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No matter the form of low vision you suffer from, there are a variety of tools that may assist. Some examples are text-to-speech systems and magnified screens.

Prismatic glasses use prisms to redirect light in areas that retain functionality, helping those with visual impairments see objects which would otherwise fall outside their field of vision. They can be used for reading signs and recognising faces as well.

eSight Electronic Glasses

The eSight electronic glasses are specifically designed to improve functional vision in legally blind individuals. They enable individuals to continue engaging in many of the activities they once enjoyed prior to losing their sight, including reading and writing, seeing loved ones, working, engaging in hobbies, living an active lifestyle and travelling the world freely and experiencing all life has to offer. Furthermore, this device also assists students in their studies so they may continue studying with confidence and independence.

The initial eSight model looks similar to a pair of glasses with small screens above each eye. A camera captures and digitally optimizes images in front of wearers’ eyes before awakening remaining photoreceptors so they can send improved signals directly to their brains. Furthermore, instant autofocus can instantly switch between close up and long range vision.

It may be costly, but its many benefits outweigh its high price. The new eSight 3 is lighter and more comfortable than previous models with additional electronic options such as Wi-Fi connectivity and HDMI connection. Expected release date is 2020 at an estimated cost of $9,995.

This revolutionary high-tech gadget provides low-vision or blind users with access to real vision. It combines a high-speed HD camera with two OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes for visual feedback, automatically switching between close up and long range vision; making reading books or text messages on smartphones as well as gazing upon outdoor views seamless experiences.

eSight goes beyond visual enhancement by offering multiple video recording and playback functions, as well as being capable of recognising objects and faces and alerting the user when passing by signs or store displays. Furthermore, its trackpad on either side of its glasses allows control over this device.

Larry Flores, a blind employee working in Raleigh, North Carolina’s insurance company, has discovered an entirely new world thanks to eSight glasses. These incredible devices allow him to read, drive, navigate the city with ease, play sports without assistance from friends and watch his favorite TV shows without anyone needing help from them – making a significant difference to his quality of life as well as hoping that other visually impaired individuals benefit as well.


IrisVision is a wireless virtual reality headset designed to assist individuals living with low vision in improving their quality of life. The device combines a smartphone, camera and software designed to enhance images into one device that magnifies objects of interest two to 14 times their original size, making reading, watching TV and using computers easier for daily tasks such as reading emails. Furthermore, its built-in contrast adjustment feature can turn images black and white and increase text contrast thus providing more comfort to low vision patients as well as increasing brightness of any light source.

IrisVision is designed to assist with various ocular conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa. With a 70-degree field of view and using both a camera and display unit combined into one device – adjustable through dial adjustments – users can select features such as color contrast magnification. Furthermore, this device can connect with smartphone apps for streaming videos and content as well as connecting with sighted people to aid activities like reading or driving.

Another feature essential to patients with low vision is being able to enlarge an image and see all its details clearly. Ruby XL accomplishes this by focusing on the part of eye least affected by vision loss and controlling it with voice control; this reduces stress and fatigue while making daily tasks simpler for users.

IrisVision’s camera can recognize and process facial features for those who have difficulty seeing faces, as well as identify objects. A telescopic mode can zoom in closer on specific scenes or objects. Furthermore, the polarizer feature reduces glare with one touch.

IrisVision is one of the latest wearable devices designed to assist visually impaired individuals. It is lightweight, portable and aesthetically pleasing – less bulky than some electronic glasses and offering multiple magnification levels.


SeeBOOST glasses are equipped with an assistive device designed to assist blind and visually impaired users read text on digital screens, signs, books and much more. Users can quickly gain access to visual information using voice command or various swipe and tap gestures on an onboard touchpad located on the right side of their frame frame.

SeeBOOST can also be programmed to identify and speak out text objects, people, colors, products and much more – from text objects and people to colors, products and much more! You can even use seeBOOST to locate your friends and family by scanning around and recognizing faces. SeeBOOST makes an excellent solution for people suffering from age related macular degeneration, diabetes or any eye disease which causes central vision loss; its lightweight design avoids problems associated with other head-mounted devices which cover users faces while blocking peripheral vision that remains untaffected by central vision loss.

eSight 4

eSight 4 is an affordable wearable low vision device designed to improve functional vision for those suffering from advanced retinal disease. This multipurpose low vision solution magnifies images up to 24 times and has features designed to assist users with daily activities, including reading, driving, working and sports participation. It comes equipped with self-contained storage with 256GB available as well as three speakers, an infrared range finder, temperature sensors accelerometers gyroscopes camera plus mobile app access that enables users to watch smartphone screens videos through this headset!

The device’s software optimizes images for clear, bright dual-screen displays inside its headset. Its optical design features multiple lenses for high-resolution and binocular vision; video enhancement helps the remaining photoreceptors send improved signals back to the brain; while its video enhancement helps ensure photoreceptors send improved signals back. eSight was developed specifically to assist individuals suffering from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, Stargardt disease and ocular albinism by providing easy access to visual aid software that detects visual deficits and corrects visual deficits that exist within these conditions; easy use also made possible through software design that detects visual deficits while its software quickly corrects visual deficits quickly – providing access to those who otherwise would struggle with conventional treatment methods alone.

eSight’s ergonomic, lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Its built-in trackpad enables you to move video focus as well as adjust zoom and contrast at the touch of a finger – making this device hands-free, so that it allows free movement in public when performing daily tasks. eSight can help those living with macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy manage everyday tasks more freely while remaining hands free.

eSight glasses are now available to be pre-ordered in both the US and Canada, with shipping planned to commence by spring 2020. The company aims to reduce their prices by 40% – making them more accessible to visually impaired and legally blind individuals, and more affordable overall. eSight can also connect directly to smartphones or tablets so users can easily access apps and social media sites through this device.

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