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humanware connect 12 support

The Connect 12 is a revolutionary combination of power and versatility – ideal for active seniors, students and professionals.

Stay on track and navigate menus effortlessly using the Trackpad Commander and voice-driven commands. To quickly jump to a particular item in a list, type its initial letter followed by double tapping with one finger near the edge of the trackpad.


Connect 12 was designed to fit seamlessly into everyday life, offering more than just magnifier capabilities. It’s also an invaluable learning tool, offering access to online books, study skills tools like highlighters and notes, three calculators and much more. Equipped with 32 Braille cell display or optional external 10x and 25x distance viewing cameras for enhanced low vision viewing experiences in an easily portable device suited for school, work, travel or home settings.

The Connect 12 uses advanced Diamond Edge technology to combine high-definition braille displays and Android to provide a revolutionary magnification and distance viewing system for those who are blind or low vision. It boasts exceptional optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech capabilities, as well as a new bandeau button layout designed for easier use.

To connect a Bluetooth device, navigate the Braille Display Menu and choose Add Bluetooth Device. After a brief delay of “activating Bluetooth,” a list of available networks will be displayed; simply use Up or Down thumb key navigation to find desired network and enter its password.


The Connect 12 combines the performance of a top-of-the-line portable video magnifier with the versatility of an HD tablet computer, featuring an easy-to-use interface and applications specifically tailored for those with low vision. Available with or without distance camera.

Connect 12 v2.1 has been upgraded with enhanced functionality and speed for enhanced reading tasks. As a mobile magnifier, distance viewer, educational tablet all-in-one device it offers crisp images as well as excellent optical character recognition (OCR) with text-to-speech for reading tasks as well as access to online books, study skills tools like highlighters and note takers and three calculators – plus online book store access!

Connect 12 is now equipped with an external 10x or 25x camera that enables distance viewing and provides unrivalled image quality, making it the ideal tool for students, seniors completing work, or anyone needing magnification and independence on-the-go!


The Stream offers USB connections for external audio accessories and keyboards, as well as accepting HumanWare software updates through short USB cables connected to its player. Simply obtain an update file from HumanWare website, copying it onto an SD card or USB stick root directory and power on. When ready, the player will report its version number being updated before starting to install new software – typically within 2 to 3 minutes.

Connect 12 is smarter and more connected than any other low vision magnifier, providing access to millions of apps on Android!


Humanware’s electronic portable loupe features a touch-sensitive tablet with an integral camera for distance visions, or can be combined with external cameras for extended range visions. Additionally, this magnifier comes equipped with magnifying and image enhancement features to further improve documents such as books, newspapers and magazines as well as provide deep text analysis with voice-response functionality.

HumanWare may offer software updates for this product (Victor Reader Stream) from time to time, which End Users should install as soon as they become available by copying and pasting a file from the HumanWare website into an SD card or USB stick compatible with this product’s root directory.

Connect 12 is smarter, simpler and more connected than all other low-vision products on the market! Combining digital magnifier power with tablet flexibility, this revolutionary device is ideal for active seniors, students and professionals. With its simple user interface and support of voice recognition software and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as external cameras for distance viewing – everything you need in one device! Perfect for seniors living independently as well as students taking online courses! Connect 12 can enlarge printed documents, read books or newspapers, access online libraries and online libraries plus provide internet and online libraries – everything needed in one device! Perfectly suitable for active seniors living independently as well as students taking courses online in one device! Perfectly suitable for active seniors living alone such as students taking courses online while students and professionals. Connect 12 provides everything needed in one device to enlarge printed documents enlarge printed documents enlarge printed documents enlarge printed documents enlargement capabilities plus voice recognition, Wi-Fi support external cameras for distance viewing capabilities!

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