Illuminated Magnifier Stands

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illuminated magnifier stand

Illuminated Magnifier Stands

Illuminated magnifier stands are designed to rest directly on the page, positioning their lens at an optimal focal distance to maximize reading comfort with less eye fatigue. This Schweizer OKOLUX Plus model comes equipped with LED lighting with wide field of view and acrylic scratch-resistant lens; engineered specifically to reduce energy consumption while prolonging battery life.

Optelec PowerMag+

PowerMag+ illuminated magnifiers are some of the easiest and most cost-effective magnifiers on the market. Resting directly on reading material to set its optimal focal distance and minimize hand fatigue, its powerful SMD LED lighting provides bright white light with high contrast, wide field of view and aspheric lightweight acrylic lenses are scratch-resistant to provide sharp images with low energy consumption. A user-friendly battery compartment with attached cover keeps batteries organized; an ultra soft microfiber pouch provides storage protection when not in use.

An ideal solution for reading and writing applications, hobbies, arts & crafts projects, model making, needlework & embroidery as well as home electrical work as well as painting & drawing. Requires three AA batteries (included). Limited Lifetime Warranty provided.

Schweizer OKOLUX Plus

Magnifier stands are ideal for hands-free magnification for reading or other activities, such as hobbies. SCHWEIZER’s OKOLUX Plus and ERGO-Lux optical magnifiers come equipped with convenient stands to transform handheld magnifiers into stand magnifiers easily set at optimal reading distances, plus built-in LED lighting to help reduce eye strain and improve comfort of use. Speak to an eye care provider about whether a magnifier stand might be right for you and which magnification level might work best.

The Schweizer OKOLUX Plus handheld magnifier features SMD LED lighting that produces bright, even dispersion and high contrast light, improving visual clarity. The aspheric lightweight magnifying lens made from acrylic scratch-resistant glass produces clear images while its long life LEDs consume minimal energy consumption and energy consumption. Furthermore, this handheld magnifier comes complete with microfiber drawstring pouch and limited lifetime warranty coverage.

Handheld magnifiers can be useful tools for short-term tasks, but may become cumbersome and awkward over time if used at one spot on the page for extended periods of time. Furthermore, handheld magnifiers may become hard to hold steady when used by those with hand tremor or dexterity issues; stand magnifiers are an easier and longer-term solution that provide more comfort and dexterity benefits.

Easy magnification changes for the Schweizer OKOLUX Plus handheld magnifier with its included spare lens to meet individual needs. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it simple and strain-free to grip and use without strain.


Get on your path to clear vision with MenasLUX, an illuminated magnifier stand with variable magnification! This revolutionary system employs meniscus and aspheric lenses that enable variable magnification for maximum flexibility.

MenasLUX features an easy-to-use brightness control switch that enables users to set their preferred lighting level and eliminates the need for fixed distance between eye and lens, making it the ideal solution for users requiring different magnification levels (e.g. patients reading standard stock and sports scores printed in various font sizes).

MenasLUX features an extremely reliable, 10,000 hour light source (System Vario Plus), using significantly less battery energy than traditional halogen bulbs. Furthermore, MenasLUX is lightweight and easy to transport and use – featuring a drawstring pouch which doubles up as cleaning cloth storage and free point-of-purchase displays – made in Germany with lifetime warranty coverage.

RS Pro

Illuminated magnifiers feature built-in lighting, usually in the form of LED lights encircling the lens. This lighting makes objects and texts clearer for viewing; typically used for reading but also beneficial when engaged in hobbies like model making and jewelry making; plus it helps magnifiers make small details easier to spot under low light conditions.

Handheld illuminated magnifiers typically feature an ergonomic handle or frame for comfortable holding, making them easy to position over text or objects to enlarge and focus with precision. You can place these magnifiers directly over text or objects for magnification with clarity; their smooth maneuvering reduces fatigue over prolonged use; some models feature clamp-on arms for attaching them directly to objects for greater accessibility; they may require regular cleaning in order to maintain clarity and prevent lens damage.

Illuminated magnifiers have applications across numerous industries. They are useful in electronics repair, watchmaking and other fields that use small components; medicine/scientific research (to examine slides or biological structures); people with visual impairments to read books more easily; painting/sewing/model-making hobbies that require close inspection as well as magnifying text or images found in books/magazines/maps – some people even keep one in their purse or backpack just in case something unexpected comes up where reading maps or signing receipts is required!

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