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Many individuals with low vision struggle with reading books, newspapers, computer screen print outs, medicine bottle labels, train schedules, recipes and their mail. Furthermore, these individuals may also have difficulty writing checks or signing their names to documents.

Eschenbach Optik of America offers high quality magnification solutions. Their hands-free magnifying devices offer maximum convenience.

MAXDetail Glasses

Eschenbach’s MAXDetail Glasses provide 2x magnification with a 16 inch working distance. These hands-free magnifying glasses easily attach to eyeglass frames for convenient, hands-free magnifying tasks while remaining comfortable for patients performing close-up work. In addition, their wider field of view accommodates both those with refractive errors as well as those without.

Are you or your friends having difficulty reading books, newspapers, computer screens, labels on medicine bottles, ingredients in food packages, train schedules, menus in restaurants or their mail? Eschenbach has created a product which will take the effort out of reading these materials – making them as effortless and effortless as before!

MAX Event Magnifying Glasses offer 2.1x magnification, with each lens adjustable independently [+-3 diopters], making them suitable for most patients! These hands-free head-mounted glasses clip onto any eyeglass frames securely to help patients see indoor and outdoor events happening around them more clearly in everyday life.

The MAXDetail Clip offers all of the same benefits as its counterpart, MAX Event glasses: hands-free magnification, wide field of view and convenient flip-up design. In addition, however, it comes equipped with five vertical lens height options for correct pupil alignment as well as rubber-covered jaws to prevent scratching patients’ eyewear and scratching of prescription lenses. With such features the MAXDetail Clip makes an excellent solution for individuals who require larger fields of view while remaining comfortable without compromising corrective prescriptions.

MAXDetail Magnifiers

No matter the fine print on medicine bottles, food labels, recipes, train schedules or your mail – Eschenbach’s new MAXDetail Magnifiers can assist with all sorts of near tasks that need help with reading small print. Hands-free clip-on telescopic magnifying systems offer 2x magnification with 16 inches working distance. They are ideal for people who have both refractive errors AND desire the convenience of an off-the-shelf Galilean telescopic system. Similar to MAXDetail, these lenses include features to maximize their usefulness; including five vertical lens height options to help ensure accurate pupil alignment, as well as a convenient hinged clip mechanism that enables them to be stored out of sight when not needed.

Hands-Free Magnification for Spectacle Wearers

Specially created to meet the needs of spectacle wearers requiring hands-free magnification, these glasses provide convenient yet lightweight hands-free magnification in a modern frame style. Magnifiers provide a far greater working distance and visual field, making them the ideal solution for reading or performing other near tasks. They feature a 16-inch working distance and large visual field. These spectacle magnifiers feature a convenient flip up feature to allow wearers to keep both hands free for any task, fitting any type of eyeglass frame while being lightweight and with independently adjustable right/left dioptre compensation and dioptre compensation that can be easily changed right or left dioptre compensation – made in Germany of quality material! Perfect for detailed work such as handicrafts or reading; these hands-free spectacle magnifiers provide you with an efficient solution while keeping magnification at an ideal working distance.

MAXDetail Video Magnifiers

The MAXDetail Video Magnifier offers 2x magnification and is an ideal solution for those in need of assistance seeing TV and other near objects. Simply clipping onto the bridge of glasses, it can easily be folded away when not being used so as not to scratch your eyewear. Plus, its hands-free design and large working distance make it suitable for people with limited mobility, while its high field of view assures quality image rendering.

MaxDetail Clip magnifiers offer one of the greatest advantages of near Galilean telescopic systems: long working distance. In comparison with competing powered spectacle magnifiers that only provide about 5 inches of working distance, its 16-inch working distance comfortably holds books or newspapers as well as computer screen text for extended near tasks.

The MaxDetail Clip offers five vertical lens heights to ensure correct pupil alignment, as well as rubber-covered jaws to prevent scratches on patients’ eyewear. Furthermore, its convenient hinged clip allows lenses to be folded up when not needed and its lightweight design makes prolonged use comfortable and convenient.

MAXDetail Loupes

MAXDetail Loupes offer the ultimate hands-free magnifying solution. Unlike other magnification systems, these loupes can be worn like regular glasses so both hands remain free for work. Their unparalleled magnification quality, wide field of view, and comfortable headband make these loupes ideal for any professional working environments.

These loupes are ideal for reading books and newspapers, computer screen print, labels on medicine bottles, train schedules, recipes from restaurants menus and mail. Furthermore, watchmakers who need to work on delicate parts with great precision often utilize such loupes.

Ergo loupes provide more angle flexibility and are lighter than standard loupes, which enables them to better compensate for natural head inclination and reduce strain on cervical spine during long work hours.

These binocular loupes feature a 2x magnification rate and offer a wide field of view, making them easy to use and adapt easily to meet individual needs. Built specifically to be used with LED headlights for flicker-free illumination and an adjustable headband designed to ensure maximum comfort, these loupes make use of two magnification levels: two times magnification rate and an impressive field of view.

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