Macular Degeneration Medical Devices

Macular Degeneration Medical Devices

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Top Picks for Macular Degeneration Medical Devices 

Handheld Low Vision Reading and Writing Aid: Snow 12 

macular degeneration medical devices

Macular degeneration medical devices for those with low vision, the Zoomax Snow 12 portable electronic video magnifier offers total visual freedom. You can read, write, glance at things, and even scan complete pages of content with OCR text-to-speech using Snow 12. Snow 12 is ideal for all circumstances thanks to its standard features, which include a 12′′ HD display, magnification that goes up to 19x, and an easy-to-use interface. 

Snow 12 was created to make life simpler. In order to move around a document without having to move your reading material too much, we incorporated an analog stick. For occasions when you need to read a medication bottle or small item, the folding stand raises Snow 12 off the table. Moreover, the stand makes it much simpler to read what you’re writing. 

Foldable and Detachable For Outdoor Purposes 

It is possible to use Snow 12 with or without the foldable stand. 

Snow 12 performs similarly to the majority of other handheld electronic video magnifiers when used without the foldable stand. Snow 12 is smaller than a notebook PC when folded shut. 

For your convenience when traveling, a carrying case large enough to fit the Snow 12 and a foldable stand together, as well as a sleeve case bag to contain the Snow 12 separately, are provided. 

Outstanding Picture Quality 

Snow 12 makes it more enjoyable to view family photos, and enjoy the artwork and other pictures in cookbooks and publications. Images produced by our sophisticated color rendition appear better than ever. Also, we introduced the ability to customize the contrast, allowing you to instantly thin out or thicken fonts. You will enjoy how strong the contrast is with Snow 12 if you enjoy reading text in high-contrast modes like white on black. 

A Pleasant Writing Environment 

Struggling to sign a check while holding the magnifier? Snow 12 will ease the burden. Similar to bigger desktop magnification systems, the Snow 12 is elevated off the table when used with the folding stand, giving you plenty of space to write. Start writing, scribbling, signing, and creating again right away! 

Text-To-Speech and OCR 

Snow 12 can recognize 20+ different languages and translate printed text into speech thanks to the most recent OCR technology. On-the-fly adjustments can be made to the reading pace. Even the voices are selectable between males and females. In Snow 12, documents can be exported to a Windows® PC and saved for later reading. 

More Than Just Reading Books Aloud 

Control via Button or Touchscreen with Speech Prompts 

You can navigate the menu of options in Snow 12 by tapping the desired on-screen button or by using the physical buttons on the device to walk through them. The best part is that Snow 12 speaks to you when you move your cursor over or click on on-screen buttons. Even the most serious vision-challenged people can utilize buttons to operate and adjust Snow 12. Furthermore useful is the verbal feedback, particularly when trying the Snow 12 for the first time. 

The Reading of Accessible Educational Resources is for Students & Everyone 

It’s crucial to offer pupils with visual impairments accessible educational materials. Snow 12 also makes it simple. 

Snow 12 shows up as an external storage device when linked to a Windows® Computer. Books and other documents in JPG, PDF, RTF, and TXT formats can be copied to Snow 12’s memory storage. JPG and PDF files are immediately available for magnified reading. The four document types can all be opened in text-to-speech mode to hear the words pronounced aloud. 

You can listen to audible books and documents without bothering others if your computer has a conventional headphone port.

Explorator 8: A portable Video Magnifier

Explorator 8: A portable Video Magnifier

A mobile touchscreen smart magnifier that enlarges objects for better viewing 

For anyone with vision loss who needs an electronic reading aid for magnifying papers, the Explore 8 touchscreen portable magnifier is appropriate. It is ideal for reading at home or on the go with a magnification of up to 30X. This portable digital video magnifier is the simplest to use and transport due to its small size and 8.0-inch screen. 

How can this macular degeneration device help you?

The Explore 8 is the best option for active persons looking for a large screen and the best portability to keep their way of life because it is powerful and light. Two 21-megapixel cameras are built into this magnifier: one for reading documents at a distance of 15 cm (or less) and another for seeing clearly at a distance for things like store and road signage. Also, you can store your preferred pictures and watch them on a big TV. 

