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Explore 5 is the smallest and lightest 5-inch magnifier available today, providing variable magnification and reading contrast settings to help make everyday tasks easier. Perfect for scanning menus, newspapers, product labels or product labels on-the-go with its large buttons and intuitive design – ready to aid right away.

Easy to use

Humanware’s innovative design is revolutionizing how people with low vision interact with their environments. Packed with intuitive, smart features and compact size, Humanware’s Explore 5 handheld electronic magnifier is an intelligent solution for active people requiring variable magnification and contrast enhancement. Just place the document you wish to magnify before the camera and it will automatically focus on it, no complicated settings necessary – large buttons with bright LED illumination make key features easy for people at home, in the office or while traveling – Full Page Text-to-Speech also available so you can instantly read documents or books aloud!

Variable magnification

Explore 5 is designed for active people with mild-moderate-severe low vision who require assistance in daily activities, providing variable magnification and reading contrast settings for daily use. Ideal for magnifying menus, fine print in newspapers and product labels as well as airline tickets while on the move – its portable video magnifier design fits easily in purse or pocket for discreet access when needed.

Enjoy HD image quality at near and distance viewing with our largest handheld video magnifier from the Explore series, the 12-inch touchscreen is an ideal solution for anyone seeking a larger interface and offers the convenience of both an Android phone and a tablet to support you at home, school, or work.

Easy to carry

The Humanware Explore 5 handheld electronic magnifier is an intuitive electronic magnifier with an easy-to-use camera and powerful features to help you see more clearly of the world around you. Its 10″ HD screen delivers superior magnification with customizable features for intuitive operation; while its unique swing-out arm captures full page documents while reading them aloud to you. Plus, its lightweight portable design makes it convenient to take anywhere!

Connect 12 is designed to be as intelligent and versatile as an Android tablet, offering its large HD screen with next-level software designed for mobile users while its advanced magnification lets you see everything clearly in high definition. Foldable and ultraportable, connect 12 is ideal for anyone needing to stay connected to the world around them.

connect 12 is designed for active people with mild to medium-severe low vision who require variable magnification and reading contrast during daily activities. Equipped with two 21-megapixel cameras (one dedicated to reading things 15 cm away or closer, and the other to identify street and store signs) connect 12 provides optimal viewing in all situations-from standing upright, reclining on a sofa or sitting at a table. Its intuitive touchscreen provides optimal viewing in every circumstance imaginable.

Humanware Explore 5 is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery for easy setup and immediate use right out of the box. With large buttons that make operation intuitively simple and key features designed to assist with every situation encountered during use.

Easy to set up

Explore 5 is an intelligent choice for helping those with mild to severe low vision. Offering adjustable magnification and enhanced viewing contrast for daily activities, its compact yet portable size makes it easy to use on-the-go, at school or work and includes various accessories to meet individual requirements.

Reveal 16 is an easy and straightforward desktop video magnifier designed for elementary school students and seniors alike, providing exceptional image quality with its 22X magnification capability and HD camera spot reading feature, along with 18 viewing contrast enhancement modes for enhanced reading.

Connect 12 is an Android tablet designed with advanced magnification and low-vision support in mind. Its 12-inch touchscreen provides up to 24X live HD magnification while its foldable stand allows you to stay engaged in class or the office while remaining mobile – perfect for students or active seniors who require high portability and low vision assistance. Plus, Connect 12 comes equipped with its own full-page Text-to-Speech function which will read documents to you automatically!

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