma according to manufacturer labeling; or as part of a four drug medical management regimen in acute angle-closure glaucoma where no eye care provider is available within one hour (off label use; Pokhrel 2007)(Ref).

As part of myopia control, it is important to avoid rubbing your eyes as this increases risk for infection and blurry vision. Furthermore, keep glasses free from dust or other particles in order to stay protected against infections.

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