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A lighted stand magnifier is easy to use and provides outstanding vision comfort. These large lens hand-held magnifiers rest directly on the page at an ideal focal distance for reduced eye strain and fatigue.

Schweizer OKOLUX Plus stand magnifiers feature LED lighting with bright, even illumination that provides high contrast images. Their aspheric, lightweight acrylic scratch-resistant lens produces sharp images. Their energy efficient designs reduce consumption while prolonging battery life.


A lighted stand magnifier is an effective, hands-free viewing option for reading, writing, crafting and other tasks that require magnification such as reading. The large acrylic lens and bright, glare-free LED illumination offer superior magnification power while simultaneously relieving eye strain and making tasks simpler to accomplish – this makes these magnifiers particularly helpful for individuals with low vision as well as those who engage in detailed work such as soldering or woodworking.

Lighted magnifiers come in various sizes. Some are compact enough to fit in your pocket for convenient travel use; others can be mounted onto desks and tables for hands-free operation. One portable lighted magnifier that’s great for travelers is the Schweizer OKOLUX Plus portable magnifier – easily stored away in backpacks or suitcases while its SMD LED lighting ensures consistent high contrast illumination across a large field of view, its aspheric lightweight magnifying lens is scratch-resistant, and the battery compartment can be conveniently accessed.

A lighted magnifier can provide significant eye strain relief during extended reading or craft projects, especially those involving fine print or small details that you might otherwise strain to see clearly. With larger magnification capabilities that enable users to view small print more clearly without straining their eyes or squinting at fine details more clearly, lighted magnifiers provide increased comfort levels while improving overall quality of life – plus reading becomes much more enjoyable with their ergonomic designs making them much more comfortable than handheld magnifiers and some even come equipped with adjustable stands so you can prop them up against surfaces for hands-free viewing!

Lighted Magnifiers

Lighted magnifiers feature built-in lights to illuminate their subject or text of study, making them easier to use and potentially eliminating the need for an external source of illumination. Many models also come equipped with a power switch on the handle for easy and hassle-free operation, and other desirable characteristics include sturdy yet lightweight construction as well as durable coating that resists fingerprints and scratches.

Illuminated magnifiers come in many different lens shapes and sizes, yet all should possess some key attributes. First and foremost, all magnifiers should feature precision ground white crown glass lenses of high-quality for clarity and optical quality, providing a larger undistorted field of view which helps increase productivity as operators spend less time repositioning magnifier or object under inspection.

Next is lighting choice when considering magnifiers. LED lights are highly energy efficient compared to fluorescent bulbs and emit less heat; additionally, their lifespan is longer while they offer superior color rendering capabilities. An ideal LED light for magnifiers should have a color temperature between 4000-4500K which significantly outshines traditional home/office halogen lighting at providing ample illumination.

Handheld illuminated magnifiers can be very convenient for reading on the go, as well as having many uses in crafts and jewelry making. A magnifying glass equipped with aspheric lens is particularly useful for inspecting small components while simultaneously reducing edge-to-edge distortion.

These handheld magnifying glasses are simple and easy to use; their handle folds down so it can be stored away on surfaces when not needed. Their 10 long-lasting LED lights make this magnifying tool great for reading in low light conditions. It makes an excellent addition to anyone’s reading toolkit!

Optelec PowerMag+

Pocket magnifiers are lightweight and portable, yet require coordination to maintain focal distance, which may make them unsuitable for prolonged reading tasks. Stand magnifiers are specifically designed to rest directly on the page for comfortable, low-fatigue reading sessions; their aspheric, lightweight scratch-resistant magnifying lens features integrated lighting for crisp images with consistent brightness levels that won’t fade quickly over time. Furthermore, low energy consumption ensures years of use before battery replacement becomes necessary.


Okolux Plus is a battery operated LED lighted magnifier designed for effortless reading experience. The magnification options provided are user friendly and the lightweight aspheric lens gives a crisp, clear image; SMD LED lighting emits bright daylight-like illumination for high contrast reading while using minimal energy consumption – giving a long battery life! Designed to sit flat on a page for reduced user fatigue when reading with handheld magnifiers, its viewing distance adjustment feature makes comfortable reading effortless and stress free!

SCHWEIZER OKOLUX Plus comes complete with a microfiber drawstring pouch and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, while it requires three AA batteries (included). Swiss-designed battery operated illuminated hand magnifiers featuring SMD LED lighting with three light temperatures (2700K – warm white, 4500 K – neutral white and 6000 K – cool white) provide enhanced reading acuity while improving visual comfort; additionally rechargeable handheld magnifiers offer maximum comfort and durability.


MenasLUX is a stand magnifier that lets users easily adjust magnification with just a twist of a dial. Its unique meniscus/aspheric lens design offers multiple magnification levels (2.2x to 3.4x), with an eye-to-lens viewing distance that provides comfortable magnification levels (2.2x up to 3.4x). Furthermore, this device combines bright field magnification and hand held magnification capabilities in one device; particularly useful for patients with low vision who frequently need to switch between smaller and larger sized text sizes such as reading newspaper headlines, standard text pages or sports scores. Additionally, its light weight and battery powered SMD LED illumination make this device easy to transport, use and recharge; in fact its drawstring pouch doubles as both storage space and cleaning cloth!

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