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eschenbach pocket magnifier

eschenbach Pocket Magnifier

The leather folding pocket magnifier can easily fit into any handbag or wallet without adding bulk, making it an invaluable resource for goldsmiths or artisans who need to read small print. Plus, its case offers protection to keep its lens safe!

Mobilux series illuminated hand-held magnifiers feature powerful LED illumination. Many patients prefer this alternative light source due to its whiter spectrum and longer useful life; bulbs never need replacing while small snap-on filters provide three lighting options.

High quality lens and case

No matter your reading needs – coins, bills, maps or fine print – the Eschenbach Pocket Magnifier provides an effortless solution. Boasting an eyepiece made of high-grade PXM material for clarity when magnifying small print, its compact black leather case protects it when not in use – perfect for fitting easily in purses and wallets without adding bulk!

The 1511 Mobilux series of illuminated hand-held magnifiers now offers LED (light emitting diode) illumination. Many patients favor this alternative light source due to its distinctive whiter spectrum and longer useful life; batteries last five times longer compared to incandescent bulbs and come equipped with snap-on filters that soften its hue for three distinct lighting options.

The Carson PO-55 MiniBrite pocket magnifier is a compact slide-out magnifier equipped with a protective plastic sleeve and built-in LED light for battery changes without tools, as well as convenient viewing of small print on restaurant menus or other dimly lit environments.

Compact design

The compact slide-out pocket magnifier is a small yet powerful illuminated magnifier designed to easily fit in a wallet or handbag. Ideal for reading small print in restaurants and dimly lit locations, as well as making a thoughtful gift idea, the pocket magnifier makes reading text in dim lighting easy! Plus it makes an ideal present!

Mobilux hand-held magnifiers feature bright LED illumination. Many patients favor this alternative light source due to its whiter spectrum and longer useful life compared to incandescent bulbs; batteries last five times longer when using LED bulbs! Each magnifier includes 3 snap-on filters that soften its illumination colors for three different illumination options.

The leather folding pocket magnifier fits easily into any shirt or coat pocket without adding bulk to your bag. When not in use, its lens swivels into its protective case – ideal for reading stock listings, newspaper articles, maps, computer print-outs and photographs quickly and conveniently. Perfect gift idea for students, business people and anyone who requires an easy way to read small print; portable and lightweight enough to travel too!


The illuminated hand-held magnifier features a compact slide-out pocket magnifying glass in its protective case, lit by light-emitting diode (LED). LED offers many advantages over incandescent bulbs: more pleasant white light spectrum and longer battery life with nearly unlimited useful life. The pocket magnifier fits neatly into any wallet, purse, handbag or shirt pocket for quick access when reading small print on bills, restaurant menus or computer print-outs as well as providing great aid for goldsmiths, watchmakers or craftsmen working on precision details; its fine leather protective case also ensures maximum protection for its lens.

Easy to carry

The pocket magnifier can easily fit in your handbag, purse, wallet or pocket; its compact size means it fits wherever it’s needed. Perfect for reading mail, restaurant menus, magazines or books in dim lighting conditions when reading mail, menus or books featuring small print or dim lighting conditions; when not in use the lens simply swivels back into its case for storage when not needed. Also includes an on/off light switch with high quality springs making changing batteries (2AA included). Finally its slip resistant case protects and safeguards the magnifier’s integrity!

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