Eschenbach Sunglasses For Patients With Light Sensitivity

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eschenbach sunglasses

Eschenbach brand glasses not only come in stylish designs, but also feature lenses with special filters designed to reduce transmission of wavelengths responsible for glare. These frames may help patients who experience light sensitivity.

This new lens option is ideal for reading books, newspapers, menus in restaurants, train schedules and mail. It is offered in various magnification levels to meet individual reading needs.


TitanFlex titanium alloy is a light, robust, and flexible metal, commonly found in eyewear applications as it offers great strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, hypoallergia protection and polishability for manufacturers looking to produce stylish yet long-term frames. Used in industries ranging from aerospace to medicine as well as eyewear frames; TitanFlex finds use across industries including avionics. aerospace and medical – among many more! TitanFlex makes for an excellent material to use for eyewear as its properties make for excellent strength/flexibility benefits make this material ideal for eyewear frames while also resisting corrosion/hyperallergenic properties makes this material resistant to corrosion as well as hypoallergenically free allowing manufacturers to create stylish frames which remain both strong and flexible over time allowing manufacturers to produce frames which last while remaining hypoallergenic or allergy free; with easy polishing options allow manufacturers create high-quality frames both durable yet stylish!

Pure titanium is one of the ten most abundant elements found in nature, yet to become precious metal it requires extensive chemical processes and thermo-mechanical refinement processes to become precious metal. Once refined it can then be tempered and refined through thermomechanical refinement processes creating a dimensionally stable material with exceptional durability, yet flexible enough to return to its original shape after being bent repeatedly; qualities which make TitanFlex an excellent material choice for eyewear frames.

TitanFlex was ESCHENBACH’s revolutionary step forward in eyewear production and design, giving designers more freedom in crafting eyewear frame fronts without being limited by fixed bridges. Utilizing memory metal plates instead of wires for strength and comfort.

Innovative innovation lies within the combination of patented nickel-titanium alloy with HD acetate. Titanium frames are extremely flexible yet sturdy while HD acetate adds elegance and masculine style. Together these make TITANflex frames essential products that every fashion-minded man must own! Available in various colours and styles (including the trendiest mirror effect frames).

TITANflex also features a sports model designed to cater to those who seek to push themselves and exceed their limits. Endorsed by Swiss aerobatic and racing pilot Vito Wyprachtiger, who relies on innovative technologies found within these models both airborne and on land; lightweight yet sturdy designs ensure they will remain securely in place even during strenuous activity.


Low vision can make reading books, newspapers, labels on medicine bottles, food packages, train schedules, recipes or mail difficult. With hands-free glasses with 2x magnification making those tasks much simpler – lightweight yet attractive these glasses come complete with hard shell cases for convenient storage and can even focus on near objects at working distances of 16 inches!

The Brendel collection comprises one acetate and 13 metal frames that come equipped with progressive lenses, featuring modern colors and design details such as double bridges. They’re meant for men who take style seriously but want flexibility in eyewear; designed from lightweight titanium TITANFLEX material for optimal light transmission; featuring color-coordinated temples and earpiece contours, as well as bespoke hinge designs and color coordinated temples and earpiece contours – ideal for casual wear or business meetings; even personalized frames are available to match personal taste!

Marc O’Polo

MARC O’POLO is a brand that honors life and friendship. This philosophy can be seen in their new campaign featuring top model Anna with her sisters. Filmed in Manchester city center and featuring original composition by Iman Orths to commemorate both their strong bond between Anna and her sisters as well as images’ power of communication, Marc O’Polo launched their global campaign worldwide on February 2019.

Marc O’Polo has long been considered a leader in sustainability within Nordic fashion since its establishment. Their mission is to produce products of superior quality at great value for money; their modern yet sustainable approach encompasses design, materials and production processes – this was recently seen with their debut collection Drop 2, released this spring 2022 and featuring natural hues like green and white that complement fresh blue tones as well as garment-dye effects and woven patches to finish it all off.

Employees at this company consider environmental considerations when making decisions, and prioritize improving its corporate culture by encouraging employee skill development and participation in projects. Furthermore, customer satisfaction can be increased through employee training programs as well as developing new services specifically targeted toward customers. Furthermore, it has many perks available such as free food, discounts on purchases made during work hours, flexible work schedules and an array of benefits such as discounts off all purchases made within its boundaries.

Eschenbach’s MaxDetail glasses can be used for various tasks, including reading books, magazines, newspapers, prescription labels, medicine bottle ingredients and train schedules, recipes or mail. Their 2x magnification makes them the ideal solution for tasks requiring close viewing of fine print.

MaxDetail glasses can be worn either with or without a valid prescription, depending on user preference. They’re easy to adjust and fit perfectly every time; making them a fantastic choice for many people – both men and women can benefit. In addition, their lightweight yet durable frames make them ideal for daily wear.

Max Event

These unique and stylish glasses feature a metal frame with a blue/green tint, brand new and never been worn before. Equipped with 2x magnification for reading books, newspapers, train schedules, prescription labels, recipes, restaurant menus or mail, etc. Additionally, hands-free reading glasses make it easier to spot distant items like trains coming down tracks or planes flying overhead! A zippered case and ear hooks allow shortening or tightening as necessary while Eschenbach PXM optics ensure lightweight flexibility as well as having a mirrored coating to avoid sun glare!

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