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Discover our extensive collection of Eschenbach Lupenbrille, perfect companions for przyses Sehen. Whether for leisure or work purposes, count on cutting-edge technology that won’t compromise quality or comfort.

MaxDetail provides a large field of view at an ergonomic working distance, while ridoMED allows users to correct eye-related dioptrien without taking off their spectacles.


Discover a world of detail with an Eschenbach lupenbrille. Our vast selection allows you to see fine details more clearly without any sacrifice in terms of style or comfort. Whether for everyday life use, hobby-feinarbeiten or professional environments – an Eschenbach lupenbrille makes working easier for all involved – whether in hobby-feinarbeiten or professional environments – its intuitive controls ensure effortless workability in any environment imaginable. Our customers appreciate its functional yet intuitive handling for maximum quality with comfort in equal measure – something they cannot find elsewhere!

MaxDetail eyewear allows users to see even very small objects clearly, making it perfect for filigrane Arbeiten. It features an expansive working distance which can be adjusted via +/- 3 dioptrien adjustment and suitable for Brillentrager.

At Optik Wolf, we understand the importance of clear vision. Our lupenbrille Eschenbach boast innovative technology which makes work and leisure simpler for you. As your expert advisors, we’re here to assist in finding you an ideal pair based on your individual requirements; with detailed and straightforward advice guaranteed by us; let us be your support system today! We look forward to supporting you!

Verstellbare Scharfeinstellung

Since 1870, Eschenbach has been known for its superior quality and comfort in optical aids. Our wide variety of Eschenbach Lupenbrillen is perfect for both professional applications as well as everyday use – discover this Optik Wolf product line now to experience how one Eschenbach Lupenbrille could change your eye care experience!

Robust metal-and-silica solution to help adjust Dioptery on various Eyeheight. Features built-in lighting and an easily responsive headband.

Perfect for precise work in an enclosed and clear Messing position. Highly flexible with an aplanaatic Linsensystem designed to produce edge-sharp images.

Verstellbare Dioptrien

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This lens-brille can be utilized in environments that demand pinpoint precision when it comes to object identification and alignment. With an adjustable dioptrieabgleich of +3 diopters right/left and two distinct lens sizes to choose from, there’s plenty of customization potential with this lupenbrille! Perfect for working environments requiring high levels of precision and detail!

This lupenbrille features an adjustable dioptrie that enables users to customize it according to their individual requirements for creating the ideal working distance. Furthermore, its built-in anti-reflective coating reduces reflections and glare to further increase contrast of images displayed.

Lupenbrilles are widely utilized in machine vision applications that involve inspecting small components. They’re especially beneficial when inspecting drilled holes or reworked parts with fine detail that require inspection; in these instances they’re particularly helpful at identifying chip placement to avoid mistakes during repair processes and are therefore an ideal choice for machine vision specialists.

Verstellbare Pupillendistanz

At Optik Wolf, we offer an impressive selection of Eschenbach lupenbrille for professional use. These glasses provide clear vision without compromising comfort or functionality – perfect for anyone who prioritizes vision quality!

The MaxDetail Lupenbrille is designed for filigrane work, as it enables you to identify even very small objects at a comfortable working distance and adjusts dioptrie up to +/- 3dpt unabhangig voneinander for unrivaled correction capabilities. Furthermore, Brillentrager allows users to individually correct eye errors while the MaxDetail also offers high levels of detail when working with microscopes.

Verstellbare Versatzlupe

Discover a world of fine details and meticulous workmanship with a Lupenbrille Eschenbach from Optik Wolf. We offer an impressive range of Lupenbrille Eschenbach models that put quality and comfort first – and do not make compromises in terms of either.

No matter if it be reading, working or simply relaxing – with a Lupenbrille Eschenbach you have the freedom to focus solely on your task and see even the tiniest details clearly. Particularly useful for filigree work is MaxDetail’s comfortable Arbeitsabstand which offers an exceptional view of your working area.

The laboCLIP allows you to keep both hands free for delicate work, with a revolving lupe that can be independently and quickly adjusted by itself.

Verstellbare Vorsatzlupe

The Appli-Post System is an effective method for reconstructing severely misaligning teeth. By adapting a material tailored to match the elastic properties of dentines, grafted material forms an extremely distorted documentumsatz which fits tightly against root canal walls to eliminate forced installation during dental surgery.

In a brief but successful test conducted on 104 patients, the AFFINIS-Linie achieved promising results. All testabfall showed noticeable improvements between intake, AF, and three to 12 months following ab- formation.

Attracting attention due to its outstanding image-quality standards, easy use, and effective work, the AFFINIS-Linie is making headlines today. In a survey with over 4.000 testab- dutes, approximately 80 percent were satisfied with their result.

Appli-Post System achieved impressive results during 104 patients in an expeditious test conducted over just 3 weeks. Grafted material placed into the Wurzelkanal during teeth extraction resulted in an extremely distorted documentumsatz and caused defects not to manifest during tooth technical installation; additionally AF filling could often be overcome thus providing significant improvements in retention performance at first exposure.

Verstellbare RidoMED

Discover new dimensions of seeability with the wide selection of Eschenbach Lupenbrillen at Optik Wolf and enjoy innovative technology on an entirely new level. Whether for leisure and hobby activities or professional environments – our eyewear range combines quality with functionality without making compromises in design.

With their fixed working distance design and adjustable ridoMED feature, this pair of glasses allows both hands to remain free for filigree works while using either hand as the primary manipulator. Individual Scharfeinstellung and Dioptrienausgleich is possible.

MaxDetail is ideal for fine work. Its expansive viewfield ensures both eyes are optimally aligned – even those using Brillentragers! – while providing an unabhanged Dioptrieausgleich of +/-3 Dioptrien (right and left). Furthermore, both lenses can be independently moved within its frame.

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