Magnifying Glass With Light – 5 Different Lenses for 6x Magnification

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6x magnifying glass with light

This head magnifier features an LED light with flexible arm that can be slid in and out to provide you with optimal lighting conditions for any task. Furthermore, there are 5 lenses included which offer magnification levels of 1x to 6x magnification.

Ideal for needlework, crafts, reading and stamp collecting enthusiasts alike, this lightweight yet stress-free magnifier features a high-quality frameless acrylic lens for stress-free viewing.


This magnifying glass with light features a flexible design that allows for precise positioning of its lens and arm at different heights and angles, featuring bright illumination from built-in LED lights for improved visibility and an ample base to provide stability during use. Perfect for any professional who requires assistance in their work, this magnifier is convenient and easy to use, making it the ideal solution.

This illuminated magnifier features high-grade acrylic lenses with ergonomic handles for modern styling, 2X magnification on one lens and 10X on another, 2 white LEDs, 3 SR1130 coin cell batteries for power, an easy switch for on/off use of its LEDs, making this magnifier the ideal accessory for needleworkers, crafters and stamp collectors.

Another excellent feature of this magnifying glass with light is its compact size and lightweight construction, which make it easy for frequent use. The flexible neck can be adjusted to magnify any object with precision while its adjustable strap ensures hands-free viewing. Cleaning it up afterwards is also simple – an essential feature when dealing with repeated use!

This handheld magnifier features an ergonomic handle designed with rubberized grip for increased hand comfort. Its round handle encases thumb and forefinger support and its SMD LED lighting creates crisp images with clear images; though over extended use this may become hot. However, this issue should only become an issue when performing short-term tasks.


Magnifier with light is an invaluable tool, ideal for applications such as fine print reading, jewelry inspection, crafts inspection, needlework and examining antiques. Featuring premium optical grade lenses for clear images free from distortion and long life usage – plus its lightweight construction makes it convenient and portable – it can even be handheld or placed on a base, and the angle of its lens can easily be adjusted according to individual user needs.

LED magnifiers are perfect for energy-conscious consumers as they provide low-energy illumination while offering optimal brightness. Controlled using a switch on the handle, these lights can easily be turned on or off depending on lighting conditions; dimmed lighting settings also enable dimmed illuminations that allow users to easily view objects in darkness without disturbing others; furthermore they make it easier to focus on objects at a distance, such as small text within books or newspapers.

For macular degeneration, the ideal magnifier is a handheld version that can easily fit in one’s pocket or purse. Designed with high-grade acrylic glass lenses and an ergonomic handle for comfort use, this portable magnifier comes in various magnification levels and comes complete with a soft pouch to protect its lenses.

One alternative is a magnifier you can wear around the neck. Mighty Bright offers one such magnifier with an easy-to-access battery and LED lights for illumination – ideal for restaurants or dark drawers.


High-quality frameless acrylic lens and ergonomically designed handle in a modern design for exceptional optical quality. Lens diameter 3 1/2″ (90 mm). Magnification 2X. Includes two LEDs which are battery operated.

Magnifiers are used for many different purposes, including reading, inspection, science research, art design and education. Magnifiers may also help people with visual impairments or learning difficulties see and read better.

This flexible clip-on magnifier is an ideal accessory for hobbyists interested in needlework, craft or stamp collecting. The bendable metal pipe can be bent to meet various shapes to meet your needs, and lens height and position are easily adjustable. Moreover, two LED lights offer bright illumination even under low-light conditions and it runs on three SR1130 coin cell batteries – ideal!

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