Exploring the Explore 3 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

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explor 3 handheld electronic magnifier

Explore 3 is an ideal handheld electronic magnifier, known for being user-friendly with variable magnification settings and long battery life. Popular among active people with mild to moderate low vision who require something they can carry with them everywhere they go; useful for reading maps, restaurant menus, medication labels and recipes etc.

Easy to use

This electronic magnifier is easy to use and equipped with numerous features. It can help users read letters, maps, documents, menus and menus easily while providing excellent magnifying power to see fine print on medication bottles or recipes. Portable yet user friendly – easily fitting into purse or pocket; simple storage in zip lock bags to protect it from dust!

People with low vision can benefit from using various magnifying devices, from hand-held to LED illumination models. Many of these devices provide whiter spectrum illumination with longer useful lives than traditional incandescent bulbs and some include filters which can be snapped on to soften light output.

Magnification software has become more readily available on handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets, providing help for some individuals while not meeting others’ requirements. Before buying one, it is advisable to test out different magnifiers prior to making a commitment; negotiate a return policy as well as trial period before making your purchase decision.

Humanware recently unveiled a new version of their popular explore handheld video magnifiers, the Explore 8. This eight-inch model offers both close up and distance cameras and features touchscreen and button controls to be easily portable with touchscreen controls and built-in stand for display purposes. Furthermore, its battery life of three hours makes this an excellent option for active users who require portable magnifying devices they can bring wherever they go.

Variable magnification

If you have low vision, selecting a magnifier with variable magnification is key to keeping up with daily tasks and reading materials from different distances and sizes. This feature makes the device more useful in various situations – for instance reading prescription bottle labels, homework assignments and daily chores as well as viewing guest speakers or instructors at school or work as well as self-viewing magnifiers for grooming or makeup applications.

Magnifiers come in all forms and sizes. From handheld versions to small video magnifiers that connect directly with TV screens, magnifiers come in every imaginable size and style. In addition, there are magnification programs designed specifically for hand-held “smart” phones or devices like an I-pad.

No matter if it is handheld electronic magnifier or small video magnifier, make sure it meets both your needs and lifestyle. Be wary of purchasing untested magnifiers sight unseen; ensure the company you buy from has an adequate return policy before making a purchase decision.

Easy to clean

No matter whether you want to read the paper or simply admire the scene through your window, this digital magnifier will help make everything clear. Its 3.5-inch screen displays text with up to 32x magnification so even small fonts are easily legible. In dimly lit areas it comes equipped with an LED light for additional illumination; furthermore its lightweight, compact design makes it easy for transport; you can even fold it up when not in use.

With tactile buttons and a touch screen, this digital magnifier makes zooming in or out easy, taking photos or browsing saved images. Plus, its wrist cord makes sure it won’t accidentally drop. Cleaning this portable electronic magnifier is simple – all it requires is a quick swipe across its lens!

Battery life

HumanWare has done just that with their latest offering: explore 8. Designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile users, this 8-inch video magnifier combines state-of-the-art software and technology in an easily portable form. Easy to use, its reading stand comes equipped with customizable features as well as an HDMI connector enabling easy connectivity with larger screens; its 21MP camera enables both close up viewing as well as distance view while touchscreen and button navigation ensure effortless use.

Its battery lasts 3 hours and weighs 8.04 ounces. You can connect this powerful device via USB cord and transfer images directly onto a computer for editing or printing, recommended by thousands of eyecare and vision rehabilitation professionals worldwide. Plus, it fits nicely into APH Transition Backpack (item 1-08211-00). Celebrate independence with this incredible tool!

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