The largest screen in the smallest package is a feature of the Explore 8. Although it is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the majority of 7-inch magnifiers, it has a screen that is more than 30% larger and offers unrivaled image quality. The Explore 8 has the ability to assist you both indoors and outside thanks to its outstanding ergonomics and long-distance vision.

Telescope Glasses

Telescope Glasses

Those with macular degeneration can benefit from telescope glasses, often referred to as bioptic telescopes or low vision telescopes, which magnify distant objects and make them easier to see. The macula, which is located in the center of the retina and is what gives people their clear central vision, is afflicted by a disorder known as macular degeneration. It can be challenging to see objects clearly, especially those that are far away when the macula deteriorates since it can cause hazy or distorted vision. 

Little telescopes are installed on eyeglass lenses, usually in the upper portion, to create telescope glasses. These telescopes can enlarge far-off things, such as street signs, traffic lights, or faces, making them easier for those with macular degeneration to see. The telescopes come in two varieties: monocular, which is used in only one eye, and binocular, which is used in both eyes. 

The proper magnification level for telescope glasses can be determined depending on the wearer’s visual requirements and the severity of their macular degeneration by an optometrist or low vision expert. The wearer can practice using the telescopes efficiently and modify them for distance and focus. 

In order to better participate in daily activities like reading signs, watching TV, or recognizing faces from a distance, people with macular degeneration may benefit greatly from the use of telescope glasses, which can enhance their visual function and quality of life. It’s crucial to remember that telescope glasses do have drawbacks, such as restricted peripheral vision and a requirement that the user tilts their head or gazes up in order to use them properly. For the greatest results, proper instruction and practice when using telescope glasses are crucial. Thus, it’s crucial for those who have macular degeneration to consult with their eye doctor frequently to decide whether telescopic glasses are a viable alternative for their visual requirements.



Watch Your Favorite TV Program 

Everybody likes to watch television. You may continue to enjoy watching TV while relaxing in your favorite chair thanks to the incredible visual quality offered by the Acesight family. They also perform admirably with computers. 

Ease of Use

Each Acesight product may be easily and quickly learned to use. It’s as simple to operate Acesight as a TV remote. 

Comfortably Look  Around 

Looking around with Acesight is easy and comfortable thanks to its open design, which doesn’t block your peripheral vision, and its ultra-fast 60Hz refresh rate. Acesight goods, in contrast to other options, won’t make you queasy and the vision will never lag. 

Always Hands-Free

With Acesight, Acesight S, or Acesight VR on, you can use both hands to perform tasks like cutting bread for a sandwich or pouring coffee. 

Improve Your View 

Apart from the natural colors of the environment, Acesight may change it into a number of high-contrast hues, such as light writing on a dark background. The best part is that we can even highlight the view to further define the nearby things. 

Stay Moving with Acesight* Use Acesight at the store or your favorite restaurant, or take it outside to roam around your garden or neighborhood. 

* Only attempt to walk while wearing Acesight or Acesight S.

Luna HD 24 Pro 

Luna HD 24 Pro

A Desktop Video Magnifier

Luna HD 24 Pro is a top-notch desktop video magnifier with a 24-inch full HD monitor (CCTV). For visually impaired persons with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other sorts of vision loss diseases, Luna HD 24 Pro is one of the best low vision alternatives thanks to its cutting-edge design, outstanding image quality, customizable screen adjustment, and small size. 

Plug and Play, 3 Simple Tactile Buttons 

With Luna HD 24 Pro, brightness, contrast, and magnification are all simply adjustable, and the controls are conveniently located underneath the video screen. The material is now easier to navigate than ever before. In addition, Luna HD 24 Pro is an all-in-one desktop electronic video magnifier that doesn’t need to be installed or charged beforehand. The Luna 24 HD Pro can be used right immediately after being unpacked, set up, and plugged in. 

CCTV of the Highest Quality With a 24-Inch Full HD Display 

The Luna HD 24 Pro has a wide, excellent 24-inch screen with a remarkable 1920 x 1080 resolution with magnifications varying from 2.5x to 70x, making it ideal for hobbies like reading, writing, sketching, and other creative pursuits. Complete preservation of the print material’s original color is guaranteed by the HD camera of the Luna HD 24 Pro. The image and text are sharp enough even at high magnifications. 

