Eschenbach Mobilux 4x Illuminated Hand Magnifier

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eschenbach mobilux 4x

Eschenbach products are highly recommended by eyecare and vision rehab professionals, while hundreds of thousands of consumers rely on them to maintain an independent lifestyle. Their illuminated hand magnifiers make reading small print easy at home or when traveling.

mobilux LED magnifiers feature an easy-to-use light switch which offers two lighting colors. Furthermore, all lensoppervlak are evenly illuminated at an ideal viewing distance for optimal clarity.

Optical quality

The Eschenbach Mobilux illuminated loupe is designed for reading small print and maps on mobile devices, featuring an aspheric hard coated lens with 4x magnification and designed with mobile users in mind. Easily operated light switch allows 3 color illumination options via its yellow filters included with it; offering superior optical quality compared to any hand held magnifier available today.

Professional eyecare and vision rehab practitioners regularly recommend Eschenbach magnifiers to their patients, due to their superior optical quality, lightweight design, and affordable pricing. Eschenbach magnifiers are especially suitable for low vision patients in need of portable solutions to help read everyday tasks more easily and navigate daily activities more smoothly.

Unlike traditional hand-held magnifiers, the eschenbach mobilux LED series utilizes SMD LED illumination for an enhanced viewing experience. These LEDs boast whiter spectrum colors and longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs while being continuously adjusted by an active miniature switching regulator to maintain consistent illumination levels. Furthermore, their power supply is five times more efficient than a standard AA battery!


Many people depend on handheld magnifiers for reading on-the-go – whether searching out phone numbers or checking prices in stores. Eschenbach’s mobilux LED series is ideal in this respect, offering excellent magnification range at a lightweight design.

Mobilux LED boasts SMD LED illumination which has become immensely popular with buyers thanks to its distinct whiter spectrum and long lifespan – batteries last five times longer compared with incandescent bulbs! Furthermore, you can tailor luminous power output by using supplied yellow filters.

Another advantage of the magnifier is its defined focusing distance, ensuring sharp images for viewing or reading without any tremble or shaking when holding it flat for reading or viewing. A large and easy-to-use light switch offers two lighting colours; there’s even an eyelet at the handle end for round-the-neck cord support! A protective case comes complete to safeguard its aspheric lens.

Adjustable focus

Eschenbach 1511-41 Hand Held Illuminated Magnifier Mobilux LED Features 4X (16 Diopter) Magnification with 60mm Round Aspheric Hard Coated Lens and an easily operable large light switch, plus it runs on AA batteries that last five times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs! Plus it includes small yellow filters to adjust color of illumination!

It can be used in either flat position for tremble-free reading, or upright as a stand magnifier, and its wide focusing area and high-quality BK-7 prisms make it easy to use in dimly lit environments.

Eschenbach is trusted by thousands of eyecare and vision rehab professionals for low-vision solutions, while hundreds of thousands of consumers rely on its products to maintain an independent lifestyle and quality of life. From handheld magnifiers to electronic reading aids, eschenbach has something suitable for every user – designed in Nuremberg Germany with a comprehensive warranty program behind each device.

Filter system

Mobilux magnifiers feature LED (light-emitting diode) illumination as an alternative to incandescent bulbs, providing more comfort while reading. Their whiter light spectrum and longer useful life make reading much simpler while the large, easy-to-operate brightness control switch makes operation straightforward; filters enable selection between three lighting options while ergonomic handles ensure that magnifier does not slip freely in hand – ideal for reading for extended periods.

The Eschenbach Mobilux 4x, part of their Mobilux LED series, boasts an impressive lens diameter of 75×50 mm and 4-fold magnification for reading fine print such as from telephone directories or price tags. This magnifier is simple to use – its large intuitively operated light switch and eyelet allow lanyard attachment. Furthermore, there are three easily replaceable filter sets as well as 2 AAA batteries included to complete its compact size and long battery life.

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