Eschenbach Titanflex – Men’s Eyewear With a French Touch

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Eschenbach titanflex is an innovative German brand offering frames combining masculine shapes with French elegance, as well as lightweight and flexible glasses which provide optimal comfort to active people.

TITANflex premium frames stand out for their elegant, straightforward design and uncompromised quality. Thanks to “memory metal,” these frames can return to their original shapes even after significant deformations.


Eschenbach titanflex frames are constructed using a special titanium alloy that allows the frame to be extremely flexible without losing stability, yet durable and light enough for comfortable wearing conditions. Furthermore, it resists corrosion and scratches well – perfect for even extreme environments!

Innovative material combined with high-grade HD acetate creates a timeless combination of functionality and design, featuring sleek minimalist frames featuring anti-reflective coating and UV protection, creating a modern aesthetic to compliment any outfit.

Titanflex glasses are an excellent way to look stylish yet remain comfortable during movement, providing users with freedom and mobility. Titanflex frames are perfect for active people on the move who require glasses that will support them without breaking or bending easily – their titanium alloy construction ensures this.

Titanflex stands out by being suitable for both glass and plastic models, offering all of the stability and flexibility benefits associated with titanium legs, while still providing more comfortable lenses from plastic models.

The Eschenbach Titanflex unisex frame is an eyewear option designed for all facial structures. Crafted from lightweight titanium alloy material that’s resistant to scratches while remaining lightweight for superior comfort, this eyewear comes in several colors and sizes to meet every face shape perfectly.

If you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase, sunglasses may be returned within 14 days – this gives you ample opportunity to try the product and decide if it meets your needs. Furthermore, the return process is free so there will be no surprise costs attached.


Titaniflex frames combine rugged character and masculine elegance with maximum wearing comfort for optimal wearability. Their robust construction guarantees they can withstand life’s unexpected events safely, making these glasses especially ideal for active people who place importance on functionality while making fashion statements simultaneously.

TitanFlex, Brendel and Humphrey’s collections were specifically created with this goal in mind. Available in a range of colours to complement any ensemble and offering lightweight comfort that makes for easy cleaning, these new styles from these collections also boast flexible bridge and temple structures making them less susceptible to breakage than regular glasses.

Titanflex, developed by Eschenbach Optik, is a high-performance material used in their TITANflex collection of glasses. When combined with memory metal technology, this makes them extremely flexible at both the bridge and temple while remaining lightweight and less breakable than standard frames. Titanflex was specifically created to meet all men’s performance-driven needs while reflecting current trends with vibrant colours and unexpected material combinations.

Titanflex frames are constructed of lightweight yet flexible titanium material that conforms to any face shape, providing easy fit. Furthermore, their easy cleaning process and abrasion resistance make them great everyday wear. Furthermore, the lenses contain UV filters that protect against harmful rays while also helping prevent dry eyes or blurriness caused by UV light exposure.

The sunglasses from TITANflex’s collection of sunglasses are ideal for all forms of sports, outdoor activities and adventures. Not only are they practical companions in all life situations; their stylish designs also make them the perfect partner to accompany any lifestyle and event.


HD acetate combined with the innovative nickel-titanium alloy material results in an exceptionally light, strong and flexible frame. This ensures the wearer can comfortably meet the changing demands of everyday life while maintaining an eye towards his or her appearance. Titanflex frames stand out with their minimalist design, emphasizing facial contours while attributing Eschenbach eyewear’s sophisticated style. Model 824099’s futuristic and expressive glasses boast an asymmetrical, interrupted bridge with soft curves at its base; adding to this impression. Red Dot Award jury recognized these two exceptional models’ high design competence by awarding them with “Designer’s Choice”.

Titanflex frames from Eschenbach Optik are an excellent choice for active lifestyles, featuring robust construction that ensures long-term use without suffering damage or wear and tear. Their titanium composition provides additional support, guaranteeing stability and durability throughout their service life.

Titanium-based ESCHENBACH OPTIK frames are an excellent way for children’s eyes due to their outstanding durability. Their flexible yet resilient titanium construction enables children to wear their glasses comfortably even under stressful circumstances, meaning that they can enjoy playing sports, spending time outdoors and engaging in other activities without worry over damaging or stressing out their glasses. Furthermore, the material’s ability to resist chemical damage makes it ideal for sensitive skin conditions and other stressors that affect these young eyes.

This can be attributed to the metal’s production from recycled titanium, which helps mitigate environmental impact during its creation process. Furthermore, titanium-based material is highly recyclable itself allowing reuse without losing quality over time.


TITANFLEX is an exceptionally resilient material made of high-tech memory metal alloy and designed to resist deformation over its long lifespan. Forged using an intricate process and subjected to rigorous mechanical and chemical testing, this special alloy boasts the ideal combination of hardness and elasticity – perfect for optical applications.

TITANFLEX material is also resistant to aging and features an appealing feel that’s comfortable on the touch, as well as offering high dimensional stability for impact resistance, shock absorption, heat or cold resistance, impact resistance, shock absorption and non-effect by extreme temperature changes – characteristics which make this high quality material perfect for children’s glasses frames which often experience similar mechanical stresses as regular frames.

TITANFLEX material makes possible frame constructions that truly make an impressionful statement, such as Marc O’Polo Eyewear’s 823018 Rimless model 823018 Rimless Model with Double Bridge from Marc O’Polo Eyewear that breaks new ground in terms of both design and construction while paying tribute to classic elements through its double bridge design. Another stand-out is TITANFLEX combined with high-grade PPSU plastic which keeps its shape slimmer and lighter.

TITANFLEX makes an excellent material choice for glasses thanks to its 10-year warranty and additional accessories such as carrying straps and dust protection caps. In addition, TITANFLEX also offers an extended package option which includes replacement guarantees as well as additional accessories such as carrying straps. TITANFLEX glasses frames are designed, constructed and developed in Nuremberg, Germany under the direction of experienced designers who draw upon decades-long knowledge and research of anatomy and wearing behavior to guide their designs. Only frames that pass this rigorous process receive the TITANFLEX label and reach an optician’s shop, guaranteeing wearers of these glasses the optimal fit and long-term durability they expect from TITANFLEX glasses. This process ensures their customers enjoy exceptional value at each eye exam visit. TITANFLEX frames offer many advantages, one being their easy and quick reshapability to perfectly suit the wearer’s face. This feature is enabled by their unique zig-zag ridge structure of core wire which was specifically created to make this happen.

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