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large digital magnifier

A large digital magnifier (also referred to as video magnifier) is an electronic device which uses a camera and screen to magnify printed materials. Some models feature additional image processing features like reading lines and masks for additional magnification capabilities.

These models are specifically designed to be portable and are easy for students to use; additionally, their instant connectivity offers them additional benefits.

Visolux Digital HD

Visolux Digital HD’s unique combination of cutting-edge technology with intuitive operation makes for an unparalleled reading experience. This handheld video magnifier features a 12″ touch screen, HD camera and built-in stand, making it suitable for home or workplace use. Dynamic Line Scrolling enables users to move across higher magnification levels without moving their device. Plus its HD camera captures more field of view than what is displayed making larger text easier to read; an optional base allows distance viewing allowing people to carry out writing or manual work more efficiently – battery operation lasts 3-4 hrs while recharge takes 2-3.5 hrs or so! Battery Operates for 3-4 hrs; recharges for 2-3.5 hrs+.

Software Version 2.02 is now available! For upgrade instructions and software download, click here. Then connect your Digital HD through HDMI or USB for improved connectivity.

Prodigi Connect 12

This high-performing device provides magnification up to 24x live HD with intelligent LED illumination and features a 12″ full HD touchscreen display. This powerful CCTV and gooseneck table clip, scientific calculator with large numbers and characters, adjustable contrast colors, three efficient reading modes and saved document gallery provide all essential functions. Furthermore, an optional external camera enables distance viewing; all this fits neatly into its laptop-style carrying case for convenient portability.

The MPD-12-Mono magnifier displays magnified images in black-and-white while its counterpart, MPD12-Color, shows them in color. Both models are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life – be it class, work or elsewhere. Staying connected has never been easier!

Video magnifiers utilize cameras to perform digital magnification of printed materials. They are commonly utilized by individuals with visual impairments that cannot be addressed using traditional optical aids, such as handheld or desktop magnifiers. Video magnifiers may also help students with vision limitations access educational material more easily in class environments and employees who must read hardcopy documents as part of their job responsibilities.

The Connect 12 is an all-in-one solution, unlike handheld magnifiers, that combines desktop magnification and distance viewing on an Android tablet computer. Equipped with Prodigi software that combines various low vision features – online book access, study skills tools, calculators and three calculators as well as Google search, emailing, app downloads and text out louding capabilities for those suffering from eye fatigue – this portable solution makes life more independent! It is the ultimate independent living aid!

PatriotPro 12.9

Patriot Pro 12.9 is the largest low vision digital magnifier with an integrated tablet computer. Designed to be used both at home and away from the house, it gives users the freedom to read aloud books aloud, check email, use their computer or make phone calls with ease. Equipped with an HD camera for enhanced reading/writing/other tasks.

A video magnifier, or CCTV for short, uses LCD (liquid crystal display) technology to digitally magnify printed material. Typically used by those unable to benefit from traditional magnifying glasses. They may be handheld or desktop models and display images either monochrome or full color images; many even allow connections via HDMI cable for greater viewing pleasure.

The Explore 5 handheld video magnifier is an excellent solution for active individuals with mild to moderately severe low vision who require variable magnification and contrast enhancement. Its large buttons and key features are easy to use and designed to assist in every situation.

Jupiter is an affordable digital magnifier designed for portability that pairs well with the APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00). Perfect for reading, watching television and completing school assignments alike, the Jupiter can easily be carried around in its sturdy backpack for convenient reading or watching television anywhere around your home or out and about. Offering three modes – distance view for guests speakers/instructors; large HD magnifier for viewing documents, recipes bottles prescription labels – as well as an OCR/Text to Speech feature that reads back printed materials aloud! – you won’t believe the accuracy of OCR/Text to Speech feature when reading printed materials aloud aloud in detail!

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