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amigo hd enhanced vision

Amigo HD’s lightweight portable design makes it the ideal companion for on-the-go reading and writing, perfect for email, magazines, newspapers, letters, prescriptions, books and family photos as well as viewing objects at different distances and saving captured images for future viewing.

Display crystal clear HD images with vibrant colors on a 7 inch widescreen LCD screen for ease of viewing! You won’t want to be without it!

Easy to Use

No matter your destination – whether grocery store prices, signature checks or reading maps – portable low vision reading magnifiers are an essential tool on-the-go. Just place the handheld device over your reading material and adjust magnification and contrast using just a few clicks of a button!

Full-color LCD screen provides HD images in crisp clarity with 28 viewing modes to optimize image contrast, brightness and contrast ratios. Amigo features a patented optical zoom lens capable of magnification up to 77x; its portable hand-held design makes navigation in virtually all environments simple and effortless.

Lightweight portable design and battery operation make Amigo an ideal companion for on-the-go use, with large buttons for quick selection of magnification levels between 1.4x to 25x, as well as built-in color contrast settings to maximize image clarity.

Amigo also features two desktop hands-free positions to make writing, paying bills, filing nails or working on hobbies easier. Color filters enhance color perception for those living with daltonism while the glare reducer increases visibility for photosensitive individuals.

Amigo stands out from desktop video magnifiers with its convenient design for on-the-go lifestyles and simple use features. The full-page OCR software enables you to hear text read aloud – making this magnifier especially helpful for magazines and books as well as when visiting friends and family members.

The Amigo HD enhanced vision portable monitor is a lightweight, battery-powered portable monitor designed to enhance vision in bright light or darkness. Complete with a carrying case for effortless transport, its easy setup process and six hours of continuous usage should keep you satisfied. Plus, ergonomically designed handles fold away to create compact storage and transport solutions – plus there’s user friendly e-mail and internet software as well as an auxiliary cable that connects directly with PCs/laptops! All this comes backed with a two year warranty!

Easy to Store

The Amigo HD enhanced Vision monitor is a lightweight and portable HD monitor that’s easy to take with you anywhere from home, school or work. Weighing only 3.5 pounds and fitting neatly into any bag or briefcase for hassle-free transport between locations.

Amigo HD provides stunning crystal-clear HD images with vibrant colors from any distance on its 7 inch widescreen LCD. Lightweight and user friendly, you’ll never want to leave home without it! Simply place it directly on reading material or hold it up in the air when viewing an object from far away; at any point just touch one button to adjust magnification and contrast for easy reading of price tags, menus, labels, street signs and much more!

Amigo HD provides two desktop hands free positions, making it the ideal companion for home and on-the-go use. Use it to easily read emails, magazines, newspapers, letters, prescriptions and books as well as view family photos or capture objects at various distances and save captured images for later viewing. Plus its lightweight portable design makes it convenient when traveling!

Easy to Transport

The Amigo HD is an elegant portable HD video magnifier designed for easy transport and storage, featuring a 7 inch high-definition LCD screen that delivers clear images at magnification levels from 1.4x to 25x. Equipped with useful functions like image gel, color contrast adjustment and capture/store for later viewing capabilities, the Amigo HD makes an excellent solution for reading mail, magazines, newspapers, prescriptions books photos family pictures objects at various distances and much more!

This portable HD video magnifier is lightweight and features an easily portable carry case, AC charger and remote control for straightforward operation. Users can easily adjust brightness of display as well as contrast settings – making the Amigo HD an ideal portable reading magnifier for on-the-go reading sessions.

The Amigo HD features amazing crystal clear HD images with vibrant colors from any distance on its large 7 inch widescreen LCD. So lightweight and user friendly that it will become indispensable. Simply place it directly on your reading material or hold it up for distance viewing purposes. Adjust magnification and contrast at the push of a button. Read price tags, menus, labels and street signs with ease wherever you are! Plus this HD handheld electronic magnifier provides two desktop hands free positions so you can read, write, pay bills or work on hobbies more comfortably! As part of your active lifestyle, Enhanced Vision’s handheld portable electronic magnifiers may be the ideal solution. Get yours now through either their website or an eye care provider and enjoy both phone and online support as well as their two year warranty! Enhanced Vision is dedicated to helping those living with low vision live more independently; their HD handheld portable electronic magnifiers are made available with industry leading customer service – including products like the Smart Reader HD, Pebble HD and Amigo HD models.

Easy to Charge

Enhanced Vision’s portable amplifying amigo HD amplifying device is tailored specifically for people with reduced mobility who require visual aid for daily tasks. Boasting up to 14x magnification, the enhancing Vision device helps readers evaluate book or menu text with greater ease; and can even be used by friends or family members who may need it in order to recover lost information from books or menus. Plus it is lightweight, modern, and easy to use!

Launching the opening mechanism settings is easily accomplished using one or more touches, while managing internal imagery and customizing functions is accessible with one touch. Furthermore, your device may automatically shut off when leaving video mode or launching applications.

Amigo HD displays vivid and crystal-clear HD images on its large LCD widescreen monitor of 7 inches, featuring vibrant colours with vivid resolution and brightness. Its 2-hour rechargeable battery enables you to enjoy images from all kinds of sources while saving multiple photos to its memory storage space.

Amigo HD is the perfect solution for on-the-go reading and navigation, featuring an LCD screen that is easily adjustable in terms of size and contrast for easy viewing from various distances. Capturing images can also be saved for later viewing! Featuring two desktop hands free positions enabling writing, filing nails or working on hobbies with ease while its lightweight portable design makes it easy to carry or store in any bag, briefcase, backpack – you could even slip it into a shirt pocket for use while out and about! Also featuring AC adaptor or battery charger compatibility for continued operation! independence has never been easier!

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