The Most Comfortable Monitor Bracket, Adjustable 

Luna HD 24 Pro - The Most Comfortable Monitor Bracket, Adjustable 

It is simple to tilt the Zoomax Luna HD 24 Pro display forward or backward or rotates it to change orientation. Users of the Luna HD 24 Pro can adjust the monitor bracket’s height and angle for maximum viewing comfort or just put it in the position you find most comfortable and leave it there. Luna HD 24 Pro delivers the most comfortable user experience and the ability to independently read and observe the details, whether you are at your desk or even from across the room, sitting or standing. 

Smooth XY Table Movement, Better Visual Experience 

Luna HD 24 Pro - Smooth XY Table Movement, Better Visual Experience 

The Luna HD 24 Pro’s XY tables have an extra-large working surface and a sizable base for enhanced stability. The XY tables’ medium resistance makes them suitable for movement and prevents stuck displays, aliasing, or delays brought on by movement, while also enabling smooth movement in both directions. The smooth sliding XY tables and sizable working area make it feasible to perform daily duties like reading and writing messages, managing accounts, seeing color photographs, performing crossword puzzles, and even engaging in hobbies. 

Basic Mode and Advanced Mode 

Luna HD 24 Pro gives users who are blind or visually impaired a choice between basic and advanced features. In the event that the user is content with the default settings, the basic function is adequate. Low vision people can utilize the advanced operation to experiment with image freezing, various reading lines or reading masks, or another 21-color mode. 

Up to 70x zoom in/out, true color and four high contrast color options, the locate function, contrast level settings, and screen brightness control are all included in the basic mode. 

20 high contrast color settings, reading lines and reading masks (i.e., one horizontal line, two horizontal lines, one vertical line, two vertical lines, horizontal mask, and vertical mask), changing the brightness of LED lights, focus lock, frozen image panning, etc. are all included in advanced mode.

Mattingly 3.5x SMD Handheld Magnifier

Mattingly 3.5x SMD Handheld Magnifier

  • 3.5X or 10 D Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier
  • Mattingly’s  “Natural White” Super-Bright Multi-Chip SMD LED
  • 75X50mm designed Aspheric Lens

By offering magnification for close work, handheld magnifiers are a sort of low vision aid that can be used to help persons with macular degeneration. As a result of macular degeneration, which damages the macula in the center of the retina, it becomes more difficult to read, write, or focus on small things up close. Macular degeneration also reduces central vision. 

Typically, handheld magnifiers are made out of a tiny, light magnifying lens that can be handled in the hand and used to enlarge text or objects when held up to the eye. According to the person’s preferences and visual demands, they are available in a variety of sizes, forms, and magnification levels. To provide better lighting for reading or other close-up operations, certain handheld magnifiers may additionally contain built-in illumination. 

People with macular degeneration can successfully increase the size of text, images, or objects by utilizing a handheld magnifier, which makes them simpler to view and distinguish. The magnification offered by handheld magnifiers can assist in making up for the loss of central vision brought on by macular degeneration and make it easier for people to perform jobs that call for close vision. 

Portable handheld magnifiers can be utilized in a variety of locations, including at home, at work, and while traveling. They can be used to see pictures, maps, and other visual information as well as to read books, newspapers, labels, and other printed items. Comparatively cheap to other low vision aids, handheld magnifiers are frequently accessible in shops or through low vision specialists. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a person’s visual acuity and the degree of their macular degeneration may affect how effective handheld magnifiers are for them. For optimum use, proper lighting, contrast, and magnifier placement are also crucial considerations.

FAQs for Macular Degeneration Medical Devices

What is the most recent macular degeneration treatment? 

In the US, the first medication to ever be used to treat dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has been licensed. The medication pegcetacoplan, also known as Syfovre, has been approved for use in patients by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Can macular degeneration be cured by laser eye surgery? 

Loss of central vision is brought on by the eye ailment macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can be successfully slowed down by laser surgery to stop additional visual loss. Sadly, there is no known treatment for this illness. 

How might macular degeneration be slowed down? 

Purchase the Proper Supplements, If dry macular degeneration progresses to the more problematic wet stage, a vitamin and mineral supplement known as AREDS may slow it down. It contains a combination of vitamins C, E, zinc, and beta-carotene that has been scientifically tested.

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Dr Shaun Larsen

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