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Humanware Explore 8 is an app designed to allow deaf-blind individuals to communicate with sighted people using an iDevice and Bluetooth keyboard, making communication much simpler for these users. The system works smoothly, making communication seamless.

The user guide appears comprehensive, covering all necessary areas. However, it presupposes some prior experience using iDevices and Braille displays by its readers.

Keyboard layout

Deafblind users of an iDevice typically pair it with a braille display and bluetooth keyboard to type text that will appear both on their device screen and braille display simultaneously. The Humanware app was designed to help streamline this process by offering features such as new conversations, greetings, phrases archives and user guides; however it assumes users are familiar with pairing an iDevice to a braille display.

Braille keys

People who are blind or low vision may wish to use text-to-speech software with Braille displays. Such systems typically involve pairing an iPhone or other iDevice with the display and standard Bluetooth keyboard for Braille users to type on, with all text appearing both on the Braille display as well as its screen of an iDevice; previously this was only possible using external Braille displays via USB cables; now however a new app called Humanware Communicator makes communication simpler for deaf-blind individuals with iPhone, keyboard and braille display refreshable display system!

Downloading the free app from Apple App Store is your first step towards starting conversations on Facetime with someone else. When the app has downloaded, select the New Conversation icon to initiate dialogue and begin typing your details and other information in an open dialogue window. Choose “Greeting” for personalized greeting options or “Archives and User Guide” for archive information or User Guide user manuals if available; plus rate this app!

The Settings Menu on an eReader offers several customizable options that let you tailor the device to meet your personal preferences. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, different features may be available – these can be reached either by pressing Up/Down Thumb Keys on keyboard, or pressing S (3-4 on keyboard).

Once you select a menu item, you will be asked to choose your language using arrow keys to navigate between options until finding one you prefer. In addition, you can enable or disable an option that enables the eReader to convert spoken speech into Braille translation, useful if using it with speech synthesizers that do not support this capability.

If you want to connect your eReader with another device, simply enable Bluetooth Connection from within its settings menu and it will attempt to link with any devices within range automatically. Alternatively, manually connecting can also be accomplished using keyboard directional buttons and entering commands as appropriate.


Deaf blind users commonly pair an iPhone or iPad with a Humanware Braille display and bluetooth keyboard to see text simultaneously displayed on both screens of both devices, using this app as a bridge between these systems. It aims to simplify this process while still doing an exceptional job of it.

The app boasts many features, such as being able to start new conversations, modify greetings, set phrases and archive previous conversations. Additionally, its navigation features are intuitive and easy to learn – making this one of the best apps available for iDevices and Braille displays on the market today.

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