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topaz hd 24 desktop video magnifier

TOPAZ EZ HD offers easy magnification with single-function controls and an HD camera to produce superior image quality, field of view and lower magnification range. Featuring document viewing modes as well as self viewing modes (self view for document), an XY table, adjustable reading lines and masks – as well as six default high contrast color modes; making this an excellent solution for individuals with vision limitations.

Easy to Use

TOPAZ EZ HD is an intuitive desktop video magnifier designed to give great results with minimal effort. Its simple controls and HD camera make this magnifier accessible for users of all ages; users of all ages will quickly find their ideal magnification level for reading, writing, hobbies, distance viewing close-ups and self-image mirror mode – as well as its Enhanced Full Color Mode which makes reading newspapers prints, maps photographs labels easier! Plus its compact form factor (10.5 ounces), lightweight weight (10.5 ounces), portability makes this magnifier portable, lightweight (10.5 ounces), lightweight (10.5 ounces), lightweight (10.5 ounces), simple controls ensure quick results when used properly!

Pressing the screen, TOPAZ can quickly convert from video magnifier to OCR device that scans documents and reads them aloud. GEM 4.0 software then sends high-definition image from TOPAZ to Freedom Scientific’s OpenBook scanning and reading software, performing optical character recognition before beginning reading aloud. The result is an effective, affordable solution for those with low vision; documents can even be viewed on computers or tablets using its widescreen 22-inch widescreen model with improved camera for even clearer images and sharper text!

High-Definition Camera

TOPAZ EZ HD delivers top-of-the-line magnification in an intuitive, lightweight package. Featuring single-function controls and an HD camera for clear images, the TOPAZ EZ HD delivers effortless magnification that produces brilliant magnified images. Compact enough to travel anywhere and boasting document reading, distance viewing, mirror self view mode plus six preconfigured and 27 customizable high contrast color modes, this magnifier offers top performance magnification in an uncomplicated package.

The TOPAZ EZ HD offers exceptional value to those in search of optical character recognition (OCR). Just one screen tap turns this video magnifier into an OCR scanner and reader with speech output; it can display, process, acquire and read aloud any text-based document such as newspapers, magazines, books, handwritten notes, labels or more!

With advanced features like Find, Freeze Frame, Reading Lines & Masks and an Enhanced Full Color Mode, the TOPAZ HD makes for an intelligent choice when it comes to productivity at home, work or school. Extremely portable when traveling or to school; folds like a laptop – makes taking this device with you effortless. Compact yet powerful with autofocus camera, various viewing modes and comfortable flip-out handle!

Enhanced Full Color Mode

TOPAZ HD combines video magnification and text-to-speech into one lightweight desktop magnifier. Its HD camera displays a sharp, clear image which can be zoomed to 14x for better viewing of photos, maps and newspaper print. A simple tap turns TOPAZ HD into OCR (optical character recognition) mode to turn it into an optical character recognition document scanner and reader with spoken speech output.

The TOPAZ EZ HD offers user-friendly performance with its HD auto-focus camera and intuitive controls, featuring spot, distance, mirror-image self-view viewing modes as well as continuous zoom capability of 2x to 14x continuous zoom capability and 27 customizable high-contrast color modes. Additional features such as reading lines/masks/Focus Lock/Freeze Frame capabilities; reading line masks/find feature as well as the popular Enhanced Full Color Mode provide effective viewing for maps, photos and newspaper print materials.

Reading Lines and Masks

TOPAZ PHD brings together comfort, productivity and portability in one comprehensive desktop video magnifier solution. Boasting auto-focus, wide magnification range, intuitive controls, six default and 27 customizable high contrast color modes (with adjustable reading lines and masks for reading comfort), adjustable reading lines/masks as well as document/self viewing modes – TOPAZ PHD gives users the power to independently access what matters in their home, office, classroom or wherever else life may take them.

True HD cameras produce crisp images and text, enabling users to see more on-screen at lower magnification levels than traditional desktop video magnifiers. This reduces document manipulation – making reading, photo albums viewing, crafts or hobbies work simpler for users.

The TOPAZ PHD folds away like a laptop, providing you with maximum versatility to view materials from any angle and on the move. Its flip-out handle offers stability and precision when viewing spots while its 5-inch LCD provides clear, bright displays. Continuous zoom capabilities from 2x to 14x cater to any magnification need while its enhanced Full Color Mode creates a vibrant viewing experience without straining eyes or straining vision.

GEM software combined with OpenBook scanning and reading app transforms TOPAZ XL HD into an effective text-to-speech device, reading aloud any material displayed onscreen. Simply press a key on GEM to send an HD image from TOPAZ XL HD to OpenBook scanning and reading software which then performs optical character recognition (OCR) automatically and begins reading aloud from there.

Focus Lock

TOPAZ PHD desktop video magnifier was designed for maximum comfort and productivity, folding like a laptop to easily fit in your hand and go wherever you need to. Packed with advanced features that make it user-friendly such as auto-focus, a versatile magnification range, intuitive controls, default and 27 custom high contrast color modes (Reading Lines and Masks feature, Find Feature Freeze Frame and an enhanced full Color Mode mode), Find Feature, Freeze Frame as well as enhanced Full Color Mode to view newspaper print or photographs.

Clicking one button, you can send your High Definition image directly to Freedom Scientific’s GEM 4.0 software for scanning and reading. When connected to a computer monitor using GEM software, magnified images stored on the computer are also accessible as is Full Page Text-to-Speech OCR functionality. Use it at home, school or on vacation for reading newspapers, hobbies, crossword puzzles, writing checks or any number of tasks at home, school or elsewhere – it includes USB cable charger manual CD for your use! * Please Note this used unit comes complete with USB cable charger cable charger manual CD! Includes 1-year warranty

Freeze Frame

TopAZ HD provides magnification with advanced image enhancement features for maximum visual comfort, including six default and 20 customizable high-contrast color modes and reading lines/masks to help focus your viewing. Zoom from 2x-14x, use continuous zoom capabilities with continuous zoom capability from 2x-14x, reading lines and masks as needed, plus continuous continuous zoom from 2x-14x for continuous view adjustments; plus reading lines/masks to help with focus adjustments. Plus its 5-inch widescreen LCD offers bright, clear display. Integrated GEM software makes connecting TopAZ to computer monitors, making reading documents and texts from any distance possible!

TopAZ HD makes you more productive, whether at home, work or school. This lightweight video magnifier comes in a compact foldaway design for convenient portability. Equipped with HD camera and large screen for clear visuals of work done. Choose between document reading, distance viewing or mirror-image self-viewing viewing modes to help make productivity easy regardless of environment or task – be it home, work or school. Plus you can use TOPAZ with PCs for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so you can read aloud or edit text files!

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