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Eyoyo Handheld

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Eyoyo handheld scanner is widely used across supermarkets, convenience stores, libraries, bookstores, drugstores and retail shops for file management, inventory tracking and point of sale(POS) purposes. It supports two scanning modes – key trigger scanning and auto-sensing scanning – as well as a time chip to support date and time prefix/suffix functions.

It offers Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and USB wired three-in-one connection modes that are easily compatible with multiple devices and systems, plus its lightweight 32 g/1.13 oz design makes it more portable, convenient and easier to carry than ever before.

Product Description

[(7 Inch Small Monitor)]: Our 7-inch IPS HDMI monitor boasts an expansive 16:10 aspect ratio and 1280×800 high resolution for an immersive visual experience. Featuring stunning contrast ratio and brightness levels of 450600cd/m 2, its visuals offer vibrant, rich color images and are compatible with PCs, Raspberry Pis, game consoles and security cameras alike.

[(Plug and Play Barcode Scanner)]: This barcode scanner makes scanning barcodes easy with no drivers or software needed for use. With USB connectivity for quick use in businesses, shops and warehouse operations. Support for date/time stamping as well as prefix/suffix digit addition are just some of its many benefits.

Product Specifications

Eyoyo handheld features 2D image technology that is capable of reading paper, plastic and screen 1D/2D barcodes with ease. Featuring a large scan window design for auto-sensing scanning with no driver installation needed for support on Windows XP/7/8/10 as well as Linux systems – Eyoyo handheld barcode scanner can read barcodes.

With its USB interface, this handheld barcode scanner can quickly connect to PC or laptops for use as an easy monitor for business, surveillance camera monitoring or as an FPV drone screen screen. In addition, its TV/AV/BNC input interface makes it suitable for use as an ideal monitor solution for TV/AV/BNC input interface cameras or for use as an FPV drone screen screen.

The base of the handheld has been upgraded carefully with care to include a dual function connector port that serves both charging and wireless connections. This eliminates multiple wire plugs from being needed at once, decreasing tangling risks while improving work efficiency.

This Bluetooth barcode scanner can be used in supermarkets, convenience stores, malls, libraries, drugstores and retail shops for file management, inventory tracking and point of sale (POS) functions. Boasting an ultra-lightweight body with comfortable button design for reduced hand fatigue on workers; its unique power level indicator lets users know when its battery runs low to ensure uninterrupted usage and increase working efficiency. Furthermore, multiple modes of operation – key trigger and auto sensing scanning are supported along with adding prefix and suffix digits for customization!

Product Overview

Eyoyo handheld barcode scanner features a large scan window design with auto-sensing scanning, plug-and-play connectivity without needing drivers, and supports most 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, QR codes. Ideal for supermarkets, malls, cafes, convenience stores, libraries, bookstores drugstores retail shops Lotteries as well as any business needing scanning capabilities.

With an integrated time chip, this handheld barcode scanner will record the date and time of each scan automatically for easy organization of data. Plus, with its unique power indicator design you’ll always know if there is enough power available for your usage scenario and task needs!

The Eyoyo handheld comes equipped with USB/ HDMI/ VGA/ AV multiple interfaces and can connect to various devices including PCs, laptops, Raspberry Pis, TV boxes, security cameras and FPV drones. Additionally, this handy portable display device makes viewing movies or TV shows very portable due to its small size and light weight design.

Product FAQ

[Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless & USB Connection)]: This barcode scanner supports Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connections and the ISO 14443A and A standards, featuring an easy way to determine when it was last scanned, with built-in date/time chip that makes knowing when/where scanning occurred easier, plus customizable prefix/suffix digits to meet any particular need or purpose.

To connect your device to the scanner, navigate to the Settings app and search “Barcode ScannerHID.” If it shows under Paired Devices with “Connected,” you are good to use your scanner.

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