Humphrey’s Eyewear Is On Point With The Latest Street Style

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eschenbach brillen humphreys

Humphrey’s Eyewear offers stylish street style clothing at its core – everything from trendy oversize glasses to geometric styles – making this brand the fashion expert it is.

Eschenbach brillen humphreys come standardized with strong lenses to correct short distance and sight changes.


When shopping for sunglasses, there are numerous styles to consider. Retro or modern-looking styles can fit perfectly with your personality and taste, plus there are various materials for each occasion so that there will be the ideal pair available to you.

HUMPHREY’S eyewear designs are inspired by urban street fashion, and geared toward youth-orientated target groups. HUMPHREY’S offers an assortment of styles – puristically clean to brightly colored – designed to reflect young wearers who wish to express themselves through fashion while showing individuality and creating their own fashion-codes. In addition, there are styles designed to accommodate smaller head shapes.

All these frames feature high quality finishes and an anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare and reflections on your face, helping you see better in low light conditions. They come with various color choices so you can find one best suited to you and your needs.

When buying sunglasses, it is essential that you know the size of your head so as to find an optimal fit. Too large sunglasses may fall off easily or become scratched over time – you should opt for ones that feel comfortable while being stylish too. A great way to identify this number is visiting a store and having someone measure your head for you.

While sunglasses may look fashionable, they also can offer numerous health advantages. Sunglasses may reduce your risk of glaucoma and cataracts while simultaneously improving vision and mood. Furthermore, sunglasses provide essential UV ray protection – making sure that a good quality pair are purchased is critical to keeping eyes safe from harm from sunlight rays. With so many choices online to select from before making a decision.


Eschenbach brillen humphreys are constructed of high-grade materials to ensure they are durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Available in many styles crafted from plastic or metal frames; tinted lenses and polarized lenses offer various protection options against harmful UV rays while improving contrast; anti-reflective properties also shield eyes from sunlight exposure.

Eschenbach Brillen Humphreys glasses feature a spherical lens designed to ensure maximum viewing comfort, making this style especially ideal for people with narrower faces who experience reflections or glare from light entering from different directions, eliminating reflections and glare caused by light entering from either the side or top, and decreasing distortion risk.

Eschenbach is a German manufacturer of eyewear products such as sunglasses. Their brands include HUMPHREY’S, Jos. Eschenbach, BRENDEL eyewear Titanflex and Fineline; Eschenbach has an outstanding history of innovation and excellence within this field of optical products.

HUMPHREY’S offers an assortment of stylish yet practical sunglasses suitable for every occasion, crafted from lightweight yet durable polycarbonate material and featuring multiple color choices – so finding your ideal pair will be effortless! Plus they come in various frame shapes and sizes to find you just the pair you need!

Are you on the search for HUMPHREY’S sunglasses at an unbeatably affordable price? Look no further. Our store features an expansive selection of these sexy yet chic shades in classic and trendier color shades at discounted prices – giving you just what you need for any look without breaking the bank! So take a look through our online collection now, and prepare to shine!


No matter the shape or style you desire, at eschenbach brillen humphreys you are sure to find the ideal sunglasses to complete any look. All our frames are handcrafted in Germany from high-quality scratch-resistant plastic that features rubber nose pads and earpieces for optimal hygiene; plus we provide 100% UV protection polarization to maximize clarity and contrast; making these stylish pieces of eyewear the ideal additions for any look!

Eschenbach brillen sunglasses feature antireflective coatings to reduce glare and light scattering, with nickel-free frames that contain no harmful lead – an especially crucial consideration for children’s sunglasses. Each purchase comes packaged in its original box complete with cleaning cloth and warranty booklet; for assistance determining the right size please use our handy Sizing Guide or reach out.

Are You Looking to Add Some Color into Your Life Our colorful sunglasses make a bold statement. Trendsetting bloggers, influencers, and celebrities love our eyewear; from green to bluish rose-colored glasses we are sure to have one perfect for you! From classic black frames to more colorful varieties there’s sure to be one to suit any look – no matter the hue.

Explore an assortment of shapes, from pantobrillen glasses for both men and women to bifocals that suit most faces. Bifocal glasses combine the benefits of both reading glasses and distance-correcting lenses into an everyday solution, making them suitable for everyday wear. Many of our bifocals feature an innovative flex-scharnier feature to adjust lens length according to face shape for an optimum fit. Lightweight designs of our bifocals make them easy to wear for extended periods, even over long distances. Their durable, curved lenses and sturdy acetate frames provide exceptional wear-resistance, making them a fantastic option for everyday wear as well as driving or working environments – offering a secure yet comfortable fit. Furthermore, we offer several frame styles including angular rimless bifocals and rectangular bifocals – giving our customers plenty of choices!


Since 1994, Humphrey’s has been part of Eschenbach Optik’s portfolio and is well known for its stylish streetstyle looks and up-to-date fashion trends. Celebrities like Ronan Keating and Keisha Buchanan have worn it frequently!

Humphrey’s eyewear offers an extensive selection of frames to meet every fashion need and preference, along with lenses and accessories in high quality materials such as polycarbonate, plastic, metal and nylon frames; some models even use titanium frames which add strength.

Humphrey’s sunglasses feature polarization technology to reduce glare from sunlight and make it easier for customers to see. Some models also come equipped with UV protection, protecting eyes from harmful radiation exposure. Furthermore, this company sells an assortment of tints which can further customize the appearance of the frames.

The brand’s latest collection offers an assortment of styles and colors. This includes both classic and contemporary styles like rimless frames with metal frames in trendy hues – suitable for any event and available in different sizes to accommodate every face shape.

Humphrey’s glasses vary in price depending on their size and color options; typically larger frames tend to cost more; however there may also be cheaper models like two-toned frames available. Some retailers provide special offers and coupons that can save you money when shopping. If you’re in the market for Humphrey’s sunglasses, online searches may offer better pricing than physical locations. There are numerous websites dedicated to selling sunglasses, making it easier for you to compare their prices and find the best offers. Some even provide free shipping which can further save money. In addition, certain websites also provide rebates on specific products which are often displayed prominently on their homepage – this can help save hundreds of dollars off your new glasses with discounts reaching as much as 40% offered by these websites!

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