Humanware Prodigi CCTV – Elektromagnetische Compatibility

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Medical Compliance / Electromagnetic Compatibility (MECC)

Prodigi is the latest personal vision amplification device available to individuals with visual impairments, and an affordable yet intuitive alternative to CCTV loupes. Furthermore, it’s durable and user-friendly!

Product Features

Connect 12 is smarter and more connected than other low-vision magnifiers, providing seamless mobile support for academic and professional success at home, school or on the move. It combines digital magnifier functionality with Android tablet flexibility to deliver seamless mobile success – whether at home, school or on the move!

Prodigi’s smart reading technology makes it simple and effortless to enlarge and read documents, newspapers, books, magazines and more. Retracing each letter as you zoom in helps distinguish more contours of words as you zoom. Plus it enables zooming in on individual characters for clarity – as well as reading out loud the text aloud!

Connect 12 is powered by HumanWare’s Prodigi software and features up to 24X live HD magnification. Designed for effortless mobility, Connect 12 makes an excellent tool for students of all ages and abilities; opening access to an intelligent Android universe packed with free and ready-to-use applications.

Installation Instructions

Prodigi is more than a desktop video magnifier with distance viewing; it’s an advanced, connected device that equips students of all ages to unlock an ecosystem of intelligent Android apps. The Dictionary app features enhanced reading compression support to aid their success; you can enlarge text or images; select among modalities such as contrast, orientation, Velocita or readability according to individual needs – and more!

Download the Prodigi app now and begin learning!

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