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HumanWare co-owner and Vice President of Business Development Yves Boisjoli will discuss its international growth as well as any challenges it might present when selling in multiple markets, and explain how HumanWare has met these obstacles through innovation and strategic partnerships.

HumanWare is an industry leader when it comes to technology for blind and low vision individuals, producing such products as the BrailleNote mobile computer with 32 or 18 column refreshable braille displays.

Yves Boisjoli

HumanWare co-owner and Vice-President of Business Development Yves Boisjoli will discuss how its international expansion has assisted with both expansion and strategic positioning of the enterprise. As part of that international presence, HumanWare provided many low-vision technological assistance products which were exported across Europe, Australia, and the USA.

Yves Boisjoli of Drummondville (Quebec) earned his Bachelor of Legal Studies at Sherbrooke University in 1983 and, following studies at Miami, Florida Atlantic University where he obtained his MA in Business Administration (MBA). Prior to entering commercial activity Yves Boisjoli worked as an attorney for two years in Drummondville before transitioning into commercial activity.

Roger Steinberg

Roger Steinberg serves as Business Manager of HumanWare, leading development of low vision solutions. With a BA from Saint Leo University and extensive technology integration, product development, training and project management experience to his credit, Roger brings considerable value in this role as Business Manager of HumanWare. Additionally, he holds certification as Project Management Professional.

HumanWare, a world leader in developing technology aids for blind and low-vision people, offers innovative products such as the BrailleNote portable computer that features Braille keyboard or Qwerty keyboard input options, speech synthesiser functionality and either 32 or 18 column refreshable braille display options. Furthermore, HumanWare has mobile computing solutions such as VoiceNote that leverage natural language commands.

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John Wickham

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HumanWare, which specializes in computers for blind and low vision users, boasts several products such as BrailleNote with 32 or 18 column refreshable Braille displays that can also accommodate GPS modules – offices are located throughout Europe, North America and Australia for this company.

HumanWare is a leader in providing technology aids for people who are blind or have vision loss, with products designed to increase independence and boost productivity for users who require these aids. Furthermore, HumanWare also offers accessories and software options that allow individuals to tailor their devices specifically to meet their own specific needs.

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