Humanware Video Magnifiers For Students With Low Vision

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Students who require audio or tactile output of information must use special access software or hardware.

HumanWare offers an assortment of assistive technology devices designed to provide magnification and screen reading abilities for individuals who are blind or low vision, such as handheld video magnifiers and UV-absorptive filters that assist with reading under bright sunlight.

Ease of Use

Humanware video magnifiers are designed with intuitive user-friendly interfaces to give you control and independence. Simply by pressing one button, you can instantly enlarge documents, books, photos or fill out forms – all using one familiar interface!

The smart, lightweight explore 8 HD touchscreen digital handheld magnifier is designed for desktop and distance viewing in a small, user-friendly package. Lighter and smaller than most 7-inch magnifiers, its screen measures over 30% larger, featuring superior ergonomics and image quality unrivaled by traditional magnifiers.

The PatriotPro 12.9 offers students access to over one million apps for free and open use on Android, with advanced magnification, OCR and text to speech capabilities and built-in camera for document reading or distance viewing. Ideal for active students as well as professionals!


HumanWare’s Connect 12 low-vision device is smarter and more connected than any other low-vision device currently on the market, drawing from their advanced digital magnifier product line and adding features specifically tailored for people with low vision to stay productive at home and on the move. Its user-friendly interface gives them all of the tools needed to enlarge printed documents, read books or magazines, adjust for visual comfort, sign and fill forms plus much more!

This device combines portable functionality with the connectivity and versatility of an Android tablet, seamlessly. The Connect 12 features a HD touchscreen and powerful magnification up to 24X live, advanced optical character recognition, superior text-to-speech, note taking functionality, three calculators for productivity purposes and much more!


Portable video magnifiers are powerful tools for those living with low vision. Taken anywhere and used for anything from magnifying restaurant menus and fine print newspapers/product labels, to reading long distance text such as on bus schedules/airline tickets.

Humanware’s explore 5 is the lightest and smallest 5-inch video magnifier available today, providing variable magnification and viewing contrast to help with daily tasks on the go, at home or at the office. Once removed from its pocket or purse it’s ready to use – simply aim the 21-megapixel camera at whatever you wish to view clearly while zooming up to 30X zoom.

Reveal 16 is the easiest desktop video magnifier designed for seniors, featuring HD image quality and a foldable design that makes it simple to store or carry. A user-friendly interface provides access to all tools necessary for magnifying images or text, adjusting visual comfort settings and performing tasks such as writing checks or signing documents or reading the newspaper.

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