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Irisvision is a wireless virtual reality headset designed to improve quality of life for those living with low vision. This virtual reality technology helps patients overcome conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, Stargardt disease and glaucoma.

Menlo Park-based startup Avatare collaborated with Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute to develop its device, and recruited Khan as co-founder for his expertise in mobile technology. Khan wanted to design an “open headset,” meaning its software could run on all types of devices without incurring additional licensing costs.

3. Check the Software

Irisvision offers users software that enables them to tailor its features according to their individual needs. This software can enhance contrast for those with low vision and provide black and white reading mode for those sensitive to light, as well as color recognition for those with color perception impairments who can now identify more colors than before thanks to Irisvision. Furthermore, its use can assist those living with glaucoma, retinal detachment or field limitations by virtually expanding a person’s field of vision by 70 degrees – ideal for low vision patients living with limited field of vision or field limitations who find reading difficult or uncomfortable – providing contrast-enhanced reading environments which help patients with lower vision read more comfortably; provide black-white reading mode helps those sensitive individuals as well as its use can assist those suffering with color perception impairments through its software’s feature color recognition capability; plus even assist people living with color perception impairments identify more colors without this software’s color recognition feature can assist these individuals identify more colors than without this feature can identify more than they could without it’s use! It can even expand a person’s field of vision by 70 degrees!

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