Eschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifiers

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eschenbach mobilux led magnifiers

Eschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifiers

Mobilux(r) LED hand-held magnifiers feature powerful LED illumination. Patients often prefer this alternative light source due to its brighter spectrum and longer useful life, and each magnifier comes equipped with three small snap-on filters which soften the color of light for three different lighting options. All models also feature slip-on protective cases with springs for easier battery changes as well as comfortable ergonomic handles – two AA batteries are included).

Powerful LED Illumination

The new 1511 Mobilux LED handheld magnifiers offer powerful illumination using SMD LED (light emitting diode) technology, offering patients more pronounced illumination via SMD LED bulbs with their distinct whiter spectrum and longer lifespan. Furthermore, batteries last five times longer compared with incandescent bulbs when used with these magnifiers; plus its battery compartment uses high quality springs that make opening and replacing batteries easy (2 AA batteries are included with each magnifier). It comes equipped with three snap-on yellow filters which provide different illumination levels when needed by simply swapping out.

Mobilux LED hand-held magnifiers are compatible with the #1511-001 Mobase stand (sold separately), to serve as stand magnifiers and allow hands-free work. WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.

Ergonomic Handle

This ergonomic handle was created to comfortably fit into your hand and ease pain caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Its weight distribution ensures less strain on muscles and tendons in your hands and wrist, relieving stress. This handle can make a five gallon bucket feel lighter by decreasing force needed when lifting. Furthermore, its design reduces fatigue caused by lifting heavy packages such as boxes, tool bags or pet cages/traps as it fits over wire bails, rope/twine handles of boxes as well as wire handles of pet cages/traps to help alleviate such problems caused by lifting.

The new handle was developed through a combination of objective and subjective evaluations. Objective evaluation included electromyography and goniometry measurements on volunteer hands, arms and wrists using electromyography/goniometry technology; results demonstrated that its use significantly decreased muscle loads in extensor/flexor muscles of wrist/hand, reduced high-pressure areas contacting surgeon’s hand/wrist contact areas as well as grip forces/subjective stability improvements.

All Mobilux LED hand-held magnifiers feature an ergonomic grip with an easy ON/OFF light switch and high quality springs to make battery changes simpler (2 AA batteries included), along with an easily accessible battery compartment using high quality springs for quicker battery swaps (2 AA batteries included) and an integral slip-on protective case. They are also compatible with the #1511-001 Mobase stand to be used as stand magnifiers or hands-free work when upright – available separately as #1511-001. WARNING: This product may cause birth defects or reproductive harm; for more information please refer to its Safety Data Sheet attached herein.

Easy-to-Operate ON/OFF Light Switch

Mobilux hand-held magnifiers feature powerful LED lighting. Patients often prefer this alternative light source due to its distinctively whiter spectrum and longer useful life; batteries last five times longer with LED bulbs compared to incandescent bulbs, and small snap-on filters provide three distinct illumination choices by softening the color of light. Each illuminated hand-held magnifier also includes an ergonomic handle with an ON/OFF light switch for easy operation; high quality springs make changing batteries easy (2 AA batteries included). Plus it comes equipped with an ON/OFF light switch; two high quality spring battery compartments; as well as a slip-on protective case to complete its features.

These hand-held magnifiers can be paired with the #1511-001 Mobase stand (sold separately) for use as stand magnifiers and for hands-free work when in an upright position.

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