AM/FM Radio For Visually Impaired

am/fm radio for visually impaired

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Sangean PR-D17 AM/FM-RDS Portable Radio 

This Radio Was Designed With The Visually Impaired in mind, with Helpful Voice Prompts, Simple, 10 Station Presets (5 AM, 5 FM), Stereo/Mono Switch, Alarm, Timer 

Best AM/FM Radio for visually impaired.

This is our number one pick because it was actually designed for those with visual impairments. It has great reviews and seems quite easy to use.

The portable radio with digital tuning has helpful audio instructions in either English or Spanish, big, high-contrast yellow buttons, and preset keys with elevated symbols for those with visual impairments. 

With stereo audio performance and excellent reception, auto scan stations, 10 station presets (5 AM, 5 FM), and a big, easily readable LCD display with a backlight.

The alarm clock by radio or buzzer with a programmable HWS (humane wake system) 

Dual 2. 5″ Full range speakers with a stereo/mono option provide excellent music quality. display of battery power status 

Included is a switching AC adapter (100-240V, 50/60Hz), a 200 mm ferrite am antenna bar, a dc input, an aux-in, and stereo headphone output.


  • Very simple to use
  • High contrast buttons with elevated symbols and braille
  • Reasonably priced


  • Limited functions
  • The digital display could have more contrast
  • Only battery powered

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DreamSky AM FM Portable Radio 

AC power or Battery Operated, for Home & Outdoor, Great Reception, Large Dial and Easy to Use, Telescoping Antenna, Headphone Jack, Great for Seniors, Elderly and Visually Impaired

Portable AM/FM with Simple Operation. A simple tiny radio with your favorite music, NPR, sports, and news channels tuned in might sometimes be all you need to feel a little bit of nostalgia. With a little fine adjustment, you can quickly find your station on this AM/FM radio. 

Excellent Reception and Loud, Clear Sound 

Despite the fact that you reside in a remote area, portable radios may pick up both AM and FM frequencies. This portable AM/FM radio’s sound quality is decent with a large loudspeaker; there is no static or cross-talk. To enjoy the clear sound without interruption, it also supports mono earphones (not provided). 

Due to the fact that it can be powered by both an AC converter and four AA dry batteries (both included), which are readily available in any household, you may travel in peace and leave your anxieties behind. 

Use the portable radio everywhere you go for different needs: This small AM/FM radio for visually impaired has the ideal size and handles for portability. For use within the home, in the kitchen while performing daily tasks, near the bed at night, in the yard while performing yard work, during power outages and emergencies like hurricanes or storms, as well as for outdoor activities like walking, running, camping, and other similar activities. An excellent companion and practical emergency kit. 

Purchase a DreamSky AM/FM battery-operated radio as a suitable gift for grandparents or older members of your family. This portable radio is the ideal present.


  • Small and very portable 
  • Inexpensive
  • AC and Battery powered
  • Simple two-dial operation


  • Limited functionality
  • Not specifically designed for the visually impaired

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Pocket AM FM Radio with Backlight

MP3 Player, Flashlight, Operated by 2200mah, Long Antenna for Great Reception, Longest Lasting Portable Transistor Powered Rechargeable Battery, with Bass and TF Card (Blue)

Best pocket Radio

This great little radio also has a flashlight and a  backlight for seeing the indicator easier. Choosing channels in the dark is helpful. Low light for disaster prevention flashlight: 0.5 watts; powerful light: 2 watts; brightness adjustable for use. Flashlights are essential for camping, emergency preparedness, and nighttime reading. They may also illuminate gloomy areas when there is no electricity. It serves as a life-saving tool for daily activities, athletic competitions, crisis preparedness, earthquake resistance, etc. 

Small FM/AM 

This hand-held radio includes a very long antenna, great reception sensitivity, and an integrated cutting-edge DSP processor. AM: 520–1710 kHz; FM: 87–108 MHz It is a disaster emergency radio, portable radio, pocket radio, and portable radio; use the steering button on the right side of the radio to change stations. 

You can insert a TF/micro SD card to play the program you wish to listen to and the device has an MP3 capability and headphone port. High-performance 3W speakers are built into this portable radio so you can enjoy the music. Additionally, you may listen to MP3 music and radio broadcasts privately using a 3.5mm headphone connection without bothering others. 

[Extra-long standby] With extremely extended standby, the 2200MAH battery may easily be swapped out for a larger capacity battery such as the 3400MAH (additional purchase required). Utilize the charging cord to charge the charger via the USB port on your PC, your iPhone, or your Android smartphone. You may also use the USB 5.0V input. 

The ideal size 

With dimensions of 1.02*2.76*5 inches and a weight of 0.37 pounds, the little portable AM radio is easy to carry in your pocket and is a necessary tool for road trips, camping, hiking, backpacking, and autos.


  • Fits in your pocket.
  • Super easy to use
  • Backlit for easier viewing
  • Multiple ways to charge the rechargeable batteries
  • Upgradable batteries
  • Flashlight for emergency use


  • Not specifically designed for the visually impaired
  • Due to its size, the display will be difficult to read, however, it is very basic and simple.

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Victrola Retro Wood FM/AM Radio

Best Styling

More Than A Radio 

Victrola’s Retro Radio lets you play music through Bluetooth wirelessly and via classic AM/FM (Walnut). It flawlessly boosts the aesthetics of your house or place of business with a traditional vintage style and modern functions. 

Great Quality Sound

The stereo speakers that are fitted into this classic radio (9.5 in. x 6.3 in. x 4.9 in.) provide a broad spectrum of crisp sound reproduction and a vintage tonal quality free of distortions. This gorgeous vintage radio will transport you back to the 1950s. 

Connectivity With Wide-range Bluetooth

Rapid Bluetooth pairing is possible with computers, tablets, and even mobile devices. Take advantage of limitless wireless streaming from your preferred streaming services, internet radio, or music on any Bluetooth-capable device. 

Simple Controls- has a bass & treble knob to adjust the sound quality, an AM/FM tuner to change stations, and a volume knob that also serves as the power button. The knobs feel excellent and have an elegant vintage sense. 

High-Quality Design & Finishing 

Victrola’s 115-year dedication to workmanship is apparent in the attractive vintage wood finish, solid construction, useful design and mechanism, and well-balanced sound.


  • Stylish, Retro look
  • Simple to use with adjustable knobs
  • Bluetooth pairable
  • No batteries required


  • Not specifically designed for the visually impaired yet simple to use
  • Not meant to be portable
  • Only AC powered

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SMPL One-Touch Music Player

Plays Audiobooks and MP3s has Great Sound, Durable Wooden Enclosure with a Retro Look, 4GB USB, and comes with 40 Nostalgic Hits, Live Technical Support (Red, Music + Radio Player)

Simplest to use with many modern features.

This simple but elegant radio does everything you need. The 8GB USB stick contains 75 beloved songs. Simple to add all of your personal audiobooks or music. Alternatively, tune in to one of the ten customizable preset stations AM or FM radio stations. 

A large power button and a large switch for the radio and recorded music make this simple to use.

Engages The Mind  

Research by medical specialists has shown that listening to music may increase mental attention, clarity of speech, and awareness. In turn, this boosts user confidence and lessens caregiver stress. 

Mp3 Quality Sound Plus AM/FM Radio for visually impaired

A sturdy wooden casing with a recognizable, vintage appearance and a mobile battery power option 

Live Technical Support 

If you require assistance, contact a live agent at our support center.


  • Retro styling
  • Simple to use
  • It Plays MP3s and audiobooks
  • Has built-in memory


  • Not specifically designed AM/FM Radio for visually impaired people
  • Only battery powered

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