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eschenbach reading glasses

Are your friends having difficulty reading books, newspapers, computer screen content and medicine bottles labels? How about train schedules, recipes or mail?

Eschenbach reading glasses offer an excellent solution to these difficulties, designed specifically for long-distance viewing and easy to use for immediate gratification among many patients.


Are you or a friend having difficulty reading books, newspapers, computer screen print outs, medicine bottles labels, train schedules, recipes or menus at restaurants or their mail? Having difficulty with small print is one of the biggest frustrations people who wear glasses face. A quality pair of reading glasses may help ease this burden and alleviate their distress.

Eschenbach has created an array of frames that are comfortable to wear and designed to accommodate a range of lens powers, such as the Club 8 x 20 frames. These attractive models fold down to an extremely compact 10cm size for convenient carrying around in pockets or purses.

Eschenbach offers another amazing frame style: Mini-Frame Bifo reading glasses are equipped with dual lens powers of 3.0 diopter at the top and 6.0 diopter at the bottom for reading convenience and hands-free activities, respectively. These reading glasses make an excellent solution.

Allergan offers the TrueTear Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator as an at-home product to increase tear production temporarily in adult patients. Oasis Medical offers a Soft Plug Extended Duration 180 made from absorbable polydioxanone which may also assist.


Eschenbach manufactures an extensive selection of magnification lenses designed to assist patients with low vision issues like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma. These magnification lenses can assist those needing magnification for daily tasks like reading, cooking and engaging in hands-free activities such as sewing; magnification lenses are also popularly used by industries and commerce for inspection quality control and other inspection purposes which involve inspecting small details visually.

Eschenbach Lenses provide various lens coatings to reduce UV radiation’s adverse impact on eyes, which may damage them and lead to health complications, including eye cancer. Lenses feature UV filters, anti-reflective coatings and tinted tinting options to provide maximum sun protection; these protective lenses also ensure clear images with no distortions.

Eschenbach 2905-325 MiniFrame 2 Progressive Reader +2.5 Diopter is a unique progressive reader that gradually increases power from top to bottom of lens, enabling presbyopes to use only one pair for near point needs – ideal for people seeking stylish yet practical reading glasses. This feature makes this bifocal reader an exceptional choice.

These bifocal reading glasses come with a matching case for convenient storage and travel. Their matte gold lenses and spring hinged frames feature soft nose pads; while each lens measures 4 mm thick with a cera-tec hardened treatment on both sides for durability.

The iZoom Magnifier is a handheld magnification device designed to make reading simpler. Equipped with a powerful LED light for even illumination of reading material, this handheld magnifier makes an excellent companion when reading books, newspapers and magazines; maps, train schedules or recipes.


LightSpecs offer magnification with bright LED illumination for reading or performing near tasks in dimly lit environments, making them the ideal solution. Available in two unisex frame styles and seven strengths, they’re easily activated with just a flick of a switch – plus, built-in batteries can last up to 50 hours! Extra batteries come included as part of an attractive protective case.

These glasses do not filter blue light within the range 440-460nm which has been shown to stimulate melatonin production and alleviate symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder. When exposed early mornings it can actually help people feel more awake and happier – therefore these glasses should only be worn before bedtime and early mornings.


Eschenbach offers a revolutionary solution for patients that require both magnifiers and refractive correction: The MaxDetail Clip. This near, clip-on, telescopic magnification system lets users incorporate their prescription. All of the benefits associated with the popular MaxDetail are present such as 2x magnification, hands-free design, large working distance and wide field of view; ideal for reading books or newspapers as well as computer screens, labels on medicine bottles, food packages’ ingredients lists, train schedules menus menus in restaurants or mail.

This clip-on, flip up lens offers a comfortable working distance and large visual field, making it the ideal solution for detailed work such as handicrafts, cooking, sewing or any task requiring hands-free magnification. Furthermore, its versatile system can also be utilized in occupational tasks like goldsmithing, model making or soldering; all lenses can be individually focused to +-3 diopters for added accuracy while being lightweight, compact and contemporary in design.

Oasis Medical offers several accessories to complete its system, such as soft canalicular punctal plugs that can be inserted in the nasal cavity to increase tear production and relieve dry eye symptoms. Oasis Medical also provides Allergan TrueTear intranasal tear neurostimulators which temporarily increase tear production; available in multiple sizes. Furthermore, recently the company introduced an absorbent polydioxanone punctal occluder made specifically to block UVA/UVB radiation as well as blue light transmission.

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