Eschenbach Maxtv 2.1x Clip-On Spectacle Magnifier

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Eschenbach maxtv glasses provide you with an enhanced visual experience, without suffering during public events such as sporting matches or theatrical productions.

This versatile lens can easily and inconspicuously be worn alongside your everyday glasses for coverage of public events.

Binocular telescopic option for distance viewing

Eschenbach maxtv‘s binocular telescopic glasses for distance viewing provide the easiest and most comfortable TV viewing device ever created. Their flexible temples enable users to quickly adjust them for a snug and comfortable fit to each user’s own frame, with colors to match your personal taste ranging from black to orange for each pair. Focusing from 3 m (10 feet) up to infinity makes these binocular glasses suitable for TV viewing as well as sporting events, movies theatre bird watching as well as any other distance viewing activity imaginable!

Telescopic systems offer an affordable alternative to costly far-sighted lenses and prisms that can be difficult to use, lightweight and provide clear images with no magnification limitations like traditional telescopes do. Furthermore, the Eschenbach Maxtv offers multiple lenses suitable for users with various degrees of visual impairment.

The Eschenbach Maxtv is a convenient and cost-effective solution for viewing television. This clip-on magnifier doubles screen size when attached to glasses, making reading subtitles and quiz shows less strainful on eyes. Furthermore, this clip-on can also be used for sports events, concerts, theatre performances, bird watching as well as sports watching without strain on eyes – ideal for reading subtitles easily and watching quiz shows without strain on eyes – sports, concerts theatre performances as well as bird watching! Additionally it works with most types of eyewear including prescription glasses while being suitable for people with astigmatism – plus it made from plastic making it lighter than glass systems while remaining durable than other telescopic systems!

Eschenbach maxtv is easy to use

Eschenbach maxtv is a hands-free magnifier designed to double the size of your television screen without strain. Easy to use, its flexible temples adjust to any head shape for comfortable viewing of television, movies, theatre performances or bird watching; as well as aiding older individuals to see clearly without strain.

With magnification of 2.1x, this product is ideal for anyone having difficulty reading small print or subtitles on their favorite shows. Its ergonomic design features glass lenses which make them easier to grip; additionally, this lightweight yet sturdy case comes complete with ear hooks to shorten or lengthen their glasses to meet personal viewing preferences.

Eschenbach Maxtv can be used with either a computer or tablet and displays an magnified image on screen, allowing you to zoom in or out as needed, move around and pan around as desired. Furthermore, its software also enables you to adjust contrast and brightness according to your vision needs – an easy solution for those having trouble seeing small print. For those struggling with reading small prints. It provides an affordable alternative solution than purchasing a large screen TV!

Eschenbach maxtv is affordable

Eschenbach maxtv magnifier glasses offer an affordable solution to magnifying television viewing, but can also be used for other tasks such as sporting events, movies, theatre performances, bird watching and reading at comfortable distance. This 2.1x clip-on spectacle magnifier provides easy magnification.

It’s an ideal solution for seniors who find reading subtitles and watching quiz shows difficult. Lightweight and user-friendly, the device offers wide field-of-view. Available in various models to meet everyone’s needs. While its price may be more costly than some brands, its worth the investment.

Eschenbach maxtv is durable

If you’re in search of durable glasses, look no further than the Eschenbach maxtv binocular telescopic magnifier. Crafted to stand the test of time and available in various colors, it features lightweight design for ease of handling as well as optical components made from top-grade materials protected by an attractive protective case – and comes complete with adjustable temple length and secure ear hooks so they stay securely fastened on.

This 2.1x spectacle magnifier doubles the size of your TV screen for easy watching of favorite programs without strain. Perfect for sporting events, theatre productions or birding excursions alike – Eschenbach maxTV allows you to see clearly from a comfortable distance!

These glasses can be used with any prescription pair and offer a wide field of view, while being easy to use and available in various styles. Ideal for anyone needing magnification when viewing TV or monitor screens; perfect also for reading subtitles or quiz show scripts.

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