Humanware Explore 8 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

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humanware explore 8 handheld electronic magnifier

Humanware Explore 8 is the smallest, lightest handheld electronic magnifier on the market that delivers exceptional magnification with HD image quality. Easy and versatile use allow users to continue living an active lifestyle while remaining productive at work or school.

Explore 5 is one of our most flexible 5-inch range and is an excellent way to adjust magnification and reading contrast during daily activities. Ideal for standing, sitting reclining chair and table use – its sharp images bring clear images directly into your fingertips!

Product Description

It is the world’s first desktop magnifier with a unique reading table designed to ensure an ergonomic reading experience while offering you freedom to move it wherever it may be needed. Ideal for people with low vision looking to maintain high productivity and independence both at home and work.

Explore handheld magnifier features HD image quality for improved close and distance viewing, making this simple device suitable for everyday tasks, from reading newspapers or maps, to maintaining independence in shopping centres or restaurants.

The Connect 12 offers up to 45x digital magnification and 10x live optical zoom camera. Its lightweight, portable design makes it the ideal companion on-the-go, enabling reading without fear of losing track of where you are going.

The Explore 8 is smaller, lighter and more budget-friendly than most seven-inch magnifiers on the market. Equipped with two 21-megapixel cameras – one for close up reading, and another to see far away text on signs or shop windows, as well as TV shows or films being watched on its large screen – its touchscreen controls and button controls make using it effortless – its battery lasts 4.5 hours as well. You can freeze images to further magnify them before using USB cord to transfer them directly to a computer or TV screen for viewing pleasure!

Product Features

HumanWare’s revolutionary explore line of video magnifiers offers something designed with mobile users in mind: this device. Smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than most seven-inch devices on the market today while offering over 30% larger viewing clarity, the explore also boasts revolutionary software designed to empower users while providing flexibility and convenience.

This portable CCTV comes equipped with an 8 inch screen and two 21 megapixel cameras with magnification up to 30x, large touch and button controls, a 4.5 hour battery life, and can connect via HDMI cable directly into any television screen. Furthermore, images can be frozen for easy reading as well as featuring a built-in stand.

The new Prodigi Connect 12 is the most advanced digital magnifier available. Combining desktop and distance viewing in one device, this revolutionary magnifier provides access to an abundance of intelligent apps specifically tailored to low vision needs. Running Android means accessing over 1 Million apps – plus instant connectivity with any classroom! Creating an unparalleled learning experience for students of all ages, the Prodigi Connect 12 truly is game changing technology!

Product Specifications

Humanware Explore 8 handheld electronic magnifier is designed to combine cutting-edge technologies and software with an easily set up reading stand in just seconds, making it the most portable large video magnifier in our line. Its compact size enables people to maintain active lifestyles while managing daily tasks efficiently; featuring two 21 megapixel cameras; one for close up reading at 15 cm or less distance and another to spot distant objects like street and store signs – as well as touchscreen and button controls for effortless use while offering outstanding image quality.

Discover your world with Explore 8’s HD image quality and versatile magnification options, which provide an immersive viewing experience. It is smaller, lighter, and more affordable than most 7-inch magnifiers while boasting 30% larger viewing screen to provide optimal image clarity for an exceptional viewing experience. Its advanced high performance features and ergonomics provide the ideal solution to help maintain an independent lifestyle on the move.

Reveal 16 is the ideal desktop video magnifier or CCTV solution to easily magnify documents, photos and images on desktop PCs or Macs. Offering up to 45x digital magnification with 10x live optical zoom camera functionality as well as various viewing contrast options for optimal comfort during long viewing sessions, this 12-inch digital magnifier makes a powerful statement in simplicity and convenience.

Connect 12 is a portable digital magnifier designed for Android smartphones that provides access to over one million apps in its library, offering powerful desktop and distance viewing, sleek design, lightweight construction and built-in connectivity that keeps students engaged during class sessions – an ideal solution for students with low vision or blindness.

Customer Reviews

Explore 8 is the latest handheld video magnifier in the Explore Series and is designed to be more compact, lighter and cost-effective than most 7-inch magnifiers, providing comfortable viewing both inside and out. Packed with advanced software and features designed for superior magnification, distance viewing and mobile lifestyle purposes – make this device the ideal tool to help active people maintain independence and remain part of daily activities.

Portable video magnifier designed to make reading, maps, and photos simpler than ever. Boasting HD image quality for improved near and distance viewing, its user-friendly touchscreen interface and large buttons provide simple operation. Ideal for restaurant menus, fine print documents and products, airline tickets or anything else requiring finer text reading capabilities; its help keeps people with low vision connected with communities and families while actively participating in society at large.

Connect 12 is smarter and more connected than other digital magnifiers for low vision readers, offering both desktop and distance reading with all of the functionality of an Android tablet. Boasting HD magnification with autofocus plus lightweight stand and foldable camera functionality, this revolutionary device opens a gateway into an intelligent Android world filled with over one million apps available for free use.

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