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His recordings for Deutsche Grammophon have garnered outstanding reviews and awards, such as Philip Glass Piano Works and Johann Sebastian Bach – both featuring in best-of-the-year lists.

Located at the heart of Eschenbach’s business district

Eschenbach’s business district is one of the liveliest and attractive parts of its region, boasting excellent opportunities for companies looking to expand. Additionally, its central location and excellent transport links enable companies to easily expand operations. Furthermore, other large cities such as Wiesbaden and Bayreuth can be reached within 20 minutes by public transportation.

Attractive as a business location, this town benefits from its high standard of living. Many renowned companies have chosen to locate their headquarters here, which has contributed greatly to its thriving economic climate.

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Easily accessible by public transport

Get to Eschenbach Mediacenter easily whether by car or public transit – from driving yourself or using local bus routes – it couldn’t be simpler! Situated close to both A9 and A93 motorways, our prime location allows quick and easy access to Berlin in under 20 minutes and Weiden/Bayreuth within an hour – as well as being serviced by numerous local bus routes in town.

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Easily accessible by car

Traveling to Eschenbach by car? Finding the mediacenter shouldn’t be hard; it is located right in the center of town with direct access to both A9 and A93 highways. Plus, its close proximity to Frankfurt International Airport makes it convenient!

Eschenbach Mediacenter features a convenient parking lot. Visitors can also reach it by bus and train; there’s even a stop right outside its doors that takes passengers directly to Weiden or Bayreuth – both located approximately 20 minutes away by train. Plus, guests are offered free shuttle service from this center!

Midori has become a fixture on the Classical music scene since 2004. She has recorded with major orchestras and conductors, such as Sir Colin Davis and Peter Eotvos. Midori’s recordings of Bach solo sonatas and partitas, Hindemith’s violin concerto and Mozart’s Requiem have all received recognition by way of Grammy(r).

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