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Dr. Ross Cusic

Kirkland, Bellingham, Olympia, and Vancouver, WA.

After receiving both his Bachelor of Science degree in behavioral neuroscience and psychology in 1992 and his Doctor of Optometry degree 1996 from Indiana University, Dr. Ross Cusic went on to practice in the rural area of Enterprise, Oregon for five years before making the move to the state of Washington.

Dr. Cusic received board certification and now treats ocular diseases which includes the use of oral medications. He specializes in the treatment and management of patients with glaucoma and macular degeneration as well as treating those who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure related vision problems.

In addition to being the main consultant for the areas local primary care providers as well as ER physicians, he is also one of a very limited number of optometrists around the country who are specially trained as an aviation vision specialist and is certified by the American Optometric Association. He has also had clinical permissions at the local area hospital.

Dr. Cusic is available to see patients in Bellingham, Kirkland, Olympia, and Vancouver, Washington. Call today to see if he can help you or a family member regain their visual independence.